Frozen Speedometer Screen

Frozen Speedometer Screen

My speedometer screen was frozen yesterday. After 40 minutes highway driving and some blinking, it came back alive.

Does this happen to anybody?

elguapo | 22 juin 2013

Never happened. But you could have just reset it quickly rathe than wait 40 minutes.

LiteWait | 22 juin 2013

I've had the tachometer on my 911 freeze before.

JKL | 22 juin 2013


Can you reset while driving?

I was trying to make to the charger to do the reset.

inverts | 23 juin 2013

Yes, you can reset while driving. Hold down both steering wheel buttons for 10 seconds and it will reset. So you need a reasonably straight piece of road for 10 s. The reset does not affect steering, acceleration, breaking, blinker. After another 10-15 s, the system is back on line. Nav and audio (BT recognition) may take a few more moments. Reset will turn the fan off during re-set. Nothing to worry about.

For power-off re-set, you must be at a standstill in park.

Brian H | 23 juin 2013

BTW, the reset does not affect any control or steering etc. functions, so it is quite safe, if you can tolerate a few moments with the displays blanking out.

elguapo | 23 juin 2013

Just to be clear - the way to reset the main 17" screen is to hold the two scroll wheels down for a couple of seconds. To reset the instrument panel, you must hold down the two buttons just above the scroll wheels. Both resets can be done while driving.