Future TESLA Models

Future TESLA Models

What future models would you like seeing developed and produced by TESLA?
I at least can think of three:
- Model S Station Wagon
- Model S based 4-door hard top convertible
- Model U (for Urbanite): 2-3 seater

Best regards to all TESLA fans.

cloroxbb | 26 juin 2013

I like the Station Wagon and Convertible ideas.

Vulpine | 26 juin 2013

No interest in Wagon--SUVs have taken over the wagon market.
Convertible--but how about a 2-door Model S?
Model T--for pickup truck. An all-electric pickup truck could be an incredible fleet truck for almost any utility service like pest control, plumbing and other light-duty needs since the 200-mile or more range would fall well within the typical daily driving of these trucks. For the consumer, it would meet almost all local hauling needs of the suburban "farmer" or DIYer. It may not have the ability to haul travel trailers cross-country, but again short-range service could still be possible. Many people who currently operate trucks today could find an all-electric model a useful second car.
Model OR or Off Road. We've already seen where one man refitted an old Land Rover with a simple 40hp electric motor powered by lead-acid battery that performed as well or better than a diesel-powered Isuzu 4x4 on some hard-core trails. An Off-Road Tesla with a 200-300 mile range could conceivably match almost any of the current 4x4s on the market. The only area of concern might be fording streams that rise above the wheel hubs.

CalDreamin | 26 juin 2013

I'm taking delivery of my Model S this Friday. I'd trade it in for Model S Wagon. SUVs and the Model X don't appeal to me.

Vawlkus | 27 juin 2013

Model T might be a problem. Look it up to see why.

carlgo | 27 juin 2013

Tesla could look to fleet vehicles. UPS alone uses something like 70K local delivery vans, running on 8 MPG diesel motors. They park at night in UPS yards, perfect for recharging. They don't drive far, mostly well within battery range. Mostly in stop and go use, perfect for regenerative charging.

Tesla would just have to supply the chassis/drive train assembly as specialty companies build the bodies.

There are hundreds of corporate and government fleets and most of those vehicles are driven like the UPS vans, locally and parked in specific parking areas where recharging would be easy to do.

Not as sexy as an S or a roadster, but in many ways more beneficial to the environment because the vehicles they replace are far dirtier and use far more fuel than any modern car.

The battery changing technology would be beneficial for some fleets. AWD options are required in many locals and again would be easy to add as an option.

It would greatly increase the economy of scale and thus help advance the technology and lower costs on all Tesla products.

bent | 1 juillet 2013

Model H: beefy offroad tires, powerful winch in front, river fording capability, sealed cabin with air filter option, armour plate option, etc.: a HMMWV killer. (Not a Hummer killer, a HMMWV killer.)

Benz | 1 juillet 2013

After the Generation 3, which EV will come after that?

What would you think about a small Generation 4 Tesla EV for $20,000 in about 2020?

About the size of the Chevrolet Spark EV?

But built with the much better Tesla technology.

That would really sell in huge numbers.

danielccc | 1 juillet 2013

Audi sells wagons. Wagons might have less appeal than SUV's but they are also much cheaper to produce if you have the sedan tooling for any given wagon. It's low hanging fruit.

Also, in terms of aerodynamics, wagons are more efficient.

Benz | 2 juillet 2013

Station Wagon models of various brands are very popular in Europe.

CalDreamin | 2 juillet 2013

@ danielccc
Agreed that a wagon version of the MS is low hanging fruit. I'm hoping that the Euro preference will convince Tesla to make a MS wagon, and that they will sell it in the USA also.

DSurber | 2 juillet 2013

We have an MS in the family and frankly it was a financial stretch. We'd buy a MS wagon to go with it if it were available.

I don't need or want all-wheel drive or the large diameter tires and increased ride height of an SUV. That's just more weight to buy and haul around. I need more cargo capacity than an MS. In most cases an SUV has less cargo room than the corresponding wagon, see VW Jetta and Passat wagons vs Toureg and Tiguan, BMW 5 wagon vs X5, MB E wagon vs G series, etc. Based on appearances the Model X is not going to have the cargo room I need. It may have more than an MS, but given how sloped the rear is, there will be restricted cargo space in the back.

I carry my dogs in crates for their and my safety. My ideal vehicle would hold a rectangular box 48" wide by 40" deep by 30" high. That's huge and not likely to happen in an MS wagon. But 36" wide by 40" deep by 28" high is very doable. Having the dogs jump over the hatch lip puts the weather strip and body work at risk every time. Include a true liftgate that opens level with the load surface and I'd buy one.

I appreciate that Elon influenced the MS to be a great kid carrier because he has kids. There are 45 million households in the US with dogs. A Model S wagon would be very attractive to dog owners and in ways that the MX doesn't appear to be.

ian | 2 juillet 2013

I'd love to see a Model S Wagon version. I highly doubt it will happen in the US. I hope they prove me wrong!


TI Sailor | 2 juillet 2013

+1 Tesla S & Gen III Sportwagons, in performance and non-performance versions.

The ride heights could be slightly elevated, similar to Audi A4 all roads, to capture both wagon & CUV buyers. I might add the A4 allroad is virtually identical to the previous A4 sportwagon, with a little more ground clearance. This raises the driver's seat position and gives more a SUV-like view of the road. Apparently that's important to a lot of American motorists.

evanstumpges | 3 juillet 2013

I'd be a huge fan of a Model S wagon. Someone posted a nice mock up rendering of what the vehicle might look like a while back on this forum. Hopefully they don't limit it to Europe either. Wagons are far more efficient than SUV's, while providing much of the added space advantages of an SUV. They also generally handle better...

JZ13 | 3 juillet 2013

2017 - Model M - for Mid-size (GenIII)
2019 - Model MX - As reported the GenIII platform will be shared for a small SUV/crossover
2021 - Model P - pickup truck
2023 - Model R - roadster
2025 - Model E - economy size
2027 - Model Z - exotic sports car

Teslation | 3 juillet 2013

2030 - Model /A - autopilot or autopilot upgradable

EvaP | 3 juillet 2013

I think the next Tesla should have the appeal of the Honda Civic. People should associate it with efficiency, reliability and affordability.

An electric car with these qualities, plus the beautiful design of Tesla, free fuel for life and environment friendliness would make it irresistible to the masses.

Who would want to drive an average car if they could drive a gem for the same price?

Benz | 3 juillet 2013

"efficiency, reliability and affordability"

At the moment "affordability" is the biggest hurdle for EV's, but steadily the momentum is building as more and more manufacturers are entering the game, and as more and more is being done to bring down battery pack costs.

orthophonist | 4 juillet 2013

A careful examination of current sales figures for different models produced by different manufacturers will give you a sense of the trend of the market. So if SUV's are a substantial component of market sales, then logic dictates that the model X is the way to go. Going downstream in price, a careful consideration of current trends might suggest that a smaller SUV rather than a sedan might be the way to go for the Gen III model. Also, if pickup sales are increasing then a pickup based on the Gen III platform might be next. Tesla has not deviated from market trends when it comes to the function of the product offered. Expect it to remain faithful to that policy.

Brian H | 4 juillet 2013

The GenIII sedan will be matched with a GenIII X, per Elon.

Sébas004453 | 2 août 2013

A small suv with four wheel drive, retro-futuristic, and my girlfriend has to like it, otherwise it's not going to append.

Cindy I II III | 2 août 2013

Model G - for Gen III, and it sounds like Model T. If it's what EM says it's going to be, its place in history could parallel that of Ford model T.

Model iS - convertible model S

OldsVistaCruiser | 6 octobre 2013

How about a postal vehicle to replace the 1987-1994 Grumman LLV?

Those vehicles, almost all over 20 years old, are approaching the ends of their lives. They use the antiquated GM Iron Duke 2.5-liter 4-cylinder pushrod engine or the 2.2-liter GM inline 4.

Imagine all the gas that would be saved if the U.S. Postal Service would retire all of their Grumman postal vans and replaced them with electric vans!

dietz_joseph | 16 août 2019

Let's get REAL - here are the obvious next models Tesla should build:

1. Two Door Model 3 - current 4 door model is too small for real adults

2. Small SUV 3 Platform - current X model is too lofty for most buyers

3. Tesla Mini Van - I hate minivans, but for business, this is a winner

4. Tesla Super Car - every great car company needs a supercar too

Xerogas | 16 août 2019

Time Travel alert | 16 août 2019

@dietz, agree on #2 and #4 which are already in development. I'd say a pickup truck more valuable to Tesla than #1 or #3.

Not sure about #1 comment with "real adults" Perhaps you mean basketball players 7' tall or exceptionally wide people. Both are adults but are in a very small minority. Still, I do like the look of 2 doors coupes, but they don't sell all that well. I doubt Tesla will go that direction.

joseteixeiraa13 | 16 août 2019

What if the new model had outside speakers that would make engine sounds and on the Tesla central computer you could change between different car engine sounds. Basically it would sound like any car you want and would give it more personality. It's just cool!

Jodi3734 | 16 août 2019

This was fun to look at this 6 year old post.

The most entertaining part of it was that back then people were cordial to each other and no one was insulted.

sosmerc | 18 août 2019

"Before Trump"......@Jodi ?

Jodi3734 | 18 août 2019

@sosmerc.... exactly! I just hope we can it back around.