Got my micro Tesla Gen III yesterday!!

Got my micro Tesla Gen III yesterday!!

Big fan of the Tesla lineup, just not in position to do anything right now. I did however go electric with a smart electric drive. It uses a Tesla supplied battery--much smaller of course. I work on an island, it 10 miles across, last year I put less than 1000 miles on my car, a Model S would have been overkill and rediculous. There are 4 free charging station on this island. It gets 80 miles on a charge. It should take me a month to run it down. The speed limit is 35 mph. The streets are all about 1.5 lanes wide for 2 cars. Folks here park on the curb to make space. Sounds like a poor island, but actually its one of the priciest places one could live. Most folks only summer here. I work here, but live in another state. My employer provides housing, or I would not be able to be here. This is my fourth car as it stays on island. I won't be buying another ICE in my life time. This is just step one of a 4 step process to electrify the family.


Red Sage ca us | 18 juin 2014

It sounds as if you have made a wonderful purchase! Congratulations! ;-)

jstack6 | 18 juin 2014

so you got a Smart-ED Electric Drive? The new ones are made by Mercedes including the batteries but they learned from Tesla who did the original smarts electrics.

Our friend Mindy has the first one leased in the USA. She finally (after 5 happy years)got the new one now that you can buy,lease and they have reduced the price. Her old one was still great but they would not sell it. I wonder what they did with it?