Grand Opening of new Santana Row Show Room! Wow!

Grand Opening of new Santana Row Show Room! Wow!

What a fun evening! We arrived a little late but still had a parking space right in front of the new showroom in Santana Row. There were Model S all along the street! A lovely sight!
Then we got to visit with old and new M S owners, talk about all aspects of the M S and Tesla in general. Great munchies wine and drinks. Thanks Tesla.
It was nice to answer questions for folks trying to decide on their purchase. I remember when we had all the questions.

And then there was the new RED! Wow! Gorgeous. Several Sig owners said they would have loved it on their Sig. It really glowed! Hot!

Hope you get to enjoy such an event.

Glad we were there. Some really wonderful people.

Brian H | 3 avril 2013


negarholger | 3 avril 2013

Was there too, loved the red. My lady wants to have a convertible S in red. The street lined with MS and roadsters was impressive. The new show room can host 4 displays ( old only two )... can't wait to touch in person a model X, a convertible S or any other variant S.

FFox | 4 avril 2013

We were there also. I was blown away when walked out of the parking garage from valet and saw all the Teslas parked out front. We enjoyed meeting other owners and sharing stories. We are new owners( picked her up Saturday) so it was great getting tips from other owners. Fun night

sanjosedriver | 4 avril 2013

Have never seen so many Teslas before. The new Santana Row store is amazing! It is literally 3 times larger than the old one, not including the garage area which is still there as well. I'm in love with the new red color, but I'm not sure if I can handle the increase in speeding tickets =)