green metallic

green metallic

Just configured and ordered yesterday. YEA!

I'm getting green metallic paint. However, having second thoughts as I haven't seen a green version - only photos and sample in showroom.

Would appreciate comments from owners or those have seen a green S.


mukvij | 22 Janvier 2013

It is very dark green. Looks almost black from distance. I test drove one.

shs | 22 Janvier 2013

Here is a link to some pics I took of a green MS in Menlo Park. We were not willing to finalize on the green color without seeing it, but are very comfortable going green now that we have seen it.

David M. | 22 Janvier 2013

I got the Green Metallic Model S. I've had it about a month. I too had second thoughts about a month before expected delivery. Mainly because I only briefly saw one in person at the Get Amped Tour, and because it hasn't been a popular color for Tesla.

I really love the color, and I am glad I chose it. It's a very dark green that in fact sometimes looks black. I got it with the tan leather seats, and the lacewood dashboard accents.

I would make the same choice all over again.

Seraph | 22 Janvier 2013

I also went with the green metallic and like David M. am very happy with the color. It was a tough choice not being able to see the color on a car, but it is one that I would make again.

Since you are in San Diego I am happy to show you the car if you want to see one.

christurbeville | 22 Janvier 2013

Looks like oxford or british racing green. First E39 M5 was a similar color. Practically the thing that made me order a MS:)

David70 | 22 Janvier 2013

Those of you with the green, have any of you seen the blue and brown in person. I plan on eventually getting one of the three, but want to see them myself before making a choice.

shs | 22 Janvier 2013

David70. I have seen all three, the blue on several occasions, the brown and green on only one. In the link I posted above you can see the blue and green in the same picture and lighting. The brown looked nice, but not as elegant as the blue or green, or British Racing Green, as I also like to call it.

David70 | 22 Janvier 2013

Thanks Shs.

dmaescher | 22 Janvier 2013


Thanks for your offer - would love to see your car. I'm in La Jolla.

Please email me with your phone # or I can send you mine.


dmaescher at gmail dot com

olanmills | 22 Janvier 2013

I got the green metallic. I test drove one and thought it looked nice in the sun.

Now, I don't really like it that much. It looks a little more christmas-tree-green than I remembered.

I'm not exactly dissatisfied by my choice, I don't think it's a bad color at all, it's just perhaps not as interesting as I remembered. Maybe I'll change my tune when summer rolls around.

My one sort of dissapointment is that I still have never seen the brown in person. I was seriously considering that color as well, but having never seen it in person, I didn't feel like I could commit to it. It does look nice in pictures though.

I think all of the colors look good, and I had originally settled on the gray metallic, which I think looks great and I would have been happy with. The reason I chose green though is because I decided I should get something a little different than my usual style.

I was driving in downtown Bellevue on Saturday and saw another green Model S. We were both trying to stare at each other lol, but there were cars in the way. | 22 Janvier 2013

I went for blue, but I always go for blue. Seeing the green in person did give me pause. I was impressed by that color.