Help Elon to advertize for free!

Help Elon to advertize for free!

Elon just made a speech in Germany and said among other things that the company has no money to advertize and they rely on word-of-mouth. (I am sure a TV campaign costs a fortune....)

(he starts talking at about the middle of the video)

If you are in the advertising/marketing field, or are good at making videos/podcasts etc. you could help him spread the word. I still find that most people don't know what Tesla is. Let's educate the public!:)

The guy is changing the world. This is the least we can do for him. Unfortunately, I am not good at it, but I am sure there are other talented Tesla enthusiasts.

I am sure he would love to receive links to the amateur (youtube, etc) ads.

GeekEV | 23 octobre 2013

I don't think it's that they have no money, but rather they have no budget for it. They don't need one. They're selling every car they can make right now anyway and have more important things to do like opening showrooms, service centers and super chargers. They could easily scale one of those back and spend money on advertising, but it would be wasted at this point.

Roamer@AZ USA | 23 octobre 2013

No need to advertise if the products selling. I think it might even damage the brand image to get lost on TV with the million other car advertisements. It's like you have to be a little tech savvy to find and buy one.

Brian H | 24 octobre 2013

The whole budget for a SC wouldn't buy many ads. I think it will be long and long before any appear.

EvaP | 24 octobre 2013

Geek, Roamer,

Have you watched the video? He said it himself. I didn't make it up.

EvaP | 24 octobre 2013

He said he would be grateful for every advertising. Every one person helps.

Max Wealth | 24 octobre 2013

He was talking to Germans. By now the US is already fully abuzz about Tesla but the Model S is still very new to the sometimes finicky Germans so he is asking for their help to spread the word in Germany that "this new electric car from Tesla is super fast and awesome; have you seen or ridden in one?" He's hoping to generate a free media buzz throughout the country so that his substantial investment in the German market pays off 10X in return volume sales like Norway did.

Brian H | 24 octobre 2013

Right. Free publicity is priceless, and word-of-mouth is omnipotent.

JaneW | 26 octobre 2013

Honda Motor Co: $1.14 billion advertising budget
Toyota Motor Corp: $1.73 billion; Toyota spent $767 million of its ad budget on television
Fiat (Chrysler Group): $1.770.9 million
Ford Motor Co: $2.14 billion
General Motors Co: $3.1 billion

BMW $180 million
Volvo $80 million

Porsche $25 million in 2012 to sell 35,000 cars in the USA.

At least half of those budgets goes to brand building rather than direct sales advertising.

To get a decent advertising budget a dealer will allow between $500 and $1000 per car sold. For Tesla that's 20,000 cars this year. So, that's $10 million to $20 million for an advertising budget that would actually do anything. And, nationally, that's barely a blip.

Right now when all cars made are selling, PR and buzz are better. Publicizing innovations such as the charger stations and the battery swap make good news stories and get free press, but the major thrust this year came from all the car magazines and Consumer Reports. Next year, Tesla won't be car of the year again. Buzz will fall off until they introduce the next vehicle.

Captain_Zap | 26 octobre 2013

I have given several rides in my Model S. I give strangers tours of the car all the time and the "Tesla Grin" rubs off on them. Some are people that are interested buying in the car but a bit timid about getting something so foreign to them. I've shown them where it plugs in, how the adapters work and answered questions. Some just want to hear about the Tesla from an owner's perspective before they buy.

I had a couple boys around the ages of 9 and 10 hop out of a BMW to come look at my car while their dad was in a store. They said that they liked my car.
I said, "Thank you. Do you know what it is?"
Very xcitedly, one of the boys said, "Yeah, it's an ALL-ELECTRIC Tesla Model S! I want one when I grow up!"
This happened in a tiny town 100 miles from the nearest city about 6 months ago. I was impressed at how aware they were so early on.

So, I am on my second stack of Tesla hand-outs that I keep in below screen cubby. Kids that are excited about the car like them because it is like a poster inside and they can put it up on their wall at home. The brochures are handy when you are on a schedule and you can't spare any more "Tesla Time" for the adults you meet.

I've sold many cars and closed a few deals for Tesla just by being neighborly and answering questions. So have many other locals here. It shows, as the cars are all over the place and our home State has more Tesla's per capita than any other state. We really want Tesla to succeed.

Brian H | 26 octobre 2013

All the advertising is trying to get to where Tesla starts: word of mouth buzz and curiousity.

elephant in a bottle | 29 octobre 2013

Moreso.. A simple FB like , Retweet of TM posts can go a long way..