help finding home for 90 amp j1772 units i want to donate along the NYS thruway between NYC and Buffalo

help finding home for 90 amp j1772 units i want to donate along the NYS thruway between NYC and Buffalo

Need help from the Forum putting pressure on potential charging sites
RonaldA | June 19, 2013
Hello anybody who can help!( I moved this from the NYS region forum which had low traffic)

I am trying to place 90 amp chargers at a few locations along the NYS thruway before the superchargers are up. My goal is to have 9o amp options to drive between Toronto and NYC. I have been guided by Sun Country Highway toward hotels (best Western etc). I have been calling and emailing and finally found a Holiday Inn manager in Utica NY (about 1/2 way between Buffalo and NYC) that was interested and enthusiastic when I told him I would buy and donate the unit provided they agree to install it and make it available to the public. To my surprise, the owner said no, to a donated charger!

Where I need help:

Please call, E-mail and or write these hotels and ask regarding availability of 90 amp chargers so they may see a benefit in the installation cost and be more receptive to a donated charging station. We can all benefit from this effort even after the superchargers are in place. A 90 amp charger will add 60 miles/ hour to a car with twin charge capability. The chargers are compatible with all lower amp vehicles as well. The more infrastructure for electric vehicles the better. I will post the numbers, please note these are all available on the internet. Please ask for the general manager and leave a voice mail. I hope if they recieve enough calls regarding this they will be more receptive to the free hardware I am offering them.

Syracuse Best Western 315-701-4400, general office 315-752-0155 Nyan
Ramada Inn Syracuse 315-457-8670 (specify 90 amp they have charge point 30 amp)
Utica Best western 315-732-4121
Utica Holiday Inn 315-797-2131 (as for Mark the GM)mail
Albany best western 518-458-1000
Saratoga Best Western 518-371-1811

Please help!!! even if you don't plan on driving this route, it may crop up. A phone call a letter a voice mail lets use this forum to show the potential benefit to installing chargers...chargers I will provide for free. Please concentrate on Mark at the Utica Holiday Inn first. I think if his owner sees the benefit they may go for it.

Thanks for the help.

Ron A

jasonsc | 20 juin 2013

What chargers are you planning on using?

RonaldA | 20 juin 2013

Sun country Highway c90 chargers j1772 compatable.


Earl and Nagin ... | 20 juin 2013

Ron A,
I led the successful effort to get Harris Ranch to install the first public Roadster charger in central California. My recommendation is to drive a Model S up to the establishments you're trying to talk into hosting them and show them what the Model S actually is.
Phone calls and emails just don't cut it. 0-60 in ~4 seconds convinces!
You might start by looking up the local city council's economic development organization and reach out to them as well, showing them how this will bring drivers off of the thruway, into their towns to spend money.
Your initial trips will require the use of slower RV parks for you to charge while showing them the cars. I also recommend you choose hotels that also have restaurants that would benefit from travelers spending time.
If you make the pitch that you'll provide the charger if they do the installation, they'll probably be more ready to take the chance. This is what I did. Additionally, I took the tax break because I donated my charger to Plug-In America, a non-profit and they actually provided it to Harris Ranch. There are 2 other non-profits today that are actually set up to support exactly this kind of thing. They are Adopt a Charger ( and the Electric Automobile Association ( You might want to approach them as well.
As part of a sales pitch, you could use Harris Ranch in CA as a shining, successful example of how this can work. If you Google 'Harris Ranch electric vehicle', you'll find tons of articles (free press) about this. They liked what it did for them that they told their friends at the Tejon Ranch to work with Tesla on hosting superchargers so it is now very easy to get from LA to SF. There's no reason that the NYS Thruway can't be the same deal.

RonaldA | 20 juin 2013

Cool I will look into that. I am also getting help from Sun Country Highway since they successfully did this across Canada. If you have the time though, lets call the sites and ask for charger access!!


DouglasR | 20 juin 2013

@RonaldA - Earl and Nagin is right on in his suggestions. You don't necessarily need a hotel; any establishment that provides a good place to wait and wants to increase its traffic will work. Getting the local economic development council involved is also a good suggestion. You might even want to affiliate with an existing organization. Take a look at what JackA has done with his North Central Washington High Amperage L2 Charging Project, He has had a good response from both host sites and donors.

Brian H | 20 juin 2013

Earl and Nagin;
That would make fascinating reading for members who weren't following those early efforts, or are new here. Suggest a gripping write-up of a half-page or more!

RonaldA | 20 juin 2013

These are good ideas I am in no way tied to hotels. Malls eating establishments etc are all options for me.

Brian H | 20 juin 2013

Roller coaster parks? Waterslide parks? All-you-can-eat buffets?

AmpedRealtor | 20 juin 2013

I'd be glad to install one here at my home in Buckeye, Arizona! I even have the spot picked out... :)

stimeygee | 20 juin 2013

What about rest stops? Or even gas stations? Both of those seem most likely to have the on-off highway access you'd want.

michaelfritts | 21 juin 2013

I just installed my high power charger 1 mile from thruway exit 30. Halfway between NYC and Buffalo. I don't know if it's operational yet. My car arrives today or tomorrow. Email me to discuss details if you'd like to charge at my place.

RonaldA | 21 juin 2013

Great I have the buffalo end with 2 hpcs and 2 NEMA 14-50 check out plug share. Feel free to call and stop for a charge if you get up this far.

I have a definite in Albany Best Western Sovereign and hopeful in Syracuse so the 90 amp line to NYC is almost complete.


RonaldA | 21 juin 2013

Success Best western Syracuse Carrier Circle and Best Western Albany will have 90 amp suncountry chargers installed within the next few weeks. I may go for Binghampton next.

hbh24 | 21 juin 2013

I am happy to help. I will make some calls and emails. You may want to alert about your project. I am working on my village(Cazenovia) to put in a charger in one of their municipal parking lots.
If I offer to donate one of these Sun Country chargers, what is the approximate cost?

RonaldA | 21 juin 2013

I believe they will give you a deal I managed two at 1900 and will probably get a third. Sun country wants to put eight between Toronto and NYC lets get it done! Email me and I will forward your name to Sun Country CEO Chris M.


Brian H | 21 juin 2013

I think you need to tell him what address to us! Unless he already knows it.

DouglasR | 21 juin 2013

Congrats Ron, and thanks! Glad to see this coming together so quickly (ever though I'm 3,000 miles away).

TFMethane | 22 juin 2013

I've only found one of these in california: at Dr. Marcum's office in San Luis Obispo. Its beautiful to charge with one of these things on the road. Not as fast as a supercharger (2 hrs for 1/2 battery), but still a viable option for trips that are 1.5x your max range away. "Plug in and get a meal" with these vs. supercharger which is "Plug in and get a cup of coffee."

RonaldA | 24 juin 2013

I agree, 90 amp if possible is the way to go if superchargers are not around. I you have the means or are so inclined please sponsor a charger and donate to a resteraunt or hotel along you preferred long distance travel route. You can contact Sun Country at If enough of us do this maybe we can help eleviate congestion at charging stations and "range rage"


Earl and Nagin ... | 25 juin 2013

@Brian H,
Sorry I'm so slow in responding. I've been very busy over the past few weeks.
We've been in this battle for over a decade, having had a wonderful EV1 taken from us and crushed, jumping to get a Tesla Roadster that we couldn't afford (it cost as much as all the other cars we've owned - combined), pushing to promote Tesla, building early EV charging infrastructure, and are still pushing to put gasoline cars aside so society can continue to move forward.
We have so many stories that a half page wouldn't come close to finishing. I guess that some day, maybe when our society is no longer dependent on gasoline, I'll have to write the whole thing down.
In the mean time, I'm just relieved that there are people such as you, RonaldA, and the millions of other Tesla supporters on this forum and not that are joining in and helping out now.