An honust Karma that 'might' beat a Model S....

An honust Karma that 'might' beat a Model S....

LOL! Make sure sense than it's current form....

TikiMan | 15 Janvier 2013

Sorry... 'Makes more sense"....

sandman | 15 Janvier 2013

seriously? wow...

I was explaining Karma Fisker to someone who thought the Karma was a BEV. When I told them how the Karma really worked, they said "but isn't that pretty inefficient to have both a big battery and a gas engine in the car". Then I explained other hybrids. The lights finally went on. This conversation was held after a tour and test drive of the Model S of course.

Not trying to knock hybrids of any variety as I do think they have their place in the timeline of personal transport, but it seems like a tipping point is about to happen. Every single person I've shown the Model S to is blown away and wonders why the existing auto makers didn't do this already.

jchangyy | 15 Janvier 2013

At that price, I'd rather buy a lower end Ferrari...or buy the new Corvette Stingray.

Tiebreaker | 15 Janvier 2013

Haaa! An electric de-conversion! De-greening of a Karma? Or browning? At least no silly Joker smile.

BTW Reutes says: Fisker has not made a car in 6 months, "US 'green-car' maker Fisker seeks salvation in China -sources"

TikiMan | 15 Janvier 2013


Yes, so would I. If you are going to spend that much money, might as well get something that is worth it. The Karma in its current form is like owning speedboat with a sail and 50 HP outboard motor.

jat | 15 Janvier 2013

By Lutz no less, who has a rather storied history in the world of EVs...

Brian H | 15 Janvier 2013

For only 80% extra!

Well, Henrik won the fraud case against him that Tesla filed way back when, but he who laughs last ....

rickemishler | 15 Janvier 2013


Timo | 15 Janvier 2013

I believe for long road trips that would be better than current Karma, replacing the Karma original drivetrain with that monster cut 1000 lbs off the weight, so expecting to see quite good mpg.

Now do the conversion other way around with Tesla drivetrain and again cut 1000 lbs off the vehicle...

Brian H | 16 Janvier 2013

Saving the Karma?