How can I submit suggestions to Tesla?

How can I submit suggestions to Tesla?

I have enjoyed my model S for a month now and I love it, but I have some suggestions for Elon & Co. Can I just post them here or is there a better way to submit them?

1. Beautiful map screen, but I would like to be able to switch from "North-up" display to "Heading up". That would make it easier to interpret surroundings while driving. For example: OK, I'm heading South, (think-think), so the left side of the screen is actually on my right as I drive. Ha!

2. Living in Vermont we have to deal with ice storms & such. Would like to be able to leave and lock the car with the door handles in the extended position. I can see myself coming back to the car and having the handles frozen in so that they will not extend.

3. Along the same lines, us Northerners sometimes like to leave the car with the wipers lifted off the windshield glass in a snowstorm so that they will not freeze to the window. Don't think I can do it the way it is set up now, although I suppose I could turn the defroster on for a while before I go out to the car.

4. DISPLAY ISSUES: If I could design the displays myself I would have an analog clock-face either on the main screen, bottom left corner, or just to the left of the speedometer on the dashboard. The digital displays are too small for me to read without glasses now that I am a genuine geezer. Not a big one, but one that's easy to see.

5. The map display is so spectacular. I love being able to see the surrounding terrain behind the road I am traveling. Why not embed a small altitude readout somewhere on the satellite view? Google earth does it.

David Trushin | 31 mai 2013

Unfortunately, there is no online suggestion box. Call service, send email, whater works for you. Try www.time4tesla for the analog clock. It's a nice big clock. I find i have to refresh the page once a day because it stops overnight.

Bob W | 31 mai 2013

The best we have here is the Prioritized Software Enhancement List thread. Many of the ideas you mention have already been suggested, and you can cast your vote for them there.

For a great looking analog clock, point your Tesla web browser to, answer the setup prompts, then save it to your bookmarks. Tap the clock face to refresh, when required.

halloranp | 10 mars 2016

The new GPS download is horrible. Trip from 1615 Stanly St, New Britain, CT to 6 Overlook Drive, East Longmeadow, MA used to be perfect. With the new Maps that came dow a few weeks ago it now takes me on incorrect roads. For example: It used to get off I91N at exit 48. That is correct. It now wants Exit 47. If I ignore the direction it wants me to get off at Exit 49. That is still incorrect. Exit 48 is the correct one. Then, when I take exit 48 it wants to get me back to one of the others—which I ignore. But then, when I get to CT 220 and Taylor Road, it should go left, but it wants to go right which is backtracking on my trip. There are other errors as well, but this is the big one. Can you help? Phil Halloran 860-833-6393,

UnshodBob | 10 mars 2016

@philip.lintilhac - 1. There is a button on the top border of the map screen that toggles between north up, heading up, and show entire route when you are using navigation. If you move the map around by touch it will be gray, but will turn blue when one of the three modes is active. 2. Good idea. I'd like the handles to work like the Model X and just open the door by touch. 3. You can set the wipers to "service" mode, where they are in a good position for the defroster to de-ice them along with the glass. See page 53 in the manual. De-icing wipers. 4. In addition to displaying a website as others have suggested, you can set the analog clock on the right or left side of the dash using the wheel buttons on the steering wheel. See page 37 of the manual. Scroll wheel. 5. I have nothing for this one, sorry. | 10 mars 2016

You can search, add, comment on or vote on Tesla features (hardware and software) at and click on "Desired Features". There are over 400 desired features with about 100 already implemented in the last 3 years (the list was started in 2012).

The Prioritized Software Enhancement List above is no longer managed and is out of date.

For an old thread on how to suggest new features and why some are ignored:

AoneOne | 10 mars 2016

Of course you can submit suggestion and comments to Tesla, and they do seem to read them. Just click "Contact" at the bottom of this page.

The one frustration I've had with It is that it didn't work with Firefox, so I used Chrome instead. Try it for yourself.

UnshodBob | 10 mars 2016

OP is from 2013. I got fooled into thinking it was recent. Oops.

Silver2K | 10 mars 2016

has anyone suggested laser beams? don't they have sharks with laser beams now?


church70 | 10 mars 2016

Tesla reads the forms or at least they used to and you're probably interacting with some of them right now lol

Jeroen | 26 avril 2016

We really enjoy our Tesla Model S. We only think it's safer to drive with your rear/back lights on in the daytime. Automatically the daylight lighting is on, and no tail lights. So we manually select the xenon headlight including the taillight every time we drive. We know that it will be an energy reduction, not using the xenon headlight in the daytime, but the taillights are led, so they won't use that much electricity. In Europe it is advised to turn on your head and taillight during daytime. Is it possible to change the setting in a next software update?

Kind regards,

Jeroen van de Sande and Renée van Gellecom
Very happy Tesla owners.

rsmallwd | 19 mai 2016

I have a suggestion about the tilt option for rear view mirrors. I only need tilted rear view mirrors when I am parking the car or otherwise backing up next to a curb. Otherwise I really want them non-tilted when backing up, e.g., when backing down a driveway or backing out of a parking space. So why not have a feature that tilts a rear view mirror if the driver presses the button for that mirror while the vehicle is in reverse? As soon as the driver shifts to "Drive" the mirror should un-tilt.

marcus | 18 août 2016

it would be great to have a door button on main screen noy down the menu chain. perhaps next to the bottom or op navigation buttons

Rocky_H | 18 août 2016

@marcus, What do you mean when you are referring to "a door button"? If you mean unlocking the doors, they added an unlock button at the top of the touch screen, so you don't have to go into the menus at all.

Ross1 | 19 août 2016

rsmallwd | May 19, 2016:

Standard on at least Citroen since 2001

dgoldberg | 15 août 2017

On both the ModelX and S there are blind spots for cars coming up on your left and right rear corner. On other cars I have owned a mirror light flash would alert me if I put my directional on to change lanes.
While there is some notification on the dash this is not where my eyes are when I am changing lanes.
I would like to have either an audible sound or a vibrating steering wheel that would alert me that there is a car in my blind spot. Is this a software update potential?

TeslaKU | 15 août 2017

Thanks for reviving a thread from 2013 with a complaint that is in 80 other current threads in the forum.

leehchua | 24 novembre 2017

Suggestions for Apps:
To change units of charging instead of km/h. We are getting more aware of power kW and energy usage kWh. Allowing viewing kW charging will be very helpful for conscious energy users... which is gaining more and more advocates.

Allowing the phone App to adjust the current or preferably power (kW) used to charge instead of Amp adjustment in the car app.

Allowing an hour or half hour charging schedule

tes-s | 24 novembre 2017

It works that way know. Change it in the car, and it will change in the app.

vp09 | 24 novembre 2017

Nice post. I think we all wonder about this some of the time.

s.delson | 3 juin 2018

Would like scale of maps and aerial photos to scalewith vehicle speed. Blow up in increments as speed declines and show more area in increments as speed increases.

sr.smr | 3 juin 2018

@dgoldberg, Elon recently teased blind spot notification and dashcam features for the Model 3, two super important upgrades. Hopefully they will also be released for S/X owners.

dortor | 3 juin 2018

this internet connected device submits suggestions directly to Tesla's main headquarters…

annieblackburn42 | 4 juin 2018

Suggestions to Elon? Wow, that's cool. I bet half of my co-workers at would most certainly like to contribute :)

gomasdc | 19 juin 2018

Idea on the Tesla Profile that only requires small software change. For each driver
profile could we the customer assign a playlist that may differ depending on
who is driving? When my wife gets in the car her play list starts playing and
when I gett into the car my playlist starts playing.

marcelmusni | 12 août 2018

I live in Camarillo, California. I wish there is a super charger in the Camarillo area. The Camarillo Premium Outlet would be an ideal location.

nhern202 | 7 septembre 2018

Please establish a “Crush My ICE Trade-In” offer, so we can speed up the transition to sustainable EV travel. Removing ICE vehicles that would have lingered another 10 years will accelerate the transition.

billgiannos | 30 septembre 2018

Have the option to have to enter a passcode prior to putting the car in Reverse or Drive

Rick H | 10 octobre 2018

Uploaded the new Version today and wow what a change. Seems like I have to learn the entire car again. A bit to much. With that said there are a few things that I think need to be improved,

Font Size. At least seeing fellow drivers here in my area we are generally 40+ and most are in the reading glass age. Therefore, please either increase or allow an increase by the user of the font size. Maybe test it out with someone who wears reading glasses. I wear 125 with is the lowest one, I have to think others have more trouble.

I like that you can set up the speed to alert you when you are a certain number over the speed limit. Increasing the size only is not really clear. I suggest you make the background yellow or maybe an outline of the speed sign to yellow. Also best to make the speed sign always to the size of the current going to fast size as it is easy to read for us over 40 year olds.

Map. Please move the + and - to the left side from the right side. It is a reach while driving. I am nearly 6 feet tall but I would rather not reach while I am driving

Icons at the bottom please allow us to arrange them in the order we like them in. For example I have no need for the calendar but would love the phone to be closer.

When making a call please keep up the end button on the screen. I know you can do it on the wheel but I like doing it as I have in the past on the screen even if I did not have the phone app up.

For us folks living in a cold climate the heating steering wheel icon is way to deep. Best would be for it to be on the front screen at the bottom with the other items. If that for some reason is not possible why not make all the winter package items accessible from the same screen of the other climate stuff. Less button pushing while driving is better.

I would like to have it that I can choose to have the two apps I want on the screen opposed to the map always being on. I like that generally but at times I want to have what I want to have. Let me have some flexibility and control of what I want.

yescivic | 25 octobre 2018

The main goal is no Co2 footprint. How about having a gauge estimating how much Co2 footprint I have reduced accumulated for the whole duration driving the EV, thus giving me a sense of achievement and I can share my kids, how I am helping to reduce the global warming.

yescivic | 25 octobre 2018

Also for the dog mode feature, how about combined with child mode as well.

mmdk6f | 29 octobre 2018

I would like to see a climate setting akin to some home thermostats. You could set a max/min temp for the cabin that works when plugged in. lets say 42 and 95 as quick examples.

pgkevet | 29 octobre 2018

Auto Headlight change: Faster return to full beam after auto-dip.
Rural Wales windy single track roads at night: It seems that at lower speeds (sub 25mph?) auto headlight defaults to staying dipped after dipping - unless you accelerate. Of course with these windy roads ya needs to be able to see the next corner to accelerate....

A quick access button (or better up/down on the cruise/EAP stalk) to change posted speed by +/-10mph aliquots - again primarily for well painted A roads with sharp bend sections.

jjsmith.hopefield | 1 novembre 2018

I was wondering, after watching some YT videos, if it would not be possible for Tesla to develop a type of jumper cable with which one Tesla can give a few miles of range to a stranded Tesla? If the cable could be plugged into both vehicles charging ports I believe it could help some people that needs just that little bit to get to a charger.

melvinld | 1 novembre 2018

NO TIRE PRESSURE DISPLAY - I have a 2013 Tesla Model S. My car tells me that my tire pressure is low, please check. Why doesn't my 2013 display the actual TIRE Pressure readings? It's obviously reading the sensors. Why is there no display like 2016 and higher Teslas. This would be an extremely useful update for 2015 and older owners.

barrykmd | 1 novembre 2018

Mine is a 2015 and tire pressures are displayed.

Mathew98 | 1 novembre 2018

@melvin, 2013 has the older sensors with generic low pressure warnings. You'd need to upgrade to all 4 new TPMS sensors and the new receiver on the trunk area.

How much are you willing to fork over for the upgrade? It can be done for a price.

Bighorn | 1 novembre 2018

Different system. Baolong vs Continental. You can upgrade for about $600 but tires need new sensors.

MACINO2005 | 4 décembre 2018

It would be very helpful and make backing up much safer if you were to add cross lines to allow driver to gauge the distance to items seen by the camera. This could be easily done with a software adjustment. Right?
Due to the wide angle (fish eye effect) of this backup camera lens, items appear farther away than they are in reality. Adding two cross lines to the backup lines would go a long way to make backing up safer. This would also give the driver more confidence as to the distance of objects behind.
I have another car, Honda, that has these lines and believe me I feel much more secure knowing how close they actually are.

MACINO2005 | 4 décembre 2018

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I am referring the backup lines on the Model 3 that I drive.

ryanhood11 | 6 décembre 2018

For those of us who lend out our car, is it possible to add a PIN to lock the ability to use the homelink features without deleting the garage door openers that I use? | 6 décembre 2018

@ryan - I haven't checked, but I think when you enter Valet mode, it locks out Homelink among other things. Perhaps that is what you need?

dan.devereux | 20 décembre 2018

I’ve had my model 3 now about 2 months. I love it. Well done. There is one thing I would say you haven’t gotten right just yet. I live in Dallas and it has been raining a lot since I got my car. The auto windshield wiper is worthless. It’s dangerous. It does not keep the windshield clear of water. It needs to be faster. I end up using manual every time it rains. Speed up every setting. Better yet, give me a scroll bar so that I can increase or decrease the default speeds. Say 1/2 to 2x default that applies across the manual settings too.

arthurenglish.jr | 4 Janvier 2019

I suppose this may have been a suggestion, or perhaps your engineers have thought of something along the line. I work in construction and I have installed an occupancy sensor in bathrooms which use sound as well as infrared detection to adjust or keep lights on when someone occupies the bathroom for a period of time. Since we live in a society that has dumbed down our individual responsibilities. I thought perhaps installing a more intelligent version of a sensor in which it could detect a body of a child or perhaps an animal in a car. With the audio detection ( say a child crying) the car would automatically roll down the window for fresh air or cooling down the temperature. At the same time alerting the owners phone key chain, and, or the local police, etc. This maybe a rudimentary idea or perhaps you have something already installed. I'm just randomly submitting a thought.... Have a good day. | 4 Janvier 2019

@arthurenglish - Good idea for other cars, but Tesla already has a safety system built in that turns on the A/C if the temperatures get too hot. Doesn't have to depend on sensors that may or may not detect anything (i.e. bird in the trunk, kitten on the floor). Too bad no other car maker offers such safety features today as Tesla does on every model they make. They even added the feature to all older S/X cars made for no cost. Try getting other automakers to add features to old models!

@dan - Seems like auto-wipers are tuned for California as they work quite well here. There is always the manual overrides if you need it. I've likely used the override once or twice in the last year, so auto works quite well for me. If it was twice the speed, it would be wiping way too much here. Still some kind of adjustment would be welcome, even if not needed in our area.

Can't see why it is dangerous, as you can spend 1 second and go to full speed anytime you feel auto is not strong enough. How did you live without auto wipers before on other cars if you are unwilling to adjust the wiper control? Are those other cars far more dangerous because there is no auto wiper control?

rrrockett | 19 Janvier 2019

I would like to see a car company produce a safe reliable vehicle for the masses at an outrageously low price, say $4999.00. The modern equivalent of the Model T or the Beetle. An electric vehicle would be great for this to reduce emissions world wide. I think Elon Musk can do it. If he can fly to Mars, he can build a reliable, safe and fun four seat vehicle for the masses anyone can afford.

david.ranger | 21 Janvier 2019

As a retired Software engineer of 35 years I really appreciate the ergonomics of my Tesla but I also understand how everything in a Tesla is driven by software. The other manufactures don't get this and it's a major high point for Tesla as it will make most of the following and easy task (Except #1).

#1 - I need a pickup. I traded in my Ford F150 Pickup in on a Model X three months ago, but I still need a pickup and will be buying one at the first opportunity I can. This may be Ford if Tesla does not get to market first. At least help me by allowing me to sign up for one like you do the other models. Ford makes 37,000 F150's a week. How can you not see that as a bigger market than all of your existing models. Pickups are everywhere and likely nearly 100,000 are being built a week. Tesla has the Tech. Cut and stretch the X to make a Ranchero if you have to. How can you loose?

#2 - Auto wiper need to learn from the driver. Sorry guys but the Auto wipers just don't work very well. They seem to be too late and I have to give them a nudge too much. Why not have them learn from the driver. Also both settings have the same problem. Shouldn't one be more sensitive?

#3 - Notify the owner of movement sensed around the car. Proximity alert. It would be nice to stream images to allow me to check my cars security.

#4 - Aftermarket option for frunk auto close or at least pull it closed like the doors. Sometimes my hands are full and the car is dirty

#5 - KeyFob to close all, lock all option.This seems to be a problem with a lot of manufactures. They give a way to open all the windows but in my area that likely going to get the interior flooded. I'm trying to avoid that.

#6 - Ability to record all cameras. Particularly if someone is near or bumps your car.

#7 - Quick beep or flash lights when parked, if another car or door encroaches my car's space. This would make another motorist who may bump your car think you are watching and my result in less parking lot dings.

#8 - Ability to wink one headlight. (This would be a good easter egg). Sometimes it's nice to say Hi to other motorists.

#9 - Friendly honk (quick double). It seems like the horn system has a minimum duration and so attempting to give another motorist a friendly reminder results in the return of an unfriendly gesture. The net is Tesla drivers look like A-Holes.

#10 - 360 view.You have the cameras. Cadillacs are 30% less money and have them. It's just a software thing so why not give it.

#11 - Break up the Autopilot options into separate options particularly Adaptive Cruise. There is no way I would buy the whole package. It's just too expensive and I don't like the way it works. It keeps me in the grove on the road which is the wettest and most likely place for potholes

#12 - Increased regen. Need a better one foot driving experience.

#13 - Add search to the user manual. Also using voice. The user manual is just too hard to use and a search is mandatory in any on or offline document.

#14 - Make the manual available offline. | 21 Janvier 2019


#1 - They are working on a pickup. I suspect it will be announced later this year.
#2 - Wipers work well for me, but I've seen this complaint from some drivers too.
#3 - It would generate a lot of alerts, but understand the value. Doubt it will happen.
#4 - Makes sense, but seems few use the frunk. Might get more use with this feature (requires new hardware and related increase to cars price).
#5 It's a safety issue - a dog or kid could get their head pinched if rolled up without looking. Seems like those cars makers that offered the feature have now removed it on newer models.
#6 - Great, but requires the AP processor to remain powered up, costing about 2 miles of range an hour. Still has value, but it may take a hit the EPA ratings. Better to install 4 channel dashcams.
#7 - I think there is an add-on to cars that has this feature - really expensive though.
#8 - Ok
#9 - Never had a problem, but likely use the horn less than once a year. Might be related to local areas and how horns are perceived.
#10 - Seems easy, but requires a new set of additional cameras. The current ones are optimized for AP and do not point to the ground except for the rear camera. Software will not do it.
Price of car rarely has anything to do with features. A $2M Bugatti Veyron doesn't have 360 degree camera either. You can get a $500 Yugo with a cardboard firewall. Doesn't mean I want one in my Tesla.
#11 - Unlikely, but who knows.
#12 - Likely limited by the amount of current that can be inverted with the current hardware. Could be done with more expensive conversation electronics adding cost.
#13 - Agree
#14 - Manuals are available offline - go to your account and select your car and you can download all the manuals as PDFs. | 21 Janvier 2019

I'm wrong on #3 - add ons are fairly cheap, like this unit for $35:

Lots of mixed reviews (1 and 5 stars), but overall 3.5 stars. So it works for some, but not all. Not sure how you'd connect it into the Tesla alarm, so it may require a secondary alarm system.

akikiki | 21 Janvier 2019

TeslaTap, Atta-boy x 1,000 to you for taking the time and patience to address each of the OP's comments. Wow. And as always so polite. You raise the bar for all of us (especially me).

david.williams | 24 Janvier 2019

I'd like to suggest adding a feature to the Tesla mobile app that would let you select the driver profile. My wife and I share our Model 3 and while I have set up and use an 'easy entry' profile, she finds her driving position is also the easiest for her to get in and out of the car. My challenge is I can't get my knees into the car when the seat is set in her profile so have to reach in and change the driver profile before I get in. It would be great if I could make that selection on my iPhone at the same time I turn on the climate control.