How do you like TuneIn?

How do you like TuneIn?

So can you really have access to all 70,000 stations? Does it work? Do you like it?

Does it make XM/Sirius obsolete?

Jamon | 24 août 2013

I hate it! I've been planning to post about it. It's awkward to search through all the options. It doesn't show how long the program is going to be (could be 5 minutes or 1 hr - who knows?). When I get out of the car, even for a second, it stops the program - then starts over from the beginning when I get back in. I can't fast forward or rewind! Some daily programs don't update for a week or more. I find it very frustrating. I'm shocked that it would be so poorly integrated when everything else it integrated so well. Is it a problem with TuneIn, or is there something wrong with me??

riceuguy | 24 août 2013

It is live radio from around the isn't on demand! I love the evenings I will listen to the Australian morning drive time shows from the next day, or if we are taking the kids to Europe, a few weeks before I will have them listening to stations from the city we plan to visit! It is clunky, but way better than XM once you get used to it. Except that for some reason CNN and BBC World Service don't work in the Model S for some odd reason!

hsadler | 24 août 2013

Since Slacker has been such a pain lately, we have finally tried Tune-in.
I absolutely love the radio stations from around the globe feature - have been listening to quite the variety.
No problems yet.

JZ13 | 24 août 2013

My tunein frequently pauses for no good reason. I have a strong 3g signal and my slacker works great with no pausing. Does anyone else have this problem on tunein?

inverts | 24 août 2013

Lots of stations don't come through at all. Just spinning its wheels with no sound emanating. I go between Slacker, iphone collection, and occasionally stream Pandora through iphone to car. Have to try to put music files on thumbdrive, to check for different sound quality. One of those things to do ...

GReese | 25 août 2013

I find Slacker infuriating and have not yet figured out a use for TuneIn.

ColonyGolfer | 25 août 2013

I like Tune-In on my smartphone with bluetooth headphones, "Martini in the Morning" is a fav station, Louis Prima, Sinatra, Ella, Nat Cole, Norah Jones, etc....Lounge sound. However, it performs poorly in the Model S. dropping the signal, constantly. I think 3G is too outmoded for good streaming.

nickjhowe | 25 août 2013

The user interface is terrible, but I use it to listen to BBC all the time. I love it.

William9 | 25 août 2013

I had Tunein once, but it has disappeared from the list. Still have Slacker, just no TuneIn. Was it to be a limited term "trial"?

fawu | 25 août 2013

Love it. I am originally from Germany (used to work for both Mercedes and BMW...) and enjoy listening to my favorite German radio stations.
TuneIn UI isn't great, but functional.

AmpedRealtor | 25 août 2013

Is it just me, or is there no search option for Tune-in? I can't find search anywhere... makes looking up your favorite station more than a bit cumbersome, especially when it doesn't appear on the local list but you can find the station at

riceuguy | 25 août 2013

@nickjhowe, not BBC World Service, I assume?

@william9, call service, that's a problem!

@ampedrealtor, I am not in my car, but there is a search but it is a pain to took me weeks before I found it. Or maybe I am thinking of Slacker. Hmmm. I think if you drill down to a category then scroll down through the submenus, it is in there somewhere...

ChasF | 25 août 2013

I use TuneIn to listen to my favoratie radio stations around the country (US) when I get bored with Slacker. I really like it as a compliemnt to Slacker.

TommyBoy | 25 août 2013

Thank you for all the feedback.

I have used Pandora a lot and had a Sirius subscription for years. I hate Sirius due to a billing problem that they were complete morons about and I will never subscribe again.

I grew bored of Pandora's 50-song loops as well.

I took a look at TuneIn on their website and browsed some of the 70,000 stations. If I can really have access to those and save a few as favorites then I think I'll be quite happy.

riceuguy | 25 août 2013

@TommyBoy...I ditched my XM for it, and the only things I miss are CNN and the live sports (TuneIn is required to block many sporting events).

William9 | 25 août 2013

JUst to be clear, TuneIn is an internet service, not a Satellite service, correct?

michael1800 | 25 août 2013

Correct, it is internet-based. And for those having issues finding stations, you can set up an account online (free), then search and add to your 'favorites' from a computer. Next, add your login credentials into the Settings tab in the car and your saved stations will now come up. This turned Tunein from an occasionally used app to a daily used app for me.

Personally, I'm multi-lingual and Tunein is awesome for getting radio from several different countries. News is also a huge plus (since Slacker news is poor and XM news costs).

Pungoteague_Dave | 25 août 2013

I was a Tune-In user long before the Model S came out. We use it every day on our smartphones and on our i-pads (often through airplay to our home stereo system). It is simply the best app available of any kind for anything. I know that's a strong statement, but it is truly a game changer and you will use it hours per day once you learn how to use it effectively.

The key for using Tune-In use is NOT to find your stations from within the Model S interface. The Model S is very limited in it implementation of the app. Instead, set up an account at using your smartphone or a web browser. Then log into your account on the Model S, and it will all be there for you. I never make changes on the S, instead do all my Tune-In maintenance on a web browser or my smartphone.

Set up your radio stations on the web. Every radio station that I listen to is available on tune-in, real-time. It is great to be out of town and be able to listen to radio stations that are my favorites at home, even though way beyond normal reception range. We also use it to time shift. For example, when in Baltimore, if we miss NPR's Marketplace or All Things Considered, we simply listen later to a station in San Francisco or Portland, Oregon.

Jamon, I think your problems are that you are using it to find specific programs. That will work, but it calls for streaming saved programs. So if you look for Car Talk, it will give you an archive of Car Talk programs, allow you to select one, and stream it. That function works a lot better on the web and smartphone Tune-In apps, and I would never use the Model S interface for streaming old content - we just use it to listen to radio on a real time basis. Slacker is better for finding specific content or old shows and programs.

hfcolvin | 25 août 2013

Live radio stations work fine and are a nice complement to the lower quality standard radio reception of the Model S, but the few archived shows I like to listen to always crap out and I've given up. Car Talk , This American Life will randomly stop about 2/3 way through and start from the beginning. If you pause or get out of the car, show starts from beginning again.

If anybody has a fix for this I'm all ears. I just listen to these shows off my iPhone via bluetooth now.

Newampster | 25 août 2013

Does anyone know how to find Fox News? I am unable to find it.

Pungoteague_Dave | 25 août 2013

newampster - Fox news is available on TuneIn but you need to find it at and add it to your favorites - then it will come up on the car. But why?

Newampster | 29 août 2013

Thanks Pungoteague_Dave
I appreciate your help in finding Fox News. "But why?" Fair and Balanced, naturally.Thanks!

Captain_Zap | 29 août 2013

I like TuneIn a great deal. I don't miss XM at all. The only real benefit of XM is that it is available where there is no cellular service or radio stations.

Slacker is good but I do miss Pandora. I much prefer Pandora over Slacker and I wish that I could use it in the car.

jbunn | 29 août 2013

Would have really prefered options for Stitcher, iheart, and pandora. And lack of a search drives me nuts.

cfaltman | 17 octobre 2013

I have just joined TuneIn. I learned about it from my service writer. I discovered Slacker when I started fooling around with my TuneIn. I think that TuneIn has more variety and is more appropriate as far as my tastes are. The problem wih XM is the commercials. So far I am just looking at at music categories and local stations. I have found that if the streaming pauses just put it on hold on the media screen and then hit the forward arrow.
The best solution I know of when I am having trouble with something as I have had in the past, find your nearest service canter and they can walk you through it. Phone or e-mail doesn't cut it.

nickjhowe | 19 octobre 2013

Been having TuneIn problems today. Some stations are fine, but I can't get BBC Radio 4 or BBC World Service to work. Works fine on TuneIn on my iPhone. Have rebooted both screens, and logged in and logged out of TuneIn.

Any suggestions (other than ServiceCenter)?

TexasYes | 20 octobre 2013

@jamon I couldn't agree move. I finally ditched using Tunein after getting completely frustrated that the show that l was listening would start over beryline l restarted the car. I realize that this is simulating "live "radio" but the truth is That I is really "radio programming on demand". My favorite show on NPR has many "episodes" listed but to listen to show without having to restart it each time, l have to sit in my MS for 45 minutes

Then again it is a free service so it is hard to be upset.

EssDub | 26 juin 2014

I got frustrated by tunein today. Was listening to Marc Maron podcast, took a phone call, then the podcast restarted from the beginning.

I wasn't gonna sit through 20 mins again so I had to Bluetooth it from my phone.

There really has to be.ffwd or better caching with this radio feature or there's really no reason to include it at all, since you can always Bluetooth it from your smartphone.

Does anyone know if v6.0 will address this issue?

plusplusjames | 26 juin 2014

Like Jazz? Try TSF Jazz from Paris on tunein. They tend to ditch the showtues and go to some great fusion stuff after 3PM EST...