How to get a deposit refund.

How to get a deposit refund.

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how I go about getting a refund of my deposit on a Tesla Model S please?
I've had the test drive and don't want to continue with the purchase, but can't find the section on the website for refunds.

Many thanks,


aaquino22 | 21 octobre 2013

I talked to the person at Tesla that helped me with reserving the Model S. You just need to e-mail that representative or any representative so they have documentation that you want your deposit back and that you're canceling your reservation. The rep told me it takes 10-12 business days to get your deposit back. I am still waiting for that deposit to come back to me so I can drop a deposit on the Model X.

Brian H | 21 octobre 2013

Did you explore simply transferring the deposit to the MS? Seems to me a number of people have done that.