How long it is taking for P85 deliveries?

How long it is taking for P85 deliveries?

I have finally ordered a P85 on sept. 23rd. any idea on approx. deliveries dates?

Thomas N. | 26 septembre 2013

My P85 took over 6 weeks from order date until pick-up.

kamingcheng | 26 septembre 2013

I finalized on Sep 1 and am scheduled to take delivery Sep 29. That is THIS SUNDAY. Yay!

stussy5555 | 26 septembre 2013

Took only 21 days for me from finalizing my order to delivery.

dramingly | 26 septembre 2013

Order finalized on 8/17. Car was ready about on 9/18 (or so). Due to scheduling, will be picking up this Saturday, which was the originally scheduled date when I was first contacted by my delivery specialist.

akikiki | 26 septembre 2013

Gosh, I love telling this story. Thanks for asking.
Ordered and Confirmed on 8/20. Delivered and drove it out of the SC on 9/20. That doesn't sound special. But you would want to know, that also included delivery via ship to Hawaii. 30 days from confirm to in the driver seat. P85 just like you ordered. Amazing, isn't it?

Dramsey | 26 septembre 2013

3.5 weeks, confirmation to delivery (today) for me.

jrettinger | 26 septembre 2013

3 weeks from confirm to delivery for me.

TMCproud | 27 septembre 2013

23 days from order confirm to arrival in MONTREAL SC, picked her up day 25 last Friday and am still on a cloud. I adore my silver bulllet. Good luck.

Lille Lance | 27 septembre 2013

Approx 5 months in Norway ... from order confirm to delivery. :( so long time ...

david | 27 septembre 2013

Ordered P85 9/12 eta 10/30. Bay Area

elguapo | 27 septembre 2013

If everyone included their general location, that would help. TM is definitely batching cars based on location, so that makes a difference.

mnaggar | 27 septembre 2013

I ordered mine on Sept 2nd for an October delivery, but still haven't been contacted by my DS. Received my 3 days ago though.

darthbeldar | 27 septembre 2013

Ordered P85 7/23/13, picked up from Villa Park, IL SC 8/30/13, about 5 weeks!

mrrjm | 27 septembre 2013

Confirmed 9/2, chicago area, still has NOT gone into production.

LV2SF99999 | 27 septembre 2013

Confirmed 9/9, Las Vegas. So far scheduled to go in to production 10/14. Estimated delivery 10/21 but no contact from DS. I talked to someone at the SC who looked it up for me. Dashboard shows Sourcing Parts.

Forty Creek | 27 septembre 2013

27 days including delivery to Ontario Canada.

hermanderoost | 27 septembre 2013

Belgium. Ordered and confirmed july 26th. No delivery date yet.

BertoBrink | 27 septembre 2013

Netherlands Order confirmed 6/6 still sourcing parts, VIN for 4 weeks, no delivery date yet.

kawdennis | 27 septembre 2013

I picked up my P85 at the Fremont Factory 18 days after I ordered it

AmyOo | 27 septembre 2013

I think it depends on when within the quarter you confirm order. I confirmed Sept 5, picked up today in Southern CA. 22 days. I was told I just made the end of the quarter.

mnaggar | 28 septembre 2013

Update on mine.. ordered/confirmed on 9/2 and was just contacted yesterday by my DS for a delivery on 10/19. Mine is one of the first that will be made in this new quarter.

coll1951 | 28 septembre 2013

I was getting ready to place my order, when I found another unintended acceleration complaint to NHTSA posted on their website. That's 2 in one week. This one was by a guy who had 10,000 miles on his car, and was pulling into a parking garage, when the car accelerated, crashing into another car. Has anybody else heard of any complaints. I thought the lady who backed out of her drive may have been at fault, so I waited a few days, to see if any more complaints were filed. This guy, said that Tesla told their engineers, not to talk to him. He claims it happened in July, but didn't file a complaint until this week.

dirk.saenen | 28 septembre 2013

Reserved : Oct 2012;
confirmed : May;
Vin : Aug.
Est. delivery date : end Nov....

(And still I'm better off than other EU's; not to mention Asia-Pacific; or RHD)

Lucky US-bastards :-)

Brian H | 28 septembre 2013

July? Didn't report till now? That has a certain odor.

fusiondave | 28 septembre 2013

My P85 was finalized on August 15th and took delivery in Boston Lon September 26th...

Dramsey | 28 septembre 2013

I was getting ready to place my order, when I found another unintended acceleration complaint to NHTSA posted on their website. That's 2 in one week.

Bear in mind that every other "unintended acceleration" report-- from Audi in the 80s to Toyota a year or two back-- has been found to be the result of the driver pressing the accelerator rather than the brake.

I wouldn't bet this will be any different.

b1berns | 29 septembre 2013

Finalized my P85+ on August 30th, but still not in production, Glenview, IL. Contacted local store manager, he gave me preliminary delivery date Oct. 15th. My dashboard still says October.

suchtforscher | 29 septembre 2013

Finalized and Order Completed: May 30, 2013.
"Sourcing Parts" since middle of August.
Estimated date of delivery (telephone call with Delivery Manager): midle of november.

Can`t wait ...