How many people are going for the Trifecta: Roadster, Model S and Model X?

How many people are going for the Trifecta: Roadster, Model S and Model X?

I just placed my order for the Model X and I was just curious to see if any others are going for the trifecta of Tesla cars

Brian H | 13 février 2012

Jeez, Jerry;
suggests the next stages: quad-fecta and quint-fecta when the Bluestar and NextGen Roadster are released! You'll need a lot of outlets. Probably a new (additional) garage, too!

stephen.kamichik | 13 février 2012

.....and lots of coin.

David M. | 20 février 2012

Having the Model S, along with a second highway comfy "long range" ICE vehicle is all we need. This combo gives us the flexibility to take those long trips, while also saving money on fuel for 95% of our normal driving, without sacrificing on luxury and comfort.

Of course, we could have two Tesla EVs, but at the moment, that's cost prohibitive.

DarrellH | 21 février 2012

We'll stick with the Roadster and a Model S. That's enough for 2 people.

GoTeslaChicago | 21 février 2012

My prediction: No more than 2,500!

Brian H | 22 février 2012

Well, since DarrellH is out, that makes the max 2,499!

DarrellH | 24 février 2012

Sorry to reduce the number. 8-)

the bonnie | 26 février 2012

I only have a 2-car garage, which currently holds a Roadster and a Prius. At the end of 2013, the Prius will be gone and a Model X will be in its place. My garage will be 100% electric, with both cars powered from solar.

As much as I love the Model S (LOVE), it doesn't make sense for me. So the number drops to 2498.

Brian H | 27 février 2012

What's the % driving you do with each? 50:50? 20:80?

Brian H | 27 février 2012

And the R-X combo sounds very interesting. Maybe that could be a "twifecta" count. Or perhaps we could tabulate all 3 possible 2-combos separately!
4 competing charts:


Volker.Berlin | 27 février 2012

2496. I count at least two "totals" on this page (the others are likely driving again after some repairs):

the bonnie | 29 février 2012

Brian - Right now I drive my Roadster easily over 90% of the miles (the Prius is only for hauling my pups or a hardware store run or a loaner for guests).

When I get the X, I predict it will be an even mix, but time will tell.

Larry Chanin | 3 mars 2012

We are organizing a Florida Tesla Motors Club. One of our members has a Roadster and reservations on both a Signature Model S and X.


Brian H | 5 mars 2012

Why isn't he on the board here? Tell him to drop in!

Douglas3 | 5 mars 2012

I'll have a Roadster and an S. Selling the gas car when the S comes. Not going for an X... don't need three cars.

jasonbrockwell | 23 août 2012

I have S & X on order to replace wife's BMW X5 & Z4, but I'll keep my 1976 Jaguar XJ Coupe. Probably...

SSL161 | 10 novembre 2012

Going for the trifecta, and probably quad and quint as the kids come of age.

I'm a total convert to the Tesla Way. I may be keeping a few ICE cars because they might be collectibles and one of our 4x4 F150 for Emergencies.

Getting rid of all the rest.

--- Cherif

Brian H | 12 novembre 2012

There are "variants" of the S coming next year. Cabriolet? Pick-up? Van?

jewelbox | 24 novembre 2012

I was only going to go for the R and the X but recently put in an order for an S as well so I guess I'll have the trifecta........ Guess it was meant to be! :-)

Brian H | 26 novembre 2012

Do you mean the existing Roadster, or GenIII platform one?

jewelbox | 27 novembre 2012

BrianH are you asking me? then, I have a roadster, had/have a reservation for an X and now, also have also procured a reservation for an S............

Brian H | 1 décembre 2012

Oh, I was wondering if you were planning on a GenIII Roadster, too!

pilotSteve | 8 décembre 2012

two out of three for me (S and X).... so far. Man, you should not put ideas like this in our heads Jerry.

What is a used Roadster going for anyhow? l No........ don't tell me.

Brian H | 9 décembre 2012

$80K+. Great deals around.

jonathanfsawyer | 31 décembre 2012

All three for me! I held on to my Roadster and put my deposit on the X

GLO | 9 avril 2014

Does anyone have updated info. on who has multiple Tesla's? We are going to be a Model S & X family.

Brian H | 10 avril 2014

What? No Model E? Pikers.

GLO | 10 avril 2014

Not yet since they aren't taking reservations...too early :)

SSL161 | 20 juin 2014

Going for at least the quint. The fleet stands at 4 Teslas so far with two more on order.

I'm looking forward to the variations if they indeed appear (could really use a small truck).

I know for a fact that my wife would love a convertible.

Each kid will likely get one of the new Gen 4 (? The sub 40k model... the E? I'm not up on all the scuttlebutt)

And I'll want the next Roadster if that's still in the cards.

Orthopod | 30 juin 2014


That's the Infecta not the Trifecfa