How many times a day should I click on "My Tesla" to get my delivery button appear?

How many times a day should I click on "My Tesla" to get my delivery button appear?

Like a larvae, I know the metamorphasis is coming. As P5339, 60kwh, Air, etc. I see similar configurations (some with higher numbers!) posting about their buttons and delivery windows. I figure I'll get my wings any moment, but maybe not for several days, weeks, or longer (ohh noo). So, I keep logging on. Checking... Checking... So, what's the right frequency? I don't want to miss it and slow things down, but am I preventing the pot from boiling? On a related note, how much will the GDP jump when the mass of us get our cars and stop wasting hour after hour on this site?

Ceilidh | 11 Janvier 2013

Stop if carpal tunnel syndrome sets in.


michael.delune | 11 Janvier 2013

I once obsessively refreshed a page on some web forums at work and by the end of the day, my IT department blocked my access to the domain.

So I continued on my iPad :)

kevjo | 11 Janvier 2013

We have a delivery window of the first week in February (also 60kw with air) and have never seen "the button". I'm pretending it doesn't exist.

Jgrogan | 11 Janvier 2013

I got an email for tesla stating that I had gotten a VIN and the delivery process was starting. Before this I did not know enough to check. Some day your email will come

svisichio | 11 Janvier 2013

My vehicle was assigned a VIN as well and am waiting to recieve it. I called a Tesla delivery specialist and was told that my vehicle was finished and ready to ship but they are "waiting for the charging cable". He indicated they wont ship cars without the cables and dont know when the cables are expected. Doesnt seem right to me that a $100,000 vehicle is being held up for a $100 charging cable. How hard can it be to install two ends on an electrical cable?

ckanuga | 11 Janvier 2013

I check some 5 times a day even though I have been told my delivery window for my 60+air is sometime in March.

bp | 11 Janvier 2013

Call the number in your "Order is Complete" e-mail and talk to someone at Tesla. DON'T WAIT...

I did that today - and immediately got a response like "Don't know how that happened - but your car is finished and ready to ship, and no one has contacted you yet."

My "Delivery" button wasn't being displayed on the website - so he did something on their end - and the button immediately lit up on the web page - and I finalized the delivery options, while I was on the phone.

Fortunately I called - so I still had time to get the electrician out here to install the temporary 14-50 outlet (HPWC is still back-ordered).

I also asked about the mats - and was referred to the local service center (at least for now, local for Houston means Denver) - and they put me on a waiting list for the mats.

FYI - I'll have 3 missing items when the car is delivered - HPWC, CF spoiler, and the parcel shelf.

Now I'm waiting for the final paperwork (next day or two), send them the money, figure out how to license the car in Texas, and start waiting for the delivery truck...

alfafoxtrot1 | 11 Janvier 2013

Bp, if only...
Clearly, you're an 85. I'm a 60kwh. I've had one email and 2 telecons with ownership experience. All times, I knew more about notifications to other 60s than they did (through my forum surfing). All anyone has said to me is that 60s are entering production soon. The last guy said they'll be produced in res order, but the TMC spreadsheet and forums place that in question. I need to do something more productive.... Or, check my page again...

bp | 12 Janvier 2013

Yes, I'm a P85 - and when I finalized, even though the paperwork says Feb/Mar, they told me it could be January - which is why I called.

Still think you should call (weekly?) to get an update on your car's status. When I found out yesterday the car could be here later this week - had to scramble to get the electrician out, because I had assumed I'd have more of a warning on when the car was going to be ready.

alfafoxtrot1 | 12 Janvier 2013

Bp, thanks. I guess having production moving ahead of communications isn't such a bad problem. FWIW, my 15-40 is ready and waiting, and the money is parked in my account ready for transfer (hear that TM?)

GLO | 12 Janvier 2013

Same issue. Not sure how many times I've checked this forum for data. We too are 60 kw with a newly installed charge plug, money waiting to be sent. Happily going to the factory so for pickup so we can do the tour and get our car faster and up to simplify matters. TM, we want to give you money, can you give us our cars in exchange....???? Soon??

Abby | 13 Janvier 2013

I was just told my 60khw standard will not be ready until March or April. I am having a real hard time swallowing this since I've been waiting since Dec. 2009.

alfafoxtrot1 | 13 Janvier 2013

Abby, that seems to mean all 60kwh/Air (or all up to a certain point) will be produced between now and March. That's pretty good. Unfortunately, just about all of us earlier adopters (I reserved Aug 2010 and finalized Sept 2011 - not quite as early as you) have watched later res holders jump the line based on configuration choice. As frustating as it has been for you, rest assured that there are 40kwh res holders (the subject of TM's big marketing splash) who feel your pain and then some. Anyway, I'm glad that the 60s seem to be entering production and some of us are starting to get delivery commitments. I'll call again tomorrow and hope that I dont get another rep that know less than I do.

jchangyy | 13 Janvier 2013

@bp...can I ask what your sequence number is? also, when did you get the "finalize" button, signed pre-MVPA?

I also have Feb/March delivery date for non-perf 85kw, active sups.


bp | 14 Janvier 2013

I was 79xx and got the finalize button in late November - but didn't finalize until mid-December. I was told that if I had finalized in November, I may have received the car in 2012.

jchangyy | 14 Janvier 2013

I see...I'm 12,xxx. I have a feeling I won't be as lucky as you.

mallynb | 14 Janvier 2013

There is some kind of SNAFU. My reservation number is 12,100 and an accepted order above 13,000 is mentioned above. Until I saw this thread I wasn't aware of a "Finalize Button." I've been waiting for some kind of notification -- email or phone message. Then, I found it! On the Design page. But it didn't work. It took me in a circle, back to the Design page. After several tries, I noticed that the December price change had been applied to the design I "finalized" last September! I've played phone tag with a config person and hope to straighten things out later today.

mallynb | 15 Janvier 2013

Just got our problem diagnosed by Tim at TESLA. There was a typo in our email address linked to the account number. Good job Tim! 2012 pricing is reinstated. We started the order process. Looking forward to a delivery date estimate in a day or two.

sthornton | 15 Janvier 2013

I'm P15005, and should get my configure button (if things continue as is) by Monday. I'm checking the site about 10 times per day : )

Brian H | 15 Janvier 2013

Tsk. It expires and vanishes in about 15 min. You're going to miss it, if you haven't already!