Hyperloop White House Petition

Hyperloop White House Petition

TeslaRocks | 13 août 2013

Wow, you don't sit around waiting for stuff to happen.

PS: the link doesn't work for me.

bsimoes | 13 août 2013

Worked for me.

TeslaRocks | 14 août 2013

Worked for me now. I guess it's because I was trying to open in a new tab. But I think it's much too early for this petition. As Elon suggests, the plan needs to be refined first.

Emmetpeppers | 14 août 2013

Lets get this thing rolling, only have about 25 days left to get 99,900 more signatures...we need to get this momentum rolling

ENGINEER | 14 août 2013

It needs 150 signatures before it can be seen online.