I learned a new word yesterday - Teslust

I learned a new word yesterday - Teslust

I was wearing my 2009 SoCal Roadster Rally hat at a non-EV related event and was introduced to someone. Upon seeing my hat, he said he has Teslust - lust to have a Tesla.
The demand for these things is just going to increase until Tesla fills out the marketspace. It isn't just EV lust. It is for Tesla specifically.

scaesare | 20 mai 2013

And closely related: Teslut.... you know who you are.


ian | 20 mai 2013

Do Teslut's Teslafy their Teslust? ;-)

Brian H | 20 mai 2013

Keep it clean, gone, or you'll get Supercharged by the PC police. You have been warned.

ian | 20 mai 2013

What? scaesare used it before I did and I get my hand slapped? ;-)

Brian H | 21 mai 2013

;) Once is a joke. Twice is a trend, or attempt to create one.