Hi all - live in Illinois. What is the going rate for current owners in terms of car insurance for the Model S? Thank you in advance.

David Trushin | 19 décembre 2012

I got a preliminary quote from state farm for 375 for 6 months, but i think he may have quoted the roadster. Even that seems low. However I should know for sure soon since they tell me i should get my car in 1 to 2 months.

GLarwill | 19 décembre 2012

Really, that's all?? I was quoted $2000 for 6 months from Allstate in California. I have a spotless record. Sounds like I need to call around more.

reitmanr | 19 décembre 2012

State farm quoted me around $560 for 6 months. We are in California.

cmlaff | 19 décembre 2012

Geico; $560/6m

kidalex | 20 décembre 2012

I got quoted $1,200 for 6 months but my coverage is $500K/$300K as I'm sure most of Model S owners should have

walla2 | 20 décembre 2012

Ameriprise/Costco $459/6months in Washington State.

robwarnersc | 20 décembre 2012

I just switched from AAA insurance to Geico on my "S" in SoCal. AAA wanted 1650 for 12 months. Geico was 1543 for the "S" and another auto. Much, better rates..especially if you do an umbrella through them.

docdac | 20 décembre 2012

State Farm quoted me $425/6 month, including 10y accident free and multiline discounts. I am in Minnesota.

Alex K | 20 décembre 2012

I did this quote from Progressive online ($373.50/6 mo).

Alex K | 20 décembre 2012

I did this quote from Progressive online ($373.50/6 mo).

nickjhowe | 20 décembre 2012

Wow. I get completely different numbers from Progressive. The art that is insurance quoting.

Schlermie | 20 décembre 2012

San Jose, California (Annual Premium)
State Farm: $1162
AAA: $1589
Progressive: $1512
Geico: $1099
Liberty Mutual: $1809
Travelers: $1200

CBenji | 21 décembre 2012

When I checked on insurance they had a difficult time finding any information in their database on Tesla. The first agent asked if this was a Smart car....ahh NO I explained. I finally got with my normal agent after taking delivery this last week and was given a price of $413/6 months with MetLife. This seems pretty reasonable based on the replacement cost.

portia | 21 décembre 2012

Farmers, in California, about 1600/year
but you need to compare the liability, deductible, etc to compare apple to apple

nora-te | 21 décembre 2012

Nationwide quoted us just under $1300/year in California ($1000 deductable).

benjamin.brooks | 4 Janvier 2013

@Schlermie I'm in San Jose as well and State Farm quoted me $2060 for 12 months... plus multi-policy discounts with home & other cars & a perfect driving record!?!

What level of coverage & deductibles did you request in your quotes?

jat | 4 Janvier 2013

State Farm $556/6mo, Atlanta, $500 deductible.

jackhub | 4 Janvier 2013

State farm, $473/6 mos. in Ky.

Schlermie | 4 Janvier 2013

$1000 deductible with full coverage at $250/500, multi with home,other cars and perfect record. Fully loaded performance. I spoke with Jim Edington in the 95138 area.

benjamin.brooks | 5 Janvier 2013

@Schlermie, excellent! Thanks so much for the info... that's even higher coverage than I was quoted 0.o
My San Jose State Farm agent (in 95126) might have some explaining to do ;)

P14884 | 5 Janvier 2013


You have any idea how much I should expect my insurance to be? I am 23, license holder for 5 years now, no records, Fremont CA. Progressive is quoting me a staggering $300/month!

Volker.Berlin | 5 Janvier 2013

P14884, why not check the threads already linked above? Like this one:

riceuguy | 5 Janvier 2013

P14884...try GEICO, their Tesla rates have been good

mrbry83 | 5 Janvier 2013

I just got insurance for my model S in CA. I used to be with AAA, but they wanted 5.6K for 12 months! Switched to Geico for only around 2.6K. I'm a single male 29 year old and have one speeding ticket on record, but everything else is clean.

Joyrider | 5 Janvier 2013

I would recomendthat people should at least check out Geico. I have been with them for 25 years and never had a problem. And whenever I compared rates theirs have always been the lowest, by far.

Early on I had some unfortunate luck with one of my cars. First a tree fell on it in a wind storm, and a few months later it was stolen. The bottom line was Gieco ended up paying me more on that car than the total of all my premiums to that date. Oh, you ask, how much did my Geico bill go up? Not one cent. Since none of it was my doing, they explained, my policy cost would remain the same. :)

Brian H | 6 Janvier 2013

You convinced them you didn't cut down the tree, then? Good job!


davewhite50 | 6 Janvier 2013

I have a couple of speeding tickets and two other vehicles. When to 8 different companies. Essurance was the lowest at 1660 for 6 months, Gieco was the highest at 2430. Nationwide and progressive were the other low two.

jat | 6 Janvier 2013

@Joyrider - YMMV, but Geico was nearly double every other quote I had. They have to pay for all the gecko commercials somehow.

mkh1437 | 6 Janvier 2013

My State Farm rate in IL is $635 / 6 months. That is with a multi-car and home insurance discount. If I did not have the multi-car, it would have been $766 just for the Model S.

Brian H | 6 Janvier 2013

The (reverse) wages of sin‼‼

Multiply the miles you were speeding by the mph over the limit you were (on average). Divide that number into the extra insurance you will pay for the next 5-10 yrs. That is the cost per 1 mph speeding for 1 mile.

skystream3.7 | 7 Janvier 2013

$344 for 6 months state farm

Velo1 | 7 Janvier 2013

@skystream -that is fantastic. I get my car next week, and have been with State Farm for 32 years, and when I asked a few months ago for a quote they said "we have no idea". Is there a way I could have my SF agent contact yours? If you don't mind, then feel free to email me at

portia | 7 Janvier 2013

People, to compare oranges to oranges, you need to state your coverage and deductible and then the premium, otherwise, someone can have a low deductible and a high premium, or a high deductible, and thus a lower premium... your age and where you live also matter, multi-car discount, etc, there are many factors. but in any case, @skystream3.7, if you have good coverage and deductible, your rate is excellent! Envious.

drp | 7 Janvier 2013

I'm over 50, excellent record, multi discount etc and its 600 for 6 months in Illinois wi American Family for me.