Insurance - Who did you have good luck with?

Insurance - Who did you have good luck with?

I know this has been covered before but there's no search as far as I can tell ...

Farmers gave me a good rate as an 'estimate' - now that I have a VIN its more than doubled! Not happy. Needed to shop them anyway.

What companies have you gotten 'normal car' rates from (preferrably not Bob's Auto Insurance & Stuff)? Thanks!

Red arriving by the end of this month!

gasnomo | 4 avril 2013

GEICO, Progressive

Sudre_ | 4 avril 2013


mdtaylor69 | 4 avril 2013

USAA gave me a great price, about $100 less per 6 months than my 11 yr old Honda CRV due to the always on location tracking I assume.

pencil2man | 4 avril 2013

Ace insurance. Under $900.

akikiki | 4 avril 2013


Noah.S | 4 avril 2013

I happen to have gotten great rates from Bob's Auto Insurance & Stuff. He might seem a little... rural, but that doesn't mean you should discount him ;)

rallykeeper | 4 avril 2013

State Farm was fine. Virtually no more expensive than my other (older and cheaper) cars.

GLO | 4 avril 2013


EVTripPlanner | 4 avril 2013

GEICO - less than half of what Mercury quoted and 30% less than Farmers.

bmwfan | 4 avril 2013


mrsterling3 | 4 avril 2013


Captain_Zap | 4 avril 2013

Often you can do better with regional insurance companies rather than national ones. What state are you in?

jat | 4 avril 2013

State Farm quoted me $100/6mo more than the LEAF, despite being double the cost.

dbbtex | 4 avril 2013

Thanks all. I'm in Texas. Appreciate the feedback.

riceuguy | 4 avril 2013

@dbbtex, I'm also in TX and GEICO wants < $20/mo more than the Infiniti it's about to replace, though it's nearly twice as expensive! Can't complain about that...

Lou in SoCal | 4 avril 2013

Geico here as well. All others (ie State Farm, Allstate, Aaa, etc) were hundreds more.

andrigtmiller | 4 avril 2013


cmlaff | 4 avril 2013


Vlnprof | 4 avril 2013

Liberty Mutual has a discount if you use penfed. Got more coverage (250/500) for the same price of my old Mazda Protege at 100/300. Couldn't believe it.

Brian H | 4 avril 2013

The search is set up at .

ddruz | 5 avril 2013

Similar to, State Farm quoted me just a bit over $100/6 mo more than my Leaf. I went with them.

satchy11 | 5 avril 2013

State farm, $10 more a month than my E class.

sjm | 5 avril 2013

I'm having a heck of a time getting insurance quotes as the VIN for my P85 does not come up for anyone so, they can not figure out a firm price. Does anyone have advise on what model descriptions that Progressive is using so I can get a firm quote from them? Thanks!

Brian H | 5 avril 2013

Tell them to check both 2012 and 2013 model year files. It's an artificial distinction with Model S, and their files may be confused.

GeekEV | 5 avril 2013


SedonaEd | 5 avril 2013


akikiki | 5 avril 2013

@sjm, If you can qualify for USAA, when you call them, they can do a search against a car database that they have access to. When they did that with mine, they found my VIN. Recommend that you try USAA, if not, ask others if they have access to a car VIN database and can search it.

John56 | 6 avril 2013

I have Amica for Homeowners, Umbrella and auto insurance. Recently got my renewal notice and they are charging me over $2000 for my P85. I took my policies to State Farm and their quote is over $1500 savings. Their quote is $1200 annual for the P85 compared to a little over $2000 from Amica. Wife's suv also less with State Farm as well as Homeowners around $800 less. It is just the two of us and we have a clean record. Carry fairly high coverage (250/500) and $100/500 deducticle. Stacked and full tort. Umbrella is $2m. Looks like I'll definitely be switching to State Farm.

ark | 6 avril 2013

I have AMICA for everything. Increase about $1300 annual for 85, used for leisure (not commuting). I work at home.

RacerX | 9 avril 2013

1.Anyone using Nationwide Insurance?

2. Anyone shopping for insurance before they get their VIN?

3. Any other pointers such as look for Tesla Model S in both the 2012 and 2013 model year files when talking to the insurance companies?


stimeygee | 11 avril 2013

I just switched from Geico to Liberty Mutual and saved a ridiculous amount. Sounds like I'm a PR plant but it's true. (This has nothing to do with the Tesla yet, in that I don't have the car yet, but in investigating to see how much my insurance would be raised I stumbled on these much lower prices. And now I still sound like a PR plant.)

weeandthewads | 11 avril 2013