Is it fair to expect only the best from Tesla in future models?

Is it fair to expect only the best from Tesla in future models?

With the Model S sweeping reviews with best in acceleration, braking, handling, driving expiereance, range, technology, simplicity, innovation, low maintenance, design, so on and so on. Is it too much to expect that future models will also lead the way in the same areas ?
Is the Model X going to blow away any competition ( mini van / SUV) as the Model S did?
Model S has set a very high standard, it has elevated the EV awareness to an entirely new level, never seen before ( or even imagined).
Model S can easily be labeled as the best car in the world, should we (Tesla followers) expect nothing less in future models?

Your thoughts?


GeekEV | 24 juillet 2013

I think it's fair to expect them to try, at any rate. But as prices come down, something's got to give so be sure to cut them some slack accordingly.

Brian H | 24 juillet 2013

"Best in its class" every time. Even if it's a new class!

cloroxbb | 25 juillet 2013

Until carmakers actually try and compete with Tesla on the same level, Tesla will be market leaders IMO.

filsmyth | 26 juillet 2013


bent | 29 juillet 2013

It is fair to expect only the best from all companies always. :-)