It's Time to Build Your Model S

It's Time to Build Your Model S

Apologies if there's already a thread for this, but I just got my notification

It's time to have some fun designing and finalizing your Model S. We have made the entire process available online from anywhere with an internet connection.

The days of having to stop into an auto dealer to buy a car are over. We have made the entire process available from anywhere with an internet connection. You can design your car, request paperwork and even sign your paperwork from the comfort of your home. If you have not designed your Model S yet, you can start right here. If you already designed your car and are ready to request paperwork, just click here to continue the process.

We want this process to be fun and easy so if you have any questions we're here to help. If you prefer to walk through the process with an experienced Product Specialist, just give us a call at 888.771.2505, email us, or stop by one of our stores.

This is a very exciting next step and we look forward to sharing it with you. In just a few short months, you'll be one of the very first drivers on the planet to experience the fun and exhilaration of Model S. Let's get your car on the road!


Tesla Product Specialist Team

Now off to make some choices... P779

archibaldcrane | 18 décembre 2012

I'm less worried about when I have to finalize, and more worried about when I have to hand over eighty thousand dollars. Bumping back 3000 reservations (and then waiting the full 30 days to finalize) should buy a couple months between when I would have otherwise taken delivery.

archibaldcrane | 18 décembre 2012

Or, from the looks of it, bumping back more than 4,000, we're nearly at 16,000 reservations.

riceuguy | 18 décembre 2012

Archibald, I've tried everything to push back delivery (including telling them I wanted to cancel and re-reserve). They said basically there's no point. Best case would be to push things back 3 weeks, since 90%+ of finalize email recipients finalize within days of their emails, and all reservation holders will get their invites in the next few weeks, essentially just wait as long as you can before finalizing and that's about all you can do. There will most likely be at least 5000 - 7000 cars ahead of us as of when we finalize, probably more like 6000-8000 for you, so say at least 4 months from the finalize email. I went with standard suspension to make sure it's even longer, in the hopes of staving things off till May or June (assuming a Jan. 7 finalization).

ArieK | 18 décembre 2012

Or, downgrade to 40 kwh battery and pay less while waiting longer ;-)

TampaLiam | 18 décembre 2012

#11,902. Just did my finalize. I don't see where an expected date is listed.

"Prepping paperwork"

85kw perf, silver, pano roof, everything except for rear-facing seats :)

riceuguy | 18 décembre 2012

Arie...I started at the 40kwh battery but couldn't help but go to 60kwh between the range and performance difference. Believe me, I wish I could!!

archibaldcrane | 18 décembre 2012

Going to do it anyway. We'll see.

Cirrus | 18 décembre 2012

11,852 received email today.

mwillmsn | 18 décembre 2012

so close.... 12,817 here. I am ready to hit finalize!

fluxemag | 18 décembre 2012

I made a chart from another forum's data showing a scatter plot of P# and VIN#. They are clearly going in batch mode. They start at a low P# and skip through to the end based on what they are currently building, and then return to the front of the P#'s for their next configuration. I'm sure most knew this already, but seeing it graphically was interesting (like a zig zag pattern). I would imagine that they are getting close to starting with 60kWh configurations leaving a few 85's with suspension or paint combos waiting.

I was hoping to buy a few months before finalizing, but anticipated getting the email sometime in January. Looks like that will be sooner, maybe the next few weeks. Then I have 4 weeks to finalize and avoid the price hike? Either way, with the 40kWh pack and standard suspension (P14875) I will probably be getting my car next fall. Hopefully my birthday, wouldn't that be some icing on the cake.

jchangyy | 18 décembre 2012


I'm 12,893. Not far behind you. I keep checking this site daily.

shs | 18 décembre 2012

You check the site only once a day?

riceuguy | 18 décembre 2012

@Archibald, let me know before 12/30 if that seems to help (when you make the second reservation, I imagine you'll ask your estimated delivery date!). You can email me using my screen name Thanks in advance!

archibaldcrane | 19 décembre 2012


Carefree | 19 décembre 2012

Just finalized my MS. Res#: 12,136. 85kW Performance, Silver, Black Interior, CF, all the goodies other than rear facing seats. I am soooooo excited! It said delivery estimate Feb/March 2013 but I don't think that's realistic. I am hoping for April/May and will be pleasantly surprised if it gets here sooner. My garage is ready for our new baby.

archibaldcrane | 19 décembre 2012

Carefree did you get an email or just see it on the front page? I didn't get an email.

riceuguy | 19 décembre 2012

Help Archibald and I Stall!

If you get your finalize button, click it soon! Help those of us who want to be at the end of the line by cutting in front of us! :-)

jchangyy | 19 décembre 2012

I should check this site more than once a day....

TeslaModelSOwner | 19 décembre 2012

Wow...we are in the 12,xxx!!!!!

I am 12,848.....hoping its just a matter of days now at this point.

Carefree | 19 décembre 2012

Never got an email. Saw the "Finalize" button on my Garage Page and jumped on it immediately.

shs | 19 décembre 2012

No fair posting pics of your finalize button. I saw it the top of the page and thought it was mine!

prius.paul | 19 décembre 2012

I'm 12,103 and that picture did the trick for me since he is next in line after me. I didn't wait for the email either.

archibaldcrane | 19 décembre 2012

Any of you getting a 60kwh battery? I'm curious how far I'll end up pushing back in delivery, I'd love to keep in touch with a 60kwh that is reserving this week.

TeslaModelSOwner | 19 décembre 2012

I'll be doing an 85kwh with standard suspension. Would have done air if I thought I could get the car early, but since they have a ton of 40/60 that need to be completed and standard suspension production starting in March, I can forgo the air option.

RLA_P12194 | 19 décembre 2012

Finalize button arrived excited! Interestingly, no email notice.

christine_orita | 19 décembre 2012

Dang! I go between My Design page and the "It's time to build your Model S" on the forum so much that I occasionally mistake Andrew Lang's picture as my own Design page asking me to finalize!! ---Only to realize I am on the wrong page :-(

At the rate folks are getting their finalize button turned on, I think I can't go anywhere without my IPAD to constantly keep checking.

Got my design locked and loaded and ready to hit finalize :-)


archibaldcrane | 19 décembre 2012

Ha, just got my email an hour ago, about 8 hours after the finalize button appeared.

John_WorldFlyer | 20 décembre 2012

Question for those who have finalized and waiting for their Model S.
Did your "My Tesla" page immediate change to "The Tesla Factory is Building your Model S" after you signed your paperwork? I'm curious if the car is really being built, or if this is just the standard verbiage on the site after paperwork is signed.

stephen.kamichik | 20 décembre 2012

It appeared when my paperwork was countersigned by TM. It is standard verbage.

JZ13 | 20 décembre 2012

Res # 12,376 just got my "Finalize" button with no email received. I can't believe I will be getting the car in Feb/Mar!!!! So excited. I put my deposit down in late Sept and they said 9 - 10 month wait. I was hoping they were underpromising/overdelivering but I had no idea it would be a 5 1/2 month wait. So I'm going to the Tesla store today to double check all of my selections.

Performance, pearl white, black interior, carbon fiber, all options sans 3rd row seat and paint shield.

gregv64 | 20 décembre 2012

#12535, just finalized today. Went to the Tesla store yesterday, my wife test drove the car and we picked our final options in anticipation. Grey non-perf 85.

mwillmsn | 20 décembre 2012

12,817 and no finalize button yet :(

jchangyy | 20 décembre 2012

Yeah...I'm 12,893. It may be tomorrow, I'm hoping.

nickatcammar | 20 décembre 2012

I am p170 canada and i finalize button today

pbrulott | 20 décembre 2012

P179 Can just finalized: Blue, Tan, Obeche Gloss, Air, Tech, Pano, Supercharger, 60kwh

I didn't received an email to ask to finalize. ( thanks to whoever said that he is looking multiple times a day in his My Tesla page, right after I went an the button displayed had changed and included FINALIZE, it was not like that his am)

Mine said March/April 2013 delivery which is perfect timing for the warm weather to come back and after the winter tires are mandatory

LottDenn | 20 décembre 2012

I'm Canadian P178, and just finalized my order as well.

Looks like if you had a car designed in your profile, you just get the "Finalize" button and no email. It seems they are tracking what we are loading onto our profiles and batching based on similar models and options.

So get your design loaded and than they will know where to slot you.

Here we go!

gregv64 | 20 décembre 2012

When you get your finalize button has nothing to do with what you currently have designed. In the US it has gone in strict reservation number order. I was changing options all the time in my profile right up until I finalized, and could have finalized something that bore no resemblance to what I had previously if I wanted.

mthanos | 20 décembre 2012


Just finalized! Red/tan, 85KW perf, tech, pano, chargers, HPWC

Happened about 1:00pm this afternoon. Was checking about every 2 hours here at the end!

Building a garage, so the Mar-Apr delivery window is perfect. And most of this year's really bad driving should be winding down.

mthanos | 20 décembre 2012

Meant to say bad "weather", not bad driving.

Getting Amped Again | 20 décembre 2012

Who is confused by Andrew Lang's screen capture post? Every time I scroll by it my mind locks up, "What? TM changed the color of my car without asking? Should I contact them? I've had too many black cars and can't keep them looking nice....."

Brian H | 20 décembre 2012

he's just saying whether you get the email or not is determined whether you have something currently designed. Of course, you can finalize a completely different "mix".

gregv64 | 21 décembre 2012

And I'm disagreeing. Getting the finalize email depends on your reservation number and nothing more. Designing your car before you finalize is just for "fun", and doesn't affect anything.

Carefree | 21 décembre 2012

gregv64 is correct. It is all about your reservation number. I got my email 6 hours AFTER I had finalized the configuration. It seems they send them out in batches whereas the button on your garage home page is being activated the moment your reservation number is up.

ylyubarsky | 21 décembre 2012

Yes and no. People with higher number were not called to configure while people with lower numbers were. Any reason why? If they don't look on preliminary configuration sending invitations to configure, why people with 85 air suspension etc. get invitations earlier.

gregv64 | 21 décembre 2012

No, I don't believe there was ever a time when people with higher numbers were not called to configure and lower numbers were. I've been following the invitations very closely waiting for my number to come up, and at the end of every day you can see exactly what number they've gotten to, and all the people up to that number have been called to configure. Nobody got invitations to configure any earlier than anybody else. I think you're confusing it with the early production emails.

gregv64 | 21 décembre 2012

(or vice versa, I assume you mean lower numbers not called to configure)

LottDenn | 21 décembre 2012

What I observed was that for my Signature reservation, I received an "It's Time to Build Your Model S" email, which invited me to configure a car. I didn't have a configuration in "My Garage" at that time.

For my P reservation, I had a configuration in "My Garage", the Verification Button showed up yesterday and the site invited me to confirm my P85, which was what I had configured.

So TM knew what I had planned the second time around. The two processes to notify me were slightly different depending on what I had in "My Garage"


mwillmsn | 21 décembre 2012

Looks like I am going to have to wait until either next week or even next year as it doesn't look like any Time to Build emails went out today... :(

I am reservation number 12,817

cthiim | 26 décembre 2012

mwillmsn: Any email from Tesla? I'm #12,990 and still waiting...

jchangyy | 26 décembre 2012

I'm 12,893, 85kwh, air. no email. I'm guessing they're done taking orders til January. I hope I'm wrong.