Jeff + Joe = 30hr Tesla Model S Opti-Coat Pro - Immaculate Reflections

Jeff + Joe = 30hr Tesla Model S Opti-Coat Pro - Immaculate Reflections

I teamed up with Joe from Orinda Auto Detail to take care of a somewhat isolated Telsa client out in Eureka. He couldn't find anyone that would come out to him, so Joe and I made the 5hr drive to Eureka to make sure his P85 looked stunning after correction and Opti-Coat Pro! Thought you guys would like to see us team up and knock out a Tesla in rough shape. Check the link!


stosh3 | 28 septembre 2013

That is impressive - nice work!

ausdma | 28 septembre 2013

I think those pictures just helped me decide that blue is the color for me!

Great job.

alcassfast | 28 septembre 2013

I guess the dog was giving the owner some unconditional love.

Bighorn | 28 septembre 2013

When will you be coming through Wyoming?

JPPTM | 28 septembre 2013

Joe did my multi-coat 'arrest me' red a few months ago-really fabulous. He now has done about 100 Model S and is the go-to expert in the SF Bay Area (...and beyond, as OP noted).

rodhoffman | 28 septembre 2013

I am in Colorado just west of Denver - any recommendations?

Also, what was the cost for fixing the blue car?

Rod in Evergreen

ImmaculateRefle... | 28 septembre 2013


I'll have to let Joe respond to the cost as it was a unique situation of 2 detail pros teaming up to help an owner out

Bighorn | 28 septembre 2013

There's an outfit in Steamboat that looks promising--I think I found them through the Opticoat website.

GDH | 28 septembre 2013

Damn that looks amazing!.........

How long does the opti-coat last?

ImmaculateRefle... | 28 septembre 2013


Opti-Coat Pro is permanent. :)

rodhoffman | 29 septembre 2013

Can you also do this if you already have paint armor? I ordered mine with it because of the sand issues in Colorado.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

kakeuter | 29 septembre 2013

Fantastic work, as always, gentleman.