Less than thrilling back seat.

Less than thrilling back seat.

Took a test drive in the Tesla model S yesterday. Wife along in the back seat. She was less than thrilled with the spartan nature of its fittings. Also, did not at all appreciate its stellar acceleration and road holding capabilities. Asked repeatedly to slow down and not accelerate so fast. She was most unimpressed with the quality of the materials, which she felt not up to the price of the car. So there you have it: a spouse's view from the back seat.

negarholger | 11 août 2013

You may have to wait for the China version made for the important folks sitting in the back seat. Current version is made for the family - gentleman is driving and kids in the back.
Acceleration gets boring very fast, however quickness is an important safety aspect - in my case it prevented one accident for sure. MS is a premium sedan, not a luxury car. The money you pay is for low stress driving the electric drive train gives you unmatched by any ICE ( unless you pay a driver ).

Timo | 11 août 2013

Get a divorce! That's unacceptable behavior. :-P

Brian H | 11 août 2013

Get her foot on the goose pedal.

DonS | 12 août 2013

Get her a Bedazzler and set her loose in the back seat.

orthophonist | 12 août 2013

All useful suggestions.

TommyBoy | 12 août 2013

I was concerned about that with my wife as well but it was a complete 180. I drove first and definitely punched the P85+ a few times and my son was in the back with her laughing. It came her time to drive and our rep told her to take the long route for her test drive. She punched it every chance she got and at one point was 26mph over the speed limit on a hill! I was dying and we all told her to slow it down. She had another chance on a red light and just floored it up to the speed limit. I didn't know she had it in her but then again she's been a Mom for the past 10 years driving an old slow car. Little did I know that she actually NEEDED a Tesla in her life.

If your wife is not into acceleration, fast cornering, ability to charge in your garage, and the smooth looks of the Model S but instead likes the opulence of the Audi interior or the deep elegance and luxury of the S-class then the Model S is definitely not the right car for her. I doubt it will grow on her, sadly, and another vehicle is probably a better choice.

Brian H | 12 août 2013

So terrible for you, to be stuck with a power-mad wife! Your life will never be the same.

orthophonist | 12 août 2013

Since we currently drive a leased 2013 Lexus SUV, I think when the model X comes out, I will again seek a test drive, only this time I will ask her to take the wheel.

olanmills | 15 août 2013

I would say that's not an unfair assessment. At this point you're still paying a good chunk for the technology. It's still early adopter phase. It's a great, high quality car, but at the same time, it's true. If you care about the interior appointments and stuff, there are other brands where you could $90-110k and get more in that regard.