Lonaner limited to 75mph top speed :(

Lonaner limited to 75mph top speed :(

We gave in our car for wind noise repairs and were disappointed to find out the loaner is remotely limited at 75mph. What a waste of a p85. Getting punked on the freeway by families in corollas and civics. A Prius even flew by me. Horrific.
Can't wait to pick up my car back up Monday.

cerjor | 17 août 2013

What was the speed limit?

sunrunner | 17 août 2013

70 on the highway. People passing with contempt.

soma | 17 août 2013

Well what do you expect? There are threads on here about limiting the car when giving it to valets. I'm sure Tesla puts just about as much trust in you when you take a car for a spin that's not your own...

hfcolvin | 18 août 2013

That could be problematic, for example, if you're trying to accelerate into a fast lane or passing on a back road.

Kimscar | 18 août 2013

At no point does one need a car in the US to go over 75 for safety. Let's be realistic about that. I completely understand Tesla after watching some of the you tube videos in Loaner P85s checking how fast they do the quarter mile on roads that should never have a car go that fast for safety of all.
@soma has it right

sunrunner | 18 août 2013

If they trust me like a valet that's not cool. I should be able to drive the car like my own; Limiting speed like you'd do for your kids not their responsibility. That's why we have the CHP and police.

f-tal | 18 août 2013

Yeah, I wish they limited the speed of MY model S when they took it into service. I saw that when they were returning it, they 1 - disabled remote access, and 2 - gave it back to me with an energy graph that makes me cringe. I'll be having a 'conversation' with them the next time I have service performed.

cloroxbb | 18 août 2013


You do not live in a state that has 70 MPH speed limits do you?

Kimscar | 18 août 2013

True max speeds around here is 65 with the world traveling at 70 to 75 on freeway.

Point is if Tesla reads the forum and watches the YouTube videos of people with loaner cars trying to record the speedometer with one hand while seeing how fast they can get to 100 plus miles an hour etc. the would find it prudent to limit the top speed. It would be interesting to know if the data is downloaded after a loaner is returned to see hoe it was used.
I think most people here if they had to loan a Tesla to a stranger would want to limit it themselves.

rchiang | 18 août 2013

thanks god my loaner didn't have speed limit on it. I went to NY with it from DC and had no problem.

diegoPasadena | 18 août 2013

I agree with to OP. This is just a little bit too much "Big Brother" for me. If Tesla has a problem with Youtube speed record video posters, they should identify them and limit *their* speed next time they get a loaner. I'd like to see Tesla treat all the rest of us like adults.

nickjhowe | 18 août 2013

@diegoPasadena - you have a problem with the company that owns the car that YOU DO NOT OWN AND HAS LENT YOU FOR FREE limiting the speed to more than the speed limit? Color me confused.

GReese | 18 août 2013

This might be the stupidest complaint I've ever read.

JPPTM | 18 août 2013

Energy graph can spike if they run HVAC and other systems full blast to test.....

soma | 18 août 2013

There is no "big brother" to it. The car has a max speed of 75 mph. They're not watching you or monitoring you.

Trying to dig through your usage data to find whether you went unreasonably fast would be the very "big brother" you are suggesting.

schwrtzfam | 18 août 2013

I think my only complaint with the company, is that it needs to get its Service act together. AI think they are good at "selling" the car, helping one choose the appropriate and desirable Options for their situation, and deliver the car in mint condition, pointing out the features of the car to the buyer.

After that, all bets are off. I'm optimistic customer service and Service of the vehicles will improve with time, but Tesla needs to pay attention to customer service, particularly as competition increase. Reminds of AT&T being the only service in town (in the old days), and acting like it. It angered and upset so many, that it resulted in joy and enthusiasm when the other providers came.

Anyway, it is difficult to be a startup with such a popular, fun, and dynamic product. So we should be patient knowing that Tesla is listening, and reading these Blogs. You are listening, right?

sunrunner | 18 août 2013

@diegoPasadena - exactly. Thank you.

diegoPasadena | 19 août 2013

@nickjhowe, Yup, color you confused then.
It's a sweet deal that Tesla gives me a loaner. But that's part of the deal they offered me and I accepted. So once it's agreed upon, it need no longer be discussed. Loaners are never owned, so that's not much of an argument, and I'm sure you paid for your service contract as I did, so it is by no means FOR FREE! The deal is that they'd give me an equivalent car to drive while mine is being fixed (often even better than mine since I don't have a P85). Great - all the credit to them, and that's partially why I thought getting the service contract was a great idea. Giving me a car with lesser capabilities than the one I have in service (i.e. speed governed) is less than the deal said, so, yes, I do have a problem with it.
And for those who want to say "You're not supposed to drive faster that that anyway!", please don't. It's a disingenuous argument, because a) we know full well that reality does not follow speed laws all the time, and b) deep down the know that they probably wouldn't have bought the car, if they knew that it was permanently limited to 75mph max - even though we're "not supposed" to ever pass that...
I have always been and continue to be a staunch supporter of pretty much everything Tesla. But I think that this support only has credibility, when I also point out the things I don't agree with. There are not many, and most of the time I find myself siding with Tesla. Not on this.

tes-s | 19 août 2013

I can understand why Tesla disables remote access when they are servicing the car. They would not want the AC to come on when they are working on the car.

It would be nice to have two remote modes - full access like now, and a "monitor only" mode. That way you could see the charge, where the car is and how fast it is going.

It would also be nice to have two modes in the App - with different signons.

Neither is that important compared to other enhancements.

dtesla | 19 août 2013

I would be happy to go 0-75 as fast as the P85 allows. I'm getting acclimated to my S85... and I need a better drug.

skulleyb | 19 août 2013

I have one right now and its limited to 80 miles an hour.
IT was stuck at 70 for some reason i called support and rebooted then it reset to 80
And it for insurance reasons.

seems legit...

LuvTesla | 19 août 2013

In my opinion, i understand why Tesla would like to limit their cars to 75. I think for me, it makes it unappealing to swap mine with a loaner (if i want an upgrade), if the loaner is all beaten up to begin with.

Still, people should treat loaners like how they would treat their own car. Just sad that the one loaner i had been lent with was just dirty. I don't think some owners really care. But this also means if you drive yours to a hundred, you should be able to do so on a loaner.

I don't like the idea of limiting the capabilities of the car, but I also don't like the idea of people not treating the loaners that well just because its not theirs.

Eletrek | 20 août 2013

I had a P85+ loaner from Chicago Service Center last week and it was limited to top speed of 87 mph. It was great for a comparison to my standard signature MS as I had it for a little over a day. It was also great to let friends and co-workers drive a top of the line Model S. Other than me, of 5 who drove it only one hit limit but all were impressed with acceleration and handling.

I'm perfectly ok with Tesla limiting the top speed of loaners and think it is a good idea. The limit didn't dampen the reaction of my friends and co-workers to the Model S one bit.

sunrunner | 20 août 2013

A top speed of 87 is nowhere close to a top speed of 75. Anyway, I got my car back yesterday and haven't since driven "fast". But my s85 sure feels better than their p85

PBEndo | 20 août 2013

I'll just leave this here

dstiavnicky | 20 août 2013

I guess I'll have to limit myself to only taking the loaner to the 1/8th mile dragstrip... hahaha

PBEndo | 20 août 2013

and this

If there are places in the US where it is legal to drive over 75, Tesla should not limit the speed of the car to 75 mph. I have not heard of any other cars (purchased or rented) that have a 75 mph limit.
If safety is their motivation, they should limit every Tesla, not just the loaners. (But then sales would plummet)
If they truly want safety in a loaner, they would do better to remove potential distractions - like the HUGE TOUCHSCREEN in the middle of the dash! However, I prefer that they leave the touchscreen in place and the speed ungoverned and allow the driver to use his/her discretion to determine relative safety.

soma | 20 août 2013

I would suggest that your desire to receive a loaner car that is not beaten up and abused is incompatible with allowing everyone to drive it any way they would like.

PBEndo | 20 août 2013

Driving over 75 ≠ "beating up and abusing" a car.

Drag racing, taking turns fast and braking hard may qualify.

SUN 2 DRV | 20 août 2013

Tesla agreed to loan you THEIR Model S. They never agreed to loan you one that's equivalent to YOUR Model S. It's only prudent for them to try to protect THEIR assets. When you get your Model S back you can drive it however you like. Until then be glad they loaned you one of THEIRs to enjoy.

carlk | 20 août 2013

Was Lonaner made in Yugoslavia? No wonder you don't see many of them here in the states. It's just too slow.

fluxemag | 20 août 2013

None of the loaners I drove were limited. It wouldn't bother me if they were really. I just drive the car like I drive my own, which is hard and fast. I'm sure it still gets to 75 briskly.

SamO | 20 août 2013

Since we've seen a variety of limited top speeds, perhaps the state where the loaner is lent has some effect.

Or perhaps we could request a slightly higher speed.

That way most people who bump against the ceiling can allow their friends and family to test safely and/or can talk to service as they make the swap and ask for the higher limit (whatever is in effect).

Either way, I think Tesla is trying to give drivers the best loan experience.

If you feel the car is limited, what incentive do you have to swap your 40, 60 or 85 for the P or P+?

Tesla will eventually control the used car market as well. Upgrading packs in order to

SamO | 20 août 2013

add value to the used market. And keep the product consistently good.

soma | 20 août 2013

By the way, it's not just the top speed that affects wear and tear. If they wanted to save the tires, they would put in an acceleration limit too.

ziggy | 20 août 2013

Umm.. I got mine up to cough.. cough.. 97.. but keep it to yourself. I still feel guilty about it. But at least I washed it and had it tip top when I brought it back.