Long range trip from Toronto to Philadelphia

Long range trip from Toronto to Philadelphia

i would like to know if anyone can provide me with charging locations for a 500 mile trip from Toronto to Philadelphia>i

ida-intl | 11 juillet 2012

I have a 220v 50a charging location available in CT, but likely off your path. 200 Roosevelt Drive Derby, CT Available anytime to any Tesla owner. Street side. Silver Building, Red Stripe.

kg6fnk | 11 juillet 2012

I just did a more than 1100mi road trip from SF to Ketchum Idaho. A preview of some of the pictures can be seen here:

To plan the trip I used: but to fill in the huge gaps between Grant's Pass and Ketchum, ID We hopped between RV parks. I used an app on the iPad called "RV Parks" with a green logo that says

Have fun.


Brian H | 12 juillet 2012

Great trip posting! Thanks muchly. Please revisit the post and add lotsa verbiage and elaboration!

BarrySimon | 12 juillet 2012

You must check the you can find more options on it.


davidcjones | 17 juillet 2012

While probably out of the way, you are able to use my Tesla HPC in Jericho, VT.