Look change to the Model X

Look change to the Model X

during todays shareholder meeting Musk said that the Production Model X will look different from what's on the current website. He said it will look better. Correct me if I heard that wrong. I wished he would have stated when the production model might been scene.

NumberOne | 3 juin 2014

What he was saying is that it would look better. Some of the details like the way the LCD screen is built into the car and the way the seats look will be better, but other than that there are no major changes.

Elon recently stated that the Model X prototype will be ready before the end of the year. In fact, any time in Q4 we might get more information, as the final product comes close to completion. What he did say is a full production ramp up in Q2. Q2 begins April 1st. No new delay announced as of today.

Orthopod | 3 juin 2014

I'ts more realistic to say it will be made available in Q5

NumberOne | 3 juin 2014

I probably should have specified Q4 2014 and Q2 2015.

aljjr2 | 3 juin 2014

I can only imagine since Elon has an Audi Q7, his comparison to fit and finish interior may (IMHO) may be linked to his experience with his Q7. For me, this is potentially great news, since my comparison SUV is also the Audi Q7 which will be replaced with the Model X.

Elon is smart enough to KNOW his competition! Therefore better than the prototype may well be better seats, and interior.

runonmd1 | 4 juin 2014

To modelx2015:

Quit "acting up."


Just kidding...


gerardP | 7 juin 2014

There is a picture of the "new" model X shown during the shareholder conference of June 3, (after 21 minutes of discussion). I find it much better than the picture still shown on the site. Note that the side mirrors reappear.
Just eager to hear more now.

gerardP | 7 juin 2014

You can see for yourself on
The car essentially seems a little bit lower which gives a better drag and style.
I also like the glass roof included in the rear doors.

Mavi57 | 9 juin 2014

The car shown here is still the same car as shown at the 2013 Detroit show.

Orthopod | 9 juin 2014

Announce in February 2012. Delivered in January 2016.

How does that sound to you?

Red Sage ca us | 9 juin 2014

EVolution: Sounds as if it would be about 15 years ahead of a comparable product from General Motors.

gerardP | 10 juin 2014


Too bad, I new new glasses ;)

aljjr2 | 10 juin 2014

Interesting to note, that the Audi Q7 restyle has been delayed for 2 years. The last word, was that Audi didn't like the design, and delayed again announcing at the Paris Auto Show, and potential delivery in 2Q 2015.

Tesla is also taking its time to "get it right". It is great that Tesla has the resources to design the 'right' Model X, and learn from their experiences with the Model S. Audi is moving up on BMW as the largest luxury auto manufacturer in the world.

I am anxious to get my Model X, but willing to wait. Oddly,waiting for the replacement Q7, gave me the chance to look at the X. I made the decision based on many factors -- but mostly CO2 emissions. Audi and BMW are behind the curve.... don't think they will be lagging long. GO TESLA!

AlMc | 11 juin 2014

aljjr2: I just added these similar thoughts on another thread. I believe part of the X delay is to 'get it right' but part is also because the model S is doing so well. Elon indicated the year 2014 would be the year that he wanted to test the limits of demand for the model S. Well, they can't make them fast enough to test that demand. In addition, the gross margins are incrementally increasing enabling financing of Scs, and maybe even a slight speed up in what the company's ultimate goal is: the Gen III production.

So, no real rush to get out the X which initially will have smaller margins and may even cut into S demand.

Nice problem to have for TM. :)

3seeker | 16 novembre 2014

I hope they do something about the side view body styling. Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit ugly?

Brian H | 17 novembre 2014


jandvig | 17 novembre 2014

3seeker: I agree. Raising the roofline toward the rear and squaring it off slightly would make it look WAY better (sportier), in addition to increasing headroom in the 3rd row and possibly cargo space in the rear. The current concept looks a bit too much like someone stuck a compressor up the proverbial tailpipe of a MS (I know it doesn´t actually have a tailpipe).

Red Sage ca us | 17 novembre 2014

I doubt many people who stand under 6'-3" will have an issue with headroom in the third row of the Model X. The storage area behind those seats is at once very deep and extrmely tall, vertically speaking.



ian | 17 novembre 2014

I'm not totally sold (despite being a reservation holder) on the look of the X. So, no, you're not alone in thinking the profile is a bit ugly 3seeker.

I also agree that raising the roofline toward the back would make it look better to me. Then again, I've always been a fan of the look of that 2 box aka wagon design. In fact, I was just out driving and saw a new Nissan Quest and did a double take. Looked good for a minivan.

Cheers! | 17 novembre 2014

Where's the bus stop?


Brian H | 17 novembre 2014

A stretch Kube!

ian | 17 novembre 2014

That's the one! Yeah, OK, it was from a couple blocks away and once I realized what it really was I'd already seen enough. Haha!

I will add this, the Mercedes dealership a few miles away has an E63 AMG wagon in gray that I've been drooling over. That and the Porsche dealership next door as a Cayenne Turbo that looks pretty good in white.

Ugh, the wait for new wheels is getting really hard and Tesla delaying the X isn't helping! I am hoping for a rear 1/4 roofline boost on the X. We'll see. ;-) | 18 novembre 2014

@ian: Check my "Plan B" thread tomorrow PM (Nov. 19) for one solution to the "unbearable waitness of being".

Red Sage ca us | 18 novembre 2014

Reminds me of my Aunts and Uncles lamenting the absence of a Landau top or chrome bumpers on newer Cadillacs...



carolinagobo | 21 novembre 2014

A nosecone update would be nice.