Measurements of the Alpha?

Measurements of the Alpha?

Are there any measurements from the Alpha shown? I'm thinking one could have pulled tape to get at least wheelbase, width, height and length from the aluminum body while it was on the floor in Detroit.

Sudre | 25 février 2011

This is one I am very curious about before I even reserve one. If the vehicle is to close to the ground with the wheel base too far apart I will reconsider purchasing one. I don't feel like dragging bottom every time I go by one of the obnoxious speed bumps in a local park near me or dragging the front and/or back end every time I pull into the parking garage at work.

Brian H | 25 février 2011

It's been discussed on other threads. 6" clearance is actually very common for sedans.

Volker.Berlin | 8 mars 2011

I found the following numbers here:

Overall length 16’4" (4973 mm)
Overall height 4’8" (1426 mm)
Overall width with mirrors 7’2" (2189 mm)
Ground Clearance 4.46" (113 mm)

I know that's not precisely what you asked for, but it seems to be the best we can get at this point. Strikingly, the ground clearance is not even 6" as has been discussed in other threads. Where does the 6" number come from?

Timo | 8 mars 2011

6" is someones guestimation based on Alpha frame seen in some motor show. 11.3cm is definitely too low for me. Maybe Tesla makes some crossover like Nissan Quashquai after that SUV. I could use some bad road ability, but I don't want common US dinosaur-sized SUV for that.

D*mn, I want Tesla car, but Roadster is too expensive and has no cargo capacity, Model S is too low and a bit too large, and SUV is probably even larger than Model S.

Looks like I have a long wait in front of me...unless some other manufacturer makes a car I can use.

Vawlkus | 8 mars 2011

SUV won't be much bigger than the model s is timo, I mean, they're based on the same chassis.

Lets wait and see what they come up with, yeah?

Sudre | 8 mars 2011

I'll have to actually pay really close attention to the speed bumps near my house. I know I've scrapped one a few times with my car that has a 5.7" clearance but that was from the little bounce.

The down side is I will not be able to park it at work. The garage practically scraps off the air ram under my current car and the garage at my house has a short ramp to it that it will teder on like a sea-saw.
At least at my house I can adjust the garage ramp.

This reminds me of the Top Gear show where they were trying to get their super cars out of a parking garage.

ckessel | 8 mars 2011

That's quite low, much lower than the 6" I thought had been fairly likely before. That's sports car low. Where I drive, it's not likely to matter much as my RX8 with 4.7" clearance never has any problems, but this certainly gives me some sympathy towards the folks that were concerned about it.

William13 | 8 mars 2011

I physically measured the Model S skeleton at the NAIAS in Detroit. The lowest point was definitely 6 inches. If the spec's are lower I would suggest they refer to air dams or plastic fascia as many cars have rather than the important battery pack or axle. The signature may also go lower at high speed if it has adjustable suspension as originally planned.

By the way the above spec's are nearly identical to my brother's new Cadillac CTS including the ground clearance which due to an air dam and side fascia to improve aerodynamics. I drove it over speed bumps and pot holes without issue.

Another possibility is that they are putting some guard under the battery pack.

William13 | 8 mars 2011

I have reviewed the pictures. There may have been other missing parts and pieces, but I doubt it. They may have gone to smaller performance tires than the show expanded view. I still think air dams and side fascia.

discoducky | 13 mars 2011

@Volker EU#P1 Thanks! Didn't see that Tesla had updated the FAQ's.

Interesting that they published Width with mirrors. I have a tandem garage so I'm glad they did. I now know it will fit fine.

Also, it is longer, by 3 inches, and shorter, height 1.6 inches less, than the 535i. Wow, looking forward to seeing the cd number. Maybe .20?

Dan5 | 15 mars 2011

11.3 cm is a decent ground clearance. The last 2 cars I owned had 11.7 cm for the firebird and the cougar had 4.3 inch clearance and I have have some pretty big speed bumps and a rather inclined driveway. If you pull in and out of your driveway carefully, you should have no problems (I never bottomed out on the firebird and scraped the cougar about 2/3 times a month. Never had any problems with pot holes (except when construction worker made a gaping hole and left it like that on a major highway and forgot to close off the lane, but you can't expect any car to not have damage from hitting a 1 ft deep by 2 feet wide hole going 45 mph)

mvbf | 20 mars 2011

As a relatively new reservation holder, count me in on the please for higher ground clearance or a suspension option that will help with clearance. 4.3 is lower than my jetta tdi that is already a little too low for my area.