Missing add-ons in the Tesla model S/X

Missing add-ons in the Tesla model S/X

Grab-Hold for front and rear seat missing in model s
hope will see it in the model x

Middle armrest in the rear seat missing in the model s
hope will see it in the model x

mosbacher93 | 6 août 2015


rzander01 | 6 août 2015

Agree on the grab-holds (aka jesus handles). My wife is short and hates not having one to help pull herself out of the car. The other big miss (for her) is that the vanity mirror on the sun visor is not lighted. Oh she rants about it every time she's in the car and claims Elon needs a woman on the design team :-)

vandacca | 6 août 2015

Middle armrest in the 2nd row (or 3rd row) is not likely possible. But we'll know when we see the newly re-designed 2nd row at the end of September.

AreBeeAZ | 9 août 2015

My wife also says Tesla needs a short woman on the design team!

eric.zucker | 10 août 2015

Are there tie-down eyelets in the trunk/frunk to prevent luggage from bouncing around? With 1.1G acceleration there had better be... | 10 août 2015

adjustable seat belt height at least for front seats

afroumis | 10 août 2015

My wife is also very concerned that the X will not have a lighted passenger vanity mirror. She stated her preference three years ago when we placed our order for the signature X and if it's not available, I'll need to add an aftermarket unit. Little details like these are frustrating and there is no method, other than these sites, to get our message across to Tesla. They're lucky the demand is so high, otherwise, if we had another option, we might exercise it!

Remnant | 10 août 2015

@ mosbacher93 (OP, August 6, 2015)

<< Grab-Hold for front and rear seat missing in model s
hope will see it in the model x. >>

Search for "car cane" at:

It's a door latch grab handle, $15. | 12 août 2015

Jump the spam

eric.zucker | 13 août 2015

@ mosbacher93 There are small coolers that double up as armrests.

adamgreen | 13 août 2015

I read the subject line of this thread expecting a laundry list of features that are now commonplace, but apparently still "real soon now" for Tesla. e.g. ventilated seats, 360 surround cameras.
Slowly but eventually, Tesla seems to be filling in the "nice to have" list. The new sports seats are great, but again, how would anyone make such a leap forward and omit ventilation? I guess anything that guzzles electricity? But you're already running the hvac? I dunno.
Anyway, I don't see any deal-breaker omissions in the Tesla X. Just compiling a list of feature requests is a whole thread, and with no "search" function on this forum site (rather like the glaring omissions from the Tesla vehicles?) it's hard to even read to catch up on what others have already discussed.

vandacca | 13 août 2015

@adamgreen the forum users to the rescue. Try the following link for searching the Tesla forum: