Missing features on Model S

Missing features on Model S

Model S has many useful features, but some omissions are missing. May be they did not have time. Even if the battery drain was too much, they could have given the option of turning them off when range is an issue:
1. GPS map need to have options to orient to North>South or direction of car.
2. Smart cruise control, including auto stop and auto resume. Useful in stop and go traffic.
3. Rear camera needs guides
4. Need sensors to prevent bumping during parking, etc.
5. Lane assist with warning, braking if needed.
6. Multiple cameras.
7. Bird eye view of traffic with camera data.
8. Heated steering wheel along with heated seats. Save the use of heaters. Rear seats too with on/off switch.
9. Supercharger network, regular charging stations, weather, road/terrain, etc need to be mapped on the GPS. It should give a trip solution, so that the driver know what speed to drive, and where to charge.

In all fairness, the company has done a great job with the car electronics. A lot of this software and hardware will have to take time given their focus on manufacturing efficiency, supply chain, Supercharger deployment, Model X, etc. The good part is that Mercedes and Toyota have the hardware components needed and their costs go to be low.

carlk | 13 mai 2013

Electrical folding outside mirror and parking sensor. Those are all I want before clicking that order button. Everything else are just icing on the cake.

Vawlkus | 13 mai 2013

"omissions are missing".........................

Oh good lord x.x

dlewis | 13 mai 2013

My opinion:
1. Would be nice.
2. Cruise in stop and go traffic? Really?
3. Guides on camera, haven't had any trouble without
4-6. Its called a driver ;)
7. no opinion happy with what I have
8. never had a heated steering wheel, could be nice
rear heated seats, good feature
9. anything to make Superchargers easier to find I would be up for

rmbod | 13 mai 2013

There are so many threads on this topic. try

1) the map on the left side of the speedometer will orient forward when you set a destination
2) auto resume is a pull toward drive on the cruise control stalk
3) your rear tires are under the farthest edge on the bumper seen on the screen!! HA :-)
4) over 8k miles and not a scratch on either of my bumpers. do you really need it?
5) should just be paying attention when you drive. (not trying to sound rude)
6) what are you wanting to see with these multiple cameras?
7) the traffic button on the NAV screen. green means traffic moving well, yellow means slow and red means stopped traffic
8) i might give you this one, but not a deal breaker
9) I think something like this will continue to be improved.

For all you out there on the fence because of the apparent lack of luxuries, I promise you wont miss them when the car is in your garage.

sk1656 | 13 mai 2013

That's probably why you should wait a couple of more years for Model S to improve.

Bubba2000 | 13 mai 2013

I live, travel in the Southeast and Southwest. No real chargers here. Just traveling from Houston to Dallas is a challenge and has to be done at 50-55 mph with no HVAC. Speed limits are 75-80 mph and that is minimum for most of the traffic! Louisiana>>> Gulf Coast travel is also challenging.

No superchargers. Instead, the 500 mile battery would do. The rest of the stuff I mentioned are gizmos. Item 9 would make the most sense... give trip solutions. Who wants to do all kinds of planning for a day trip looking for chargers?!

Brian H | 13 mai 2013

Texas is on the "hot list" for the 1st wave of SC expansions.

Keith72 | 13 mai 2013

Some of the items above are on the software upgrade list maintained by Rod & Barbara. They may happen as routine upgrades that get downloaded to the car.