Model S Assault on Mt. Evans (Colorado) is set for June 8, 2013

Model S Assault on Mt. Evans (Colorado) is set for June 8, 2013

Located in the front range West of Denver, Mt. Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America begging to be assaulted by Tesla’s Model S owners. With the introduction of this awesome vehicle, I am organizing a Model S Road Rally for Saturday June 8, 2013 from Idaho Springs, CO (35 miles west of Denver) to the summit of Mt. Evans and back. The views along the highway are breathtaking, as is the elevation, which summits 14,256 feet above sea level. The spring flowers should be in bloom, as will be an abundance of wildlife, such as Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep.

We need to meet up around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 8th, at the Clear Creek County Middle School parking lot toward the west end of Idaho Springs. This location is South of I-70 at Exit 240. Take the exit; turn South on Highway 103 toward Mt. Evans, and the Middle School driveway is a few hundred feet ahead on the right-hand side immediately past the Ranger Station and Visitor’s Center.

Please RSVP to Dennis Driscoll at (I just need to give the Park Service an estimate of the number of cars to anticipate)

Here is a flyer about the event with some pretty awesome photos, too.

See you in June, Dennis

Brian H | 8 mars 2013

Oh, man, would I love to be a passenger on that ride! Unfortunately, CO is a bit beyond my radius. ;(

noel.smyth | 8 mars 2013

oh man, will the supercharger network be ready for me to drive over from Philly?

Velo1 | 8 mars 2013

Fly out and hitch a ride with one of the drivers, provided you don't drool on the leather or wood. :) | 8 mars 2013

@noel.smyth I hope so...after I do this run up Mt. Evans I plan to go Stone Harbor, NJ for the last week of June (maybe do the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way)

noel.smyth | 8 mars 2013

@KevinR -Thats awesome, good luck. I did see that Sheetz in PA is putting in level III chargers along the PA TPK. That may help you when you get to PA

Liz G | 8 mars 2013

Penciling this in. I've got a couple of extra weeks vacation this year Ive been wondering what to do with. This looks promising. Only question, is there anywhere in Kansas to charge? | 8 mars 2013


Bill in Austin | 9 mars 2013

I'd be doing this run in a heartbeat if the Superchargers were already in place between Austin and Colorado. Please plan to do it again in the next year or two.

wjbeals | 9 mars 2013

I'm in Douglas County and I am in!! Should have the car by then - MVPA complete 1-22-2013!!

Velo1 | 9 mars 2013

Wow! Getting lots of interest. I have 9 RSVPs so far. Don't miss this rally - let's really get amped!

ghillair | 9 mars 2013

Do you allow "guests" in Roadsters??

Velo1 | 9 mars 2013

Roadsters welcome, too. I should have simply called it a Tesla road rally, but in my excitement of owning the Model S I didn't think to be all inclusive for all Teslas. Thanks for asking and see you there. | 9 mars 2013

I think this will be quit a photo op :o) | 9 mars 2013


Velo1 | 9 mars 2013

What shall we call a collection or group of Model Ss? Silent Stampede?

nickjhowe | 9 mars 2013

I thought the collective noun for Teslas was a "Musk" of Teslas.

RhoonNL | 9 mars 2013

Nice!! I would be very happy if you could share photos and videos with us.

Velo1 | 10 mars 2013

Bumping just to keep this announcement on page 1 for a few more days. Getting lots of interest, even from out of Colorado residents. TM should add more Superchargers in and near Colorado along I-70 and I-25 before this assault so more owners can make the event. This will be great pub for TM, too.

Velo1 | 10 mars 2013

I should add that after the rally, everyone is invited to meet up at Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs. This is home to famous Colorado Sicilian-style Mountain Pies. Enjoy's+pizza+idaho+springs&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari

Brian H | 10 mars 2013

And here's their home page:

Velo1 | 10 mars 2013

^Thanks - I fumbled my attempt at a link.

Kauai | 10 mars 2013

Soon as I saw this post I thought road trip! Not sure if family is on board for trip from the Bay Area, even though we all love Colorado high mountain country! Take lots of pics

Velo1 | 10 mars 2013

Kauai - you better come and take your own pictures, as you have a new and bigger family here :)

We all need to lobby TM to put up enough Super Chargers along the routes to Colorado so everyone can get here that wants to be part of history - the largest gathering (outside the factory) of Tesla vehicles. I think a group of Tesla cars is called a Musk.

Velo1 | 10 mars 2013

FYI - if anyone is planning to join us June 8 and needs to know where there might be a place to grab some electrons, there is an RV park just a mile from the start area for the event. Plus, if anyone learns of additional charging options, please post the information and/or email me ( and I will compile a list of options for distribution before or at the event.

Idaho Spings RV Park:

skymaster | 11 mars 2013

Has anyone estimated the Kw needed to drive from Idaho springs to The summit of Mt. Evans and back ??

skymaster | 11 mars 2013

I should have read the flyer first. It is only 57 miles round trip.

Velo1 | 11 mars 2013

Still setting on 10 RSVP.

Velo1 | 12 mars 2013


Liz G | 12 mars 2013

I will be coming from St Louis, anyone else coming from the East side of the country?

mpottinger | 12 mars 2013

If I have my car, I'm in. 2-21 MVPA for a 60kw.

Velo1 | 14 mars 2013

^When is your estimated delivery? I am keeping hope alive you can make it, but if not come along and hitch-hike to the summit. No drooling allowed.

DouglasR | 14 mars 2013


What is the charging situation like at Denver-area hotels? Is there a list anywhere of local hotels that have charging facilities? | 19 mars 2013

Liz G
Are flying in to bum a ride or are you driving your s out from St. Louis ? I heard of someone who picked up his s at the denver service center, then drove home to KC using RV parks to charge

Velo1 | 19 mars 2013

@bcimae - Liz G is driving her Model S from St. Louis area.

I will check out charging availability at local/Denver area hotels, but haven't had time yet. It is one of those things that when you live somewhere you never know anything about what travelers need to know. Good example is my brother flew out from SC to go skiing and he asked me where at DIA does he need to go to rent a car? I don't know, I never need to rent a car when flying into DIA - I live here.

In any event, I hope to have some info soon on where folks can fill up with electrons, if needed.

EVTripPlanner | 19 mars 2013

@DouglasR - thanks for testing out the "route energy planner" beta. It estimates 20.1 kWh up and -4.3 kWh down (60F outside, no wind) even the 40 kWh should be fine for this road trip! Wish I could join.

Route Planner links (detailed view shows energy to climb, for HVAC):



Play with your own routes at - and please let me know how close it was to your actuals!

Liz G | 19 mars 2013

@bcimae Yep, I am driving all the way across Missouri and Kansas.

Will be quite an adventure. I've already started scoping out KOA's and looking for other charging options.

Velo1 | 20 mars 2013

^I have never used a Level 2 charger, but seems like most Walgreens have at least one set up for EVs, at least the ones I see on for the Denver area.

Jewsh | 20 mars 2013

@ Brian H:

"Oh, man, would I love to be a passenger on that ride! Unfortunately, CO is a bit beyond my radius. ;("

I believe you're in Ontario? Let me see how many sick days I have! ;-)

ghillair | 20 mars 2013

@Liz G

In looking for charging sites try this link:
It is a web site of RV park reviews by campers. It shows if the park has electric and if it is 50 amp, some older parks have only 30. Some are National Park, state parks or city operations with no electric.

There are many RV parks along I-70. I would definitely call ahead to see if they are receptive to EV charging.

Have a great trip.

Brian H | 20 mars 2013

No, BC. The Wet Coast.

Velo1 | 20 mars 2013

Liz - the two in Golden, Dakota Ridge RV and Clear Creek RV, are no more than 20-25 miles from the start area for the Mt. Evan Road Rally. I will check a few others closer to Idaho Springs, as well as Evergreen; and then post back some time.

Also, my house and another S owner close by, both in Evergreen (15 miles to the start), would be good back-up "stations", too. We're both 5 minutes off I-70.

Velo1 | 20 mars 2013

Anyone interested in where they can get a charge (other than just doing the rally), there is Cottonwood RV Park just south (~5 miles) from the start area in Idaho Springs along Hwy 103, which is the route we are taking.

They have 20 RV campsites with 30-50 Amp chargers. I just called them at 303-567-2617 and they said the charging is for a fee (based on time), and at the time in early June scheduled for the road rally they doubt it would be necessary to call ahead to reserve a spot, but it never hurts.

Velo1 | 20 mars 2013

I can add Chief Hosa RV campground at Exit 253 off I-70 just east of the Evergreen exit, and about 15 miles from our start area. They have 50 amp outlets available, but I don't know how many. See

Liz G | 20 mars 2013

So I'm tryong to decide if I can make it the 220 miles between Topeka KS and Hays KS or if I'll need to charge in Salina KS. Thinking about trying to go 55 mph and tyhen depending on my remaining range at Salina determining if I need to charge up. Only problem is I don't know how busy RV parks get. Could I need a charge and end up not being able to find a park that had a vacancy?

Can't wait until we have SC's coast to coast.

ghillair | 20 mars 2013

@Liz G

The link a gave above for RV Park Reviews shows 2 RV parks both with 50 amp at Russell KS, 30 miles east of Hays.

Go for Hays, at Russell decide if you can make the last 30 or need to stop and top off.

skymaster | 20 mars 2013

@Liz G

If you need a charge when you get close to Denver, I might have a great choice for you. I am setting up a public charging station on my property in Deer Trail Colorado. There is only one exit in Deer trail (328) and it is 50 miles east of denver. My property is only a few hundred yards off the exit. I currently have a 30 amp circuit (10-30) for my Volt. Now that I have my Tesla Model S , I will add a 50 amp (14-50). I will post this "public" charger on plugshare ect. You will be able to get off the highway and be charging in only a couple of min. anytime 24 hours. There are a couple of stores within easy walking distance. It could be a good break to get a quik charge.

Liz G | 20 mars 2013

Thank you very much for the offer. Can you PM me on your conavt info in case I need to take you up on your offer.

Crow | 20 mars 2013

If you are looking for a hotel with a charging station, the Element hotel in Lone Tree has one. Of course, the Element is only 2 minutes from free charging at the Tesla store at Park Meadows. Just call them first so they can set up their adapter (it's a Roadster charging station).

Amos' Tesla | 20 mars 2013

Velo 1 count me in for the assault on Mt. Evans. I just talked to the service center in Denver and they estimated there are about 150 of us roaming around town. I have seen four besides mine. Hopefully we get a great turnout for this trip. Thanks for organizing it.. I'm getting my 21's put back on the week after next and I can't wait. I'm looking forward to the road trip. For those asking about chargers I know there is a working charger at the Walgreens in Evergreen. It is located at 3510 Evergreen Parkway. I had to use it to cure a severe case of range anxiety resulting from a complete under estimation of 110 charging time returning from the mountains.

Wbrumfiel | 20 mars 2013

Anyone want a passenger for this? :) I hope to get a reservation in within the next year, sadly not before this event.