Model S On & Off Feature

Model S On & Off Feature

Hi guys, my first post here and so glad to be a new member to the awesome Tesla owners community. I just received my car a week back and I have to tell you that it's been life changing for me. It's tough, very tough, for me to get into another car after driving the MS.

I do have one question which I searched for the solution but with no luck. How to keep the car on the ON status when you get out of the car? It seems that every time I get out of the car, it shuts its self off which is a nice feature but I don't want it to shut off ALL the time automatically. How can I control this? Thanks in advance.

lolachampcar | 26 juillet 2013

If you are looking to do things like keep the AC on for guests while you're out of the car, I normally use my phone app to turn the AC back on when I leave. I've not found a way to do this from within the car apart from leaving a door ajar (which I do not want to do when I leave my daughter in the car).

PBEndo | 26 juillet 2013

If a passenger is staying in the car, all they have to do is touch the touchscreen and the car turns back on.

If nobody will remain in the car but you want to keep it running (maybe to keep the AC on)you can put the car in neutral and then activate the E-brake (via the touchscreen)and everything will stay on.

shop | 26 juillet 2013

+1 pbendo. Putting car in neutral(while stepping on brake!) and then putting on parking brake via the controls menu us what I do.

Bob W | 26 juillet 2013

I found I needed to keep the car ON to put some air in the tires with the compressor from the Tire Repair Kit, because power is removed from the 12V socket whenever the car is OFF.

I ended up leaving the door slightly ajar. Better solutions posted above.

I have a slightly different problem: I want the car to turn off and stay off, but it powers right back up as soon as I open the door to exit the vehicle.

Starway2001 | 26 juillet 2013

When I wash my cars I often play the stereo. Is leaving the car in neutral and using the E-brake the best way to keep the stereo on with the doors opening while doing the detailing?

Bob W | 26 juillet 2013

You wash your cars with the windows open, so you can hear the stereo? Well, if so, you can always reach in and tap the screen to turn on the stereo. Keep the car in Park, not neutral!

Starway2001 | 26 juillet 2013

That's not what I said.

July10Models | 26 juillet 2013

While standing outside the car, press the brake pedal, the car will remain on when the door is close.

MSAddict | 27 juillet 2013

July, then how would you turn it back off?

BTW, great comments guys. Thank you.

Keith72 | 27 juillet 2013

Bob W,
I have the same problem, I shut the car off, but before I can get out of it, it comes back on. Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions to shut it off and keep it off while exiting the car? I find myself shutting it off multiple times before getting out.

DrJayRussell | 27 juillet 2013

@MSAddict, Open and close the door.

docdac | 27 juillet 2013

I recall a Tesla Ranger telling me that all systems will remain on if you leave the drivers side seat best fastened. I have never tested that, though.

docdac | 27 juillet 2013

That should be 'seat belt'!

Brian H | 27 juillet 2013

Or put a 10lb. weight on the driver's seat.

Robert22 | 27 juillet 2013


Easiest thing to do is crack the door with the left hand, turn the car off by tapping the screen with the right, and get out. I do it in one fell swoop now, never a problem.

Bob W | 27 juillet 2013

@Robert22's solution is the same as mine, open the door, then power it off (so the steering wheel locks), then exit and close the door.

Unfortunately, the next thing I often do is open the back door to retrieve my briefcase or hat (I keep these out of the front cabin where sliding objects could become a distraction or a potential hazard). And of course opening any door turns the back car (and A/C) back on again.

At that point I just close the rear door and lock it with the FOB, and it turns off soon after that (finally). But all this unnecessary on/off cycling can't be doing the car or A/C any good.

An easy fix would be for the car to ignore reactivating everything for 30 seconds after you power off (unless you press the brake, which would override that delay). It would also solve the screen cleaning problem (touching the display turns everything back on unless you use a very thick cleaning cloth).

Keith72 | 27 juillet 2013

Thanks for all the suggestions. Now that I think about it, the last thing I do before getting out of the car is to release the seat belt. I'll try opening the door before I shut it off.

STEVEZ | 28 juillet 2013

What's the advantage of shutting the car off manually: doesn't it shut itself off after you exit? I thought the manual control was just a feature so that you could shut it off while remaining in the car.

Bob W | 28 juillet 2013

The advantage of shutting off the car manually is that it disconnects the high voltage, and turns off everything immediately (motor, power steering, display, music, A/C, and anything plugged into the 12V outlet). I think it also activates the parking brake if you forgot to put the car into Park. It also locks the steering wheel, which I like to grab as an exit assist since there are no grab handles in the Model S. There is no other way to lock the steering wheel other than "Power Off."

When you return to the car after powering off this way, the "Lock" button will be visible on the 17" display, so you can immediately lock all the doors right after you sit down inside and close the door. This provides extra security.

If you use the FOB to lock the car after you sit down inside, anyone can still open any door just by tapping on it. But when you tap the lock button on the display, or enable drive-way door lock and put the car into Drive or Reverse, they cannot.

Bob W | 28 juillet 2013

Correction: If you use the FOB to lock the car after you sit down inside, anyone can still open any door the driver's door just by tapping on it.

jjaeger | 28 juillet 2013

Bow W - thanks for the concise reply to SteveZ's question. I am one of those who have never locked the car via this manner, and did not know what all the functional implications were from this approach.

Bob W | 28 juillet 2013

Correction #2: Powering Off doesn't activate the parking brake (at least not immediately).