Model S Issues/Questions

Model S Issues/Questions

I have just sent the following questions to my local Service Manager and I thought I would post them here as well. If anyone has any answers, or has experienced the same, I would like to know.

1) Issue: At low speeds (like when navigating through a parking lot), I am noticing recently a "thunk" coming from the rear engine area as I apply/let off the accelerator. It's hard to describe, but it feels like something is "loose" in the gearing. (I've checked and there's nothing rolling around loose in the back)

2) Issue: My auto-sensing windshield wipers don't seem to be calibrated very well. They quite often do not go fast enough to keep up with the amount of rain. If I leave them alone, eventually they start going faster, but it seems like it takes several seconds for them to adjust to match the amount of water hitting the windshield. I find that I have to constantly manually adjust the wiper speed, which kind of defeats the purpose.

3) Question: As the weather has gotten colder, I've noticed a dramatic increase in Wh/m. Not that this is necessarily a problem, but I want to make sure. My daily commute takes me on interstates for most of the journey (70-75 mph) and I typically get about 300-305 Wh/m. As the temperature has dropped (~40 degrees in the morning), that has shot up to about 350 Wh/m. Is that expected? Will it go up even more as we get further into winter (0-10 degrees)? I am also concerned what this means when combined with the reduced capacity of the battery in colder weather (or so I've heard). I'm beginning to worry that my 300-mile 85Kw battery will not get me all the way to and from work (150 mile round trip). Right now, I'm charging to 90% overnight, giving me about 230 miles of range. I'm driving 150 miles and arriving back home with only about 50 miles remaining.

4) Issue: On my energy graph, I prefer to display "average" usage, rather than "Instant". However, it never seems to stick. Every morning I have to switch it over to "average" again. Suggestion: These should save with driver profile

5) Suggestion: Each key fob should be able to be tied to a driver profile. So depending on who's key unlocks the Model S, that driver profile could automatically be selected.

6) Suggestion: I was surprised to find out that the "favorites" (stations, songs, etc) were not tied to a driver's profile. Do you know if this is planned? It would be nice to have a (potentially) separate sign-in and song/stations preferences for internet and terrestrial radio that are tied to the driver profile selected.

7) Issue: I've been getting the Tire Pressure warning most mornings when I start my car. I just had a service ranger out a couple weeks ago and all of that was checked, so they should not be low. Also, as soon as I drive for a few minutes the warning goes away. I think perhaps these sensors aren't calibrated correctly. Or perhaps the logic should be changed to accept lower pressures at lower temperatures.

8) Question/Issue: The other night I happened to flashed my brights (hi beams) a few times. I heard a loud clicking/thump coming from the front of the car with each flash. Is this normal/expected?

9) Question/Issue: My wipers don't seem to always return to the same "resting" position. I notice that sometimes they are visible above the dash and other times not. Is this normal?

10) Question/Issue: My display seems to be possessed within 30 minutes of sunup or sunset. It can't seem to decide whether to be in night mode or day mode. I have about an hour drive to/from work and it will probably switch 4 or 5 times back and forth during the journey. Can this be corrected? Also, I think the switch to "night mode" occurs waaaay to early. There is usually plenty of ambient light when it decides it's time to switch.


michael1800 | 3 novembre 2013

re #1, is this a single thump each time you get back into the car and start off, or do you hear several thumps before it/they stop? Sounds like normal automatic parking brake operation, but I'm no mechanic.

re #7, it sounds like they are working correctly. You did mention a recent temperature change...regardless of when the ranger filled your tires, a temp change may incur a need for a psi check. TPMS sensors alerting in the morning, but going away after driving is common: driving increases heat/pressure in your tires. Measure your tires cold and filled them to the correct pressure (max cold pressure stated on the door jamb). I experienced the same behavior recently.

On the other items, I have no idea, although it sounds like your wipers are acting funny and definitely not normal.

Brian H | 3 novembre 2013

3. You've probably hit the max drop, or close to it, already.

7. Air pressure drops in the cold. You should adjust inflation to keep starting PSI in the right range.

Zero EV | 3 novembre 2013

Further information:

#1) It feels like the motor is slipping when I ease on/off the accelerator. Parking brake is not on.

#7) I figured this is just due to cold. I've had TPMS on my cars for 10+ years and never had this issue. Perhaps Tesla's TPMS is just more sensitive????


JPPTM | 3 novembre 2013

1) Have SC check--maybe loose bushings.
2) Known issue with the wipers--either too fast or too slow or not right. Hope for s/w update.
3) Cold reduces range.
4) Known 'feature'.
5) I asked TM about this 6 months ago--unlikely due to their choice of hardware.
6) Unknown--suggest to Ownership.
7) See above-set pressures when cold.
8) Yes-clunk is how shutters shift from low to high beams.
9) Known 'feature'.

Please get to know these forums--use to search here and also go to TMC for lots more info.

Zero EV | 3 novembre 2013

Thanks @JPPTM

As I mentioned, I've emailed this list to my local SM and will let you know what I get in response. I've been a regular (several x per week) reader of these forums since I placed my order (~June), and I realize some of these issues have been discussed here. I still want to hear what TM has to say though.


Zero EV | 3 novembre 2013

I've added a #10...

10) Question/Issue: My display seems to be possessed within 30 minutes of sunup or sunset. It can't seem to decide whether to be in night mode or day mode. I have about an hour drive to/from work and it will probably switch 4 or 5 times back and forth during the journey. Can this be corrected? Also, I think the switch to "night mode" occurs waaaay to early. There is usually plenty of ambient light when it decides it's time to switch.

WhisperingCJ | 3 novembre 2013

#5 This could be difficult if both keys were present (eg other driver is in passenger seat), but I agree it could at least revert to the current scenario in the case where it didn't know who was driving.

Of course it does depend on how they have implemented the fobs. If they have used all available space on them for the security, the fobs may all "look" identical, with no space let over to determine which fob is which

cwmenne | 3 novembre 2013

With the exception of #9, mine are all the same and not a problem, but I agree it would be better if it was better. #1 is gear lash in the differential and they all do it. #2 has been less than ideal on every car I've had with auto wipers, so not unique to Tesla. You have nothing to worry about on any of them, but I would get the wiper rest setting checked.

Zero EV | 3 novembre 2013

@kribensa - Re #5) Could be ... although whichever one "unlocks" (or it senses first) would be the primary. You could adjust from there if need be. I know it's a minor nit, but we had a Honda Odyssey that did this and it was VERY convenient.

And although I don't know for sure, I would suspect that each fob has a unique "ID" ... so there should be no two alike in that case.

dtesla | 3 novembre 2013

3) On cold winter days (say 15 degrees or less) your battery heaters will run to keep the battery warm when the car is not in use. Last winter I was loosing 20 miles a day from just that. Also, for those of you who have never been through a winter with you MS. The regen is limited, based on temperature. If it gets cold enough the regen can be 0 KW. So the car just coast, when you foot is off the accelerator pedal, until the batteries warm up (3-5 minutes?).

Zero EV | 3 novembre 2013

@cwmenne - Re #1) Mine did not have this "gear lash" until I hit about 10,000 miles (wasn't noticed at least). Re #2) Prior to my Model S I drove a 2001 BMW 530i ... I had rain sensing wipers on that as well and never had to adjust them.

Still in love with this car though ... wouldn't trade it, even WITH all the above "nits". :-)

eddiemoy | 3 novembre 2013

#5, how would it work if both keys are in the area? which profile should it select? think this feature is good only in the ice cars that you have to press the fob to unlock... then it would know which fob unlocked and select the correct profile, but not sure how it would work in tesla since it senses fob.

#7, been getting it all week, thinking of inflating the tires a little more since the cold weather affects it a lot. but running it for less than a minute it goes away.

Zero EV | 3 novembre 2013

Thanks dtesla - I've noticed the reduced regen. So far, the coldest we've been in the morning is about 30F. My garage is typically 50-60 though so I usually don't get the limited regen until my evening drive home (no garage at work).

Zero EV | 4 novembre 2013

Service appointment scheduled for Thursday ... I'll post an update.

Captain_Zap | 4 novembre 2013

Question #10 - Day/Night mode

They are making adjustments to that feature as we speak.

Captain_Zap | 4 novembre 2013

I was at the event yesterday that celebrated the Supercharger voyage from San Diego to Vancouver, BC and then to Seattle. I learned a lot there.

I just happened to sit next to a nice family. The gentleman said that his son worked for Tesla. I asked him what he worked on. It turns out that his son is working on the windshield wipers. I heard that they are still working on them and they have taken the car to different environments to test different conditions. I told the gentleman that I was happy to hear about it and shared some of my observations about the wipers not acting appropriately in extremely heavy drizzle (too slow in auto mode) and then wiping way too fast for intermittent huge drops like the ones you get driving under wet trees. The gentleman also said that his son loves working at Tesla and that it is his dream job come true.

Brian H | 5 novembre 2013

Just wait till he graduates to SpaceX! >:)

KendallPB | 5 novembre 2013

#4 - yeah we all want that ;-(

chrisdl | 6 novembre 2013

I have a similar auto-unlock feature on my current car's keyfobs.
Which ever key is first detected is the one who's presets are used (seat position, angle of mirrors, favorite radio stations, etc.) There is no reason why Tesla couldn't do the same or even better.

(Side note: I know Tesla has said that they didn't implement this feature because you can have more driver's profiles than key fobs. This is not a valid reason, though. It can be implemented as easy as having the car remember what the last used driver's profile was for each key fob. An easy software fix.)

mlmasterson | 6 novembre 2013

I had #1 issue - was resolved by SC by tightening the 4 bolts where the motor is mounted. Basically the motor was shifting slightly during Fwd/Reverse or during acceleration. Root cause was that bolts weren't properly torqued at factory, but fortunately a simple fix.

sranta | 3 juin 2014

Zero EV, what did you find out? i have the same "clunk", only heard <35mph and right at the transition to regen.

carlk | 3 juin 2014

@chrisdl My previous car has three presets, two of them are tied to two keys and the third one is free. Tesla certainly can do something similar to that. i kind of think hardware issue (FOB identification) is the reason.

AndyO | 3 juin 2014

@sranta: I have the same clunk. If I have the HVAC or audio very high I don't hear it. The service center said it probably wouldn't strand me and they'd check the next time I come in. It's reproducible EVERY time. It's most noticeable in the transition from sustained 15-20 mph to regen. If I feather very slowly I can avoid it. I'm interested in other reports of this problem.

sranta | 4 juin 2014

@AndyO! Yes, my "subtle clunk" is very reproducible as well. i didn't notice it until i did not have music going and was driving around a parking lot. Doesn't seem to be perceptible above 35mph if it is happening there. The "clunk" definitely occurs right as power gauge crosses into regen when accel pedal is released.
In case it helps, I have a P85 with 4800 miles on it, ~6mos old.
Having service take a look at it next week.

AndyO | 4 juin 2014

Coulda sworn I typed this but it's not on the thread.
@sranta - please keep me posted. I have a P85, 5500 miles, 6 mos old, P2778x

sranta | 5 juin 2014

I'll probably continue this post at another thread on the forum that is specifically dedicated to the first issue that EV Zero reported in his list.