Model S at Juguar Dealership

Model S at Juguar Dealership

I had the pleasure of dropping my son off at Jaguar Marin last evening. As soon as I pulled in, and before I got out the car almost everyone in the dealership came out, with bright eyes and big grins. They LOVED the car. They were amazed at the look and lines of the car, did not realized how big Model S was, as the felt it would be a small departure from Roadster. They were astonished by the 17 inch screen - they said you could see the world through that screen. They loved the styling and profile of the car. In particular, one salesman said "I never owned a red car and I am a buff, but this red is the most beautiful red I have ever seen". I informed him, he would be too later as Signature red is now gone.

One of the salesperson previously worked at British Motors in Silicon Valley, and test drove Roadster during development in 2006. His dad owns a lotus, so was quite familiar with the Tesla program. In fact, he was informed then that Tesla had plans to develop a sedan in the near future. The bottom line is, Model S was a big hit at Jaguar Marin. One son has a MBZ - I guess, I will have to take him in at the next opportunity :).

Brian H | 5 Janvier 2013

Did you let them know the XF was copied from the S?

sergiyz | 6 Janvier 2013

heh, good one, Brian. | 6 Janvier 2013

Yep Brian, you made me laugh. That's funny.

Brian H | 6 Janvier 2013

It's also true. The S came out before the XF was revealed.

s_curve | 6 Janvier 2013

Can't pick on Jag too much. Every automaker is going to have to play 'catch-up' to the Model S. Most are going to swing and miss.

sergiyz | 7 Janvier 2013

Xf went on sale in late 2007, and revealed much earlier.
Preproduction model s revealed in 2011.
Brits know how to make good-looking cars.