Model X on display?

Model X on display?

Is there a Model X concept on display anywhere in the US at this time?
Or is Tesla refraining from showing their prototypes until they have settled on a final design and show the first newly produced samples?

Brian H | 20 avril 2014

The latter.

toby_wan_kenoby | 20 avril 2014

Too bad, now that I hold a reservation I would not mind to have a look even though it is a work in progress. Just to get a sense of the dimensions and interior space etc....

Tâm | 25 avril 2014

Apple CoFounder Steve Wozniak Twitted on 04/23/2014 "Our new Tesla!"

ryan.luurtsema | 25 avril 2014


It was a prank.

Tâm | 30 avril 2014

The car is back in Hawthorne as of Wednesday, 04/30/2014.

toby_wan_kenoby | 1 mai 2014

Thanks. Is the car on display to the public?
Does one need to make an appointment to get into the car?
Is the a contact number to call to make an appointment if needed?

Lots of questions, I know. Thanks for help.

NumberOne | 1 mai 2014

@Tam Thanks for posting the pic. I am going to jump in front of my green screen immediately!

Tâm | 1 mai 2014

Hi Toby:


Yes. It's in the public lobby for every one to see.

Get into the car?

No. You can't get in the car. It's a mock up.


I don't have one. But you can call the generic number:

(888) 518-3752

toby_wan_kenoby | 1 mai 2014

Thanks Tam,

no point if one can not get in. I guess I have to wait some more. Now thinking about getting a little Roadster to bridge the time. Let see...