Model X size

Model X size

My husband is 6' 6" .... will he fit in the Model X????

NumberOne | 8 juillet 2014

He should, but of course you will be able to find out once the car is in galleries and stores. I am 6'3", and I know there that Elon is close to 6, and there are a couple of videos showing him in the car with more than sufficient headroom. Of course everyone is built a little differently, so the headroom may differ even for people of exactly the same height.

Red Sage ca us | 8 juillet 2014

If you take a look at the Model X Reveal Video, all the guys who get out of the prototype are at least 6'-0" tall or more. The opened Falcon Wing Doors are taller than them all... by a lot.

Franz von Holzhausen was driving. He is about 6'-3" at least. I think you'll fit fine.

jjs | 8 juillet 2014

I'm 6'4" and fit in the S fine. (With Pano). X should have 4-6" more headroom, based upon my estimate that the X will be about 8" taller. Don't expect all of that 8" to go to headroom. Some will go to higher seating which will make the X easier to get in/out of.

pseastrand | 8 juillet 2014

I found getting into the Model S to be difficult. I'm 6'2" but I'm longer in the torso that most, it was difficult to get my head in under the roof. Once I got in, there was plenty of headroom. I'm expecting the Model X to be much easier to get into and I'm anxiously waiting for a demo to show up at the nearest gallery.