MULTIPLE Teslas....One, Two, Three.....or More.

MULTIPLE Teslas....One, Two, Three.....or More.

I loved the thread started a while back about owners who had no problems (or minor ones) & shared their driving joys! In that spirit, nothing says confidence about a company more than owning several of their products. Let's see how many of you are out there? Roadster, Model S, Model X res....Gen 3......

We have a Red P85 Vin 9629. Pretty much my husbands car, and he still needs work on sharing. :-(. My DREAM is to reserve an X, but with tuition for 2 kids, my reality is that I'll be one of the FIRST ones to reserve a Gen 3!!


wfmartin1945 | 22 juin 2013

I am a widower (2011 was a brutal year). Realizing life is short, got myself a Red P-85, supposed to be a babe magnet. No girlfriends yet. Maybe I should let them drive too??

brandtlings | 22 juin 2013

Not more than a week after taking delivery on vin 6706 (P85), we started talking about how nice it would be if we could both drive it all the time instead of having to share. So we set a goal that when our investments reached a certain level we would order number two. Well, much to our surprise, (or maybe not) a longshot investment in some TSLA options returned enough to pay for the next Tesla! We'll be taking delivery on vin 13543 (P85+) on July 2! Easily as excited for the second time around!

We have had zero problems with #1, nothing but grins!


Getting Amped Again | 22 juin 2013 - sorry for your loss.

However, I need to correct you: it's Babe Electromagnet.

J.T. | 22 juin 2013

@Got Amped
Nice one.

AmpedRealtor | 22 juin 2013

Adopt me. Please!

JZ13 | 22 juin 2013

I sold an S to a friend of a co-worker over the phone 3 months ago. This guy is an 85 year old billionaire. He got the car and loves it so much he ordered 3 more. He wants a Tesla in each of his other homes. Awesome!!!!!

DouglasR | 22 juin 2013

I think Ann Romney has a couple of Teslas.

jonesxander | 22 juin 2013

Douglas, no way are you serious?

DouglasR | 22 juin 2013

:) Sorry, couldn't resist.

bradslee | 22 juin 2013

I took delivery of my 85 MS in Dec 2012 and went to a party at a friend's place in Silicon Valley in Feb 2013. A friend of us who has become a newly multi-millionaire in a big company acquisition just bought a brand new MB and showed it off at the party. I did not argue with him why my MS is far better than his MB but simply showed him my MS. Guess what? Within two months, he started to drive and show friends off his new MS instead of his still brand new MB.

Mark Z | 22 juin 2013

Over 9000 miles on the P85 Signature S. Looking forward to the day when Model X is added to the garage. The Orange County Register newspaper printed my comment on June 20th that sums up my Model S experience.

"It's not only the finest vehicle I have ever owned, but also the finest I've ever driven."

Mark K | 22 juin 2013

Second MS arrives in a couple months. Love the first one, especially the look with the 21" wheels and how fast it tops off with the twin chargers.

AmpedRealtor | 22 juin 2013

I heard Ann Romney's car elevator was the original inspiration for Elon Musk's battery swap tech...

bobinfla | 22 juin 2013

Got our P85 on Feb 9th to be my wife's daily drive. On about Feb 10th or so, realized that my car sucked in comparison. Now the happy owner of Founder's Series Roadster #19, jealousy all handled.

tobi_ger | 22 juin 2013

@AR: does Romney's elevator also work with brains? :)

pilotSteve | 22 juin 2013

@douglasr - (re Ann Romney). Is that what happens when you reverse an electromagnet? :)

davidcjones | 22 juin 2013

I love my Roadster. My wife loves her Model S. I'd get the SUV if I could afford it (can't!)

Can't say enough about the cars!

Brian H | 22 juin 2013

You should switch. I hear the Roadster is a guy magnet and the MS is a chick magnet. ;}

rdalcanto | 22 juin 2013

P85+ in the Garage. Model X deposit paid and reserved!

skymaster | 22 juin 2013

P85+ & non-performance in the garage. We are all FDH (fat,dumb and happy)!!!

bobinfla | 23 juin 2013

@BrianH: They are both SuperMagnets.

Dr. Pete | 27 avril 2015

P85D and S85 in our family. Both trouble-free and running beautifully!

Kunal | 28 avril 2015

P85 and P85D for us. Early adopters no regrets, love them both. While the P85 handles like a wide receiver, the P85D does so like a top running back, they are both fast and score, just go about it differently.

Kimscar | 28 avril 2015

Nice to be rich! Tesla's are expensive cars and multiple cars while saving for retirement etc means you're doing really good.
I have and own outright a P85 and love it. I am trying to figure out how I can get the new Roadster in 2020 but that is going to be a stretch.

drmikegraves | 28 avril 2015

Just got my P85D a month ago... Already put my deposit down on model X. I've had an Audi S8 with that big V10 and a Mercedes E550 with that big V8.. And the P85D is hands down the best and most fun.