MX ground clearance

MX ground clearance

Do we expect an MX to have the same ground clearance that an MS85D has, or will the MX have greater clearance?

In case context helps, I am thinking of Forest Service dirt roads. I am not thinking of things like off-road or unmaintained dirt roads -- I do not foresee the MX being suitable for either of those.

vandacca | 9 mars 2015

Get the "Smart Air Suspension" package and you can increase the ground clearance when you go off-road. It will remember your settings, so that it automatically sets it to your preference when you get to the same GPS co-ordinates.

timf2001 | 9 mars 2015

I can't imagine the standard ground clearance of Model X being as low as Model S. There should be at least 1-2" more just by the nature of being a crossover vehicle.

ian | 9 mars 2015

+1 tim - I expect the same. | 9 mars 2015

The MX will be built on the same chassis as the MS. If the design accommodates larger diameter wheels, that would increase ground clearance along with the optional suspension package. But with 19" wheels and coil suspension I expect it to be the same as the MS.

Red Sage ca us | 12 mars 2015

I rather hope that Tesla Motors allows a much larger range of height adjustment with the air suspension on Model X as compared to Model S. Something like the 8" to 9" difference that some Subaru products have offered in years past would be sufficient. But if it is four inches or less in adjustability, that would be very disappointing. In any case, the lowest setting will certainly have the lower edge of door panels below the wheel hubs. The highest setting should be well above them.