My Tesla Model X Configs

My Tesla Model X Configs

I placed my order on around August 15th, 2012., and my config email came 2 days ago:

Here is what the app looks like, and the options I signed up for:

I took just about every available upgrade:

I don't want anyone here stealing my color combos! :)

I can't wait!

dpetersen | 25 novembre 2015

I meant to ask: Would I be better off just switching to the Signature Edition? Is it possible to do this? I have been unable to open a support ticket with Tesla for a month now because the support modal just spends endlessly:

Tâm | 25 novembre 2015


1) Congratulations!

2) Signature: If you choose all options, including 72A (faster) on-board AC-DC charger, some said it's cheaper with Signature Series. Now, you have their phone and e-mail address on your e-mail, you can ask whether it's possible because it was closed a long time ago after it reached about 1,200 but there may be some cancellations and drop-offs so they may take you in.

3) By default, you would get a slower 48A on-board AC-DC charger. Call them up so they can show you the hidden menu so you can pay additional $1,000 for 72A (faster) on-board AC-DC charger.

Tâm | 25 novembre 2015
Tâm | 26 novembre 2015
carlk | 26 novembre 2015


Is the order you showed from sig or production reservation?

GLO | 26 novembre 2015

Sigs have been taken since we placed our order April 2014. We asked to be moved and could not.

elguapo | 26 novembre 2015

I too asked to be moved to the sig wait list a month ago and was told they aren't accepting anyone else - even if some people drop off.

DarthB | 28 novembre 2015

Wow thanks for posting the screenshot of the email and config screens. Congrats! | 29 novembre 2015

I was put on the Sig waiting list about 5 months ago. No one has told me that I have been removed or that there are no more Sig. Models available. But that may very well be the case.