Need a favour from owners of 60

Need a favour from owners of 60

Hi ! I need a favour from owners

I need a picture of the range in KM ( not miles) at max of standard mode charging. I do believe it is changeable.

Also, anyone insane enough to send the Tesla Brochure to Singapore ?

Many thanks.

ramtaz | 25 juin 2013

I bumped into a buyer who is trying to ship his Model S to LAOS?

JDPink | 25 juin 2013

I don't have the picture but over the weekend I fully charged my 60 kWH MS for a mini roadtrip. It charged to 205 miles (rated miles not ideal) which per Google translates to 329.9 kilometers.
As for the brochures, ever time I go into the store here they tell me that they are on back order but if they come in, I'd be more that happy to send one.

carlf9121 | 25 juin 2013

I'll be in Singapore & several other Asian countries later part of Jul for business so I can distribute some brochures then. Any specific business or person in Singapore you had in mind for the brochures?

nickatcammar | 25 juin 2013

i run my 60 kw for 8000km and i have 300km of range in standard charge and i dont have difficulty to do this

JAFIC | 26 juin 2013

@carlf9121 Thanks for responding. Let's work out postal stuff at the following email address.

pheliosstar "at" (notcold)


We can meet. In Singapore.

And yes, Tesla (or its Representatives/agents/dealers) did try to sell roadsters in Singapore before but it was shot down after the LTA (think of it as the local Dept of Motor Vehicles) denied Tesla a special license. So yeah, given how normal Prius costs over 100k over here, so no one bought it. I'm trying for a Model S here. Long shot, I know but I want to try.

JAFIC | 4 juillet 2013

So eh, any word on it ?