New Blog Post By GeorgeB - Changes Coming

New Blog Post By GeorgeB - Changes Coming

Slindell | 12 juillet 2012

Under-shelf: yes. Carbon-fiber unders: no.

Still waiting for pictures with front license plates...

pbrulott | 12 juillet 2012

Under shelf is at good start. need small door storage please.

Sorry for those who had picked the Carbon fiber. I personnally don't care.

Also glad that TM improves the car as we go. by the time it gets to me, will likely be enough changes to call it 2.0

ddruz | 12 juillet 2012

The under shelf is a welcome step in the right direction. However, it does not address the need for CONCEALED storage in reach of the driver. Like the "open console" area items in the under shelf are completely exposed and visible to potential thieves. Perhaps they can make a door on the under shelf an option.

Brian H | 12 juillet 2012

There are no thieves in Fremont, so they didn't consider the issue important.

walla2 | 12 juillet 2012

Black sig performance is looking like a production non performance more and more.

stevenmaifert | 12 juillet 2012

"The carbon fiber rear spoiler has shown no signs of wear". Yes, but nobody has rolled the car yet to see how it holds up. Geez!

Teoatawki | 12 juillet 2012

If I drive wearing a Tesla shirt, I'll need that shelf for my phone while driving, since the shirts have no pockets. Seems like a good place to keep my sunglasses, just in case the sun comes out in Seattle. KIDDING! The day was beautiful last Friday for my test drive, and it was a very sunny day today. Nobody's going to break into my car for my sunglasses, and my phone goes with me when I leave the car. I'm not worried in the least that shelf is open.

gjunky | 13 juillet 2012

The only issue with that shelf is that is across from where the USB ports are. We need ports in front where the little shelf is so that you can charge your phone. I love the shelf to hold my phone while driving. Now we just need a couple USB ports there

EdG | 13 juillet 2012

Maybe for the inductive charging fans some electrical connection can be made to the bottom of the shelf so those who charge their phones inductively can just toss it in there.

mdennick | 13 juillet 2012

I like the shelf. Thank you TM.

+1 on the door storage. It seems they could have concealable storage, they're so thick (assuming speakers can be delt with). But who knows what else is in there?!i=1937720462&k=p9phkBp&l...

Epley | 13 juillet 2012

Am I missing something? Isn't there concealed storage in the unit between the seats where the cup holders are located?

Volker.Berlin | 13 juillet 2012

epley, yes and no. There are the cup holders and they can be concealed (by sliding the armrests forward). Not more, not less.

EdG | 13 juillet 2012

And ventilation goes through there to the back seats.

Schlermie | 13 juillet 2012


If you watch the video of the Model S Delivery Ceremony, you can see a front license plate mount at around 00:44 (and throughout the video).

Slindell | 13 juillet 2012

Thanks, Schlermie. I have seen what's in that video, but I've snot seen any official imagery. Of course, we haven't seen "offical" images of the under-shelf either...

vouteb | 13 juillet 2012

I am all for door pockets and some ertical storage (with doors) under the cubby but open floor space....

TikiMan | 13 juillet 2012

I might be incorrect, however, when I test-drove the car in LA, I placed my in the new storage shelf, and it goes fairly far back. Thus, it will be dificult for a thief to see what is in there from a locked S with tinted windows.

Otherwise, I never suggest leaving anything of value in your car when you valet (personally, I always avoid anything that requires I valet, I wouldn't trust some random stranger to take care of my home when I am not around, so why would I trust a stranger to take care of my car?)

Eitherway, I am really looking forward to more 'oportunity console' designs with actual secure storage next to power, USB, and iPod connectors, and maybe an extra cup-holder (or two) closer to the center, so I can still use the arm-rest, and access my water or coffee.

Regarding the front undercarriage carbon-fiber piece... I am glad they noticed what is happening to it, and are making quick changes. This area will always receive more damage, as will the front in general. I opted for the front 3M paint protection to help reduce the chipping problem. Personally, I would not used carbon-fiber on the undercarriage, but rather a solid hard plastic. I would have much rather seen the carbon-fiber placed higher up in the front lip, so it would make the peformance look more exclusive. It would have also been cool, if they had added the option of a solid carbon-fiber roof for Performance versions (which would have lightened the car by a few more lbs, and increased it's 0-60 time).

Either way, I am glad these test-drives are making for the perfect beta-test / real-world test!

dahtye | 13 juillet 2012

Echo TikiMan....

And I really don't like the positioning of the front cup holders - this was brought up on other threads as well. It hits right where my elbow wants to sit during relaxed driving. It also requires me to reach almost behind me to get the cup (I'm 5'6", so the seat will likely be pushed further forward, making getting to the cup even more awkward. The prospect of having cup holders in the cavern beneath the 17" display is hopeful. But then the old cup holders are just a waste of space and could be better used for closed storage (echoing other comments on other threads).

Brian H | 13 juillet 2012

Not a true full duration high mileage beta test, but the mass exposure plus intensive "high-jinking" does a fair job of bringing out a certain class of flaws. Kudos to Tesla for "milking" that for all it's worth!

JoeFee | 13 juillet 2012

Not at all happy with the removal of the CF ……

sandman | 14 juillet 2012

thanks for adding the new Amped test drive sites Tesla! Your fans will prove you made a good decision