New Model X reservations delivery now fall 2015

New Model X reservations delivery now fall 2015

When I reserved mine it said summer 2015.

NumberOne | 28 mai 2014

That is great, and does not indicate a delay but rather that the website is updated per delivery estimates.

When I reserved mine, the expected delivery date range was fall of 2013, and in my case that has changed twice, first to fall 2014 and then to spring 2015. Consider that Model X production numbers will be no more than 2,400 monthly for the first 6 months or so, and likely deliveries of production models will not begin until March or April. Technically September is considered fall. So if deliveries start in March the total deliveries for the period ending in August will be around 14,400, which is in line with current worldwide reservations excluding China.

TechGuy | 29 mai 2014

Agreed! I'm hopeful that they continue to keep with the current schedule. :)

PeterGu | 29 mai 2014

Looking forward... | 30 mai 2014

At age 77 with over 9,000 ahead of me in line I hope they don't slip the schedule again but I expect maybe one more slip. Falcon wing doors are a big mechanical design challenge. All wheel drive software might be complicated. I'm hoping for a software option to enable front wheel drive only for more economy in appropriate conditions.

Red Sage ca us | 30 mai 2014

George: I turn 47 in July, and I'm shooting to reach at least 150. From my perspective, you've only just reached middle age. Hang in there! ;-) | 30 mai 2014

Be careful what you wish for....
I'm planning to live long enough to wear out the first battery pack in my X and to have it replaced with a better version with carbon electrodes.
By that time I may be restricted to driving around the parking lot of a nursing home and will thus have no range limit concerns...
Tesla makes driving fun again, kind of like whizzing past horse-drawn carriages in a Model T to jeers of "get a horse". Now where did I put that gas-powered buggy whip?
Did you notice that people are calling the 3rd gen. Tesla Model E?
I guess that would give them Models S, E, and X. Would the fourth gen. model have to be Y?

oragne lovre | 30 mai 2014


Age is the state of mind, not of body. With your hilarious thinking, you are under 60 :)

Brian H | 31 mai 2014

Volkerize the 'Model E'; TM was challenged by Ford ("E Series") and has dropped the tm claim on it. Nobuddy nose what name will be substituted. | 5 juin 2014

Let's all write Ford and ask them to let Tesla use Model E.
Otherwise TM will use Model T, the copyright for which has long since expired.
Then gen 4 can be Model Y, giving Tesla Models S, T, Y, and X and Ford can go to Hell.

vandacca | 6 juin 2014

At the annual share-holder's meeting earlier this week, Elon indicated that he had a pretty good substitute name for the "Model-E" and didn't want to tip his hand until he got the trademark. We will have to wait to see. In my opinion, I think he is going for the Model-N. That way they can have models (in reverse order): N-X-S.


Lubdub | 6 juin 2014

Sorry I don't get it
someone please explain

Red Sage ca us | 6 juin 2014

"I'll give you what you need... I'll give you what you need... Yeah!" -- INXS

vandacca | 6 juin 2014
Laryrob | 27 juin 2014

Unfortunately those of us in WA state lose the sales tax exemption in June of 2015; so if production is delayed it's a big hit-10% +!

NumberOne | 27 juin 2014

If Tesla starts production deliveries in April, and you do not have your car by June you know that you should have reserved your car earlier!

When I reserved mine, the projected deliveries were Fall of 2013, which I thought was a long time, and when they announced the delay, it took me a while to collect myself, but the extra wait time has given me a lot of time to think about exactly what I want, but more importantly it has also given Tesla an opportunity to iron out any kinks, and make it an even better initial release than the Model S, which is superb.