New options for Europe

New options for Europe

In advance of the first European Model S deliveries, we are excited to announce the release of some new vehicle option packages designed to optimize multiple aspects of the ownership experience and vehicle performance. Below are details of each newly available option, any of which can be easily added a-la-carte to your existing booking, if not already included:

Cold Weather Package: Stay warmer as the weather gets colder with new heated second-row seats, heater windshield wiper nozzles & cowl, improved defrost grill, and an upgraded battery coolant heater to improve vehicle performance and range in cold climates.

Park Assist: New front and rear-mounted bumper sensors measure the distance between Model S and other objects, making navigating tight spaces much easier and more comfortable. Audible and visual feedback will be communicated clearly on the instrument panel.

Lighting Package (included standard on Signature Series): In order to improve both utility and ambience in your car, this package is designed to improve your visibility in and around the vehicle, and includes additional lighting in the footwells, door jams, door panels, and storage areas.

Security Package: In addition to the standard security features, overhead intrusion sensors and battery-backed alarm sirens are now available.
Performance Plus: This re-tuned suspension adds a very comfortable, yet firm ride that helps to transform Model S into a true driver’s car. Delay between driver input and steering response is reduced through optimized dampers and bushings, helping you to unleash the maximum potential of Model S Performance.

At this point in time, the new options are not yet available for selection in the online configurator, so our Product Specialists are standing by to answer all your questions about product details and pricing and/or update your configuration and paperwork if you’d like to upgrade your vehicle with the new selections. In order to add any new options to your configuration without delaying your vehicle’s production timing, all updates must be submitted no later than Monday, April 15, so please reach out to our Product Specialist team as soon as possible to specify your preferences.

gianni.terragni | 9 avril 2013

I like it:
Park Assist: New front and rear-mounted bumper sensors measure the distance between Model S and other objects, making navigating tight spaces much easier and more comfortable. Audible and visual feedback will be communicated clearly on the instrument panel.

Benz | 9 avril 2013

Only for Europe?

Can American customers also have/choose these options on their Tesla Model S?

Runar | 9 avril 2013

How have this info been distributed? I have finalized my EU P82, but not recieved any email or info about this.

Its not on the blog or Tesla part of this forum either?

loco | 9 avril 2013

It came in an e-mail. I also finalized mine some time ago.

It all seems a bit chaotic. No prices given. Also I wander if sport plus suspension is a modification of the air suspension.

Contact for enquiries is:

jeroens | 9 avril 2013

Just received the mail as well. Very cool, great news!

Runar | 9 avril 2013

I'd very much like the performance plus, but not now.;-)

Hopefully this can be bought later, when I have the cash to upgrade Model S Perf in a few years.;-)

jeroens | 9 avril 2013

@Runar, yes it can be retrofit...

Runar | 9 avril 2013

@jeroens Excellent!! :-) Then my wife might not have to kill me after all.. I would have had a hard time, not to orders this now if that was the only option. (dont tell Tesla)

cdabel114 | 9 avril 2013

Never seen a company so responsive to its customers. In awe.

Runar | 9 avril 2013

I was told on phone that perf plus could not be retro fitted. Not sure what to belive now.

pbp | 9 avril 2013

What about seat wear at front and rear seats. Any improvements to protect the seats?

stotzman | 9 avril 2013

Cold Weather Package: new heated second-row seats, heater windshield wiper nozzles & cowl, improved defrost grill, and an upgraded battery coolant.

Sounds good! I'll need heated windshield and defrost grill about 2 months a year.

"Park Assist: front and rear-mounted bumper sensors"

YES!!!! If you could use these while driving so you can't hit a suddenly braking car...

"Lighting Package: includes additional lighting in the footwells, door jams, door panels, and storage areas."

Don't know If I need this. Probably nice.

"Security Package: overhead intrusion sensors."

Not sure how this works. Alarm signal when I let the windows open?

Runar | 9 avril 2013

I dont think its heated windshield, but heated wiper nozles. Says so at least in the Norwegian email

CarstenM | 9 avril 2013

Any idea in how far the Lighting Package is different from the additional lighting which comes as part of the Tech Package?

jeroens | 9 avril 2013

@Runar, 2 emails from Tesla EU which says it can be retrofitted. also in several posts on here and teslamotorclub…

Hi Jeroen,
I have an update on the performance plus package, we do now have the pricing available, which will be 6.600€ incl. tax in the Netherlands.

Furthermore the option is available as a retrofit to customers that have already configured as well | 9 avril 2013

@loco - The performance Plus option was added (at least in the US) as an option around March 31, 2013. It's a $6500 option. It appears in the Model S options and pricing section.

@stotzman - the park assist as I understand it does not brake for you. It is just a warning when you get close to a wall or object (usually within 3 feet) to assist with parking. Still a very desirable feature.

The lighting package sounds like they may have moved these features from the standard (at least in the US/Canada) to be an extra option. Since Euro pricing is entirely different, there is nothing wrong with this - perhaps makes the base price lower. I love the lighting, so it's worth considering if reasonably priced.

loco | 9 avril 2013

The price list is as follows excluding VAT:

Performance Plus 5.475
Cold Weather Package 1275
Security Package 375
Lightning Package 375
Parking sensors 450
Delivery preparation and Coordination Fee 370

elguapo | 9 avril 2013

Anyone called Tesla in the US to see what pricing/timing is for these options on US cars? I am about to take delivery in the US and sure would like the parking sensors without having to get retrofitted.

booman | 9 avril 2013

I called the US reservation/build folks - no one knows about the features. I didn't mention i heard it here (or that emails were sent to EU) but the folks on the forum said that if you heard it on the forum it's probably a rumor :)

vouteb | 9 avril 2013


Parking sensors!

Was my No.1 gripe!

Well done, Tesla

carlk | 9 avril 2013

Cool but where is the electrical folding side mirrors?

patrickclaerhout | 9 avril 2013

Its a pity that there is no news from the electronically foldable mirror-front. Or is there?

muller | 9 avril 2013

This is very good news indeed! The parking sensors will be working overtime here in Danish parking spaces :-)

Brian H | 9 avril 2013

retro-modification of a confirmed order is very different from retrofit to a delivered car. One is software, the other is hardware!

Brian H | 9 avril 2013

That would be lighting package. The Model S neither uses nor emits lightning. >;p

Yme | 9 avril 2013 its rumored to move nearly as fast as lightning though...

loco | 9 avril 2013

@Brian H
Just a copy-paste of Tesla rep. He also didn't state what currency it is, but I'm guessing EUR.

torst1 | 9 avril 2013

This is great. Well more then great it is fantastically amazing.
Sensors, cold weather heck I might go for it all. The last E-class I had I got something they called ambient light package and it made it so nice. So I guess the light package is a must as well. Great for the boys to get some nice toys. And good for Tesla as well, now they can improve their bottom line as well.

So Tesla, how about ventilated seats and an AWD MS while your at it?

Jackie425 | 10 avril 2013

@loco: Delivery preparation and Coordination Fee 370

Do you know what is that for ?
I ask as it wasn't mentioned in the e-mail I received.

MagnusHamnesSalbu | 10 avril 2013

Norwegian prices for new options are:

- Cold Weather Package NOK 8,500
- Security Package NOK 2,300
- Lighting Package NOK 2,300
- Parking Sensors NOK 2,850

ken | 10 avril 2013

Danish prices for the options are:

- Performance Plus package DKK 50.600
- Cold Weather Package DKK 11.700
- Security Package DKK 3.150
- Lighting Package DKK 3.150 ( Guess af it is included with my Sig Perf and not stated in my e-mail from Tesla UK.)
- Parking Sensors DKK 3.900

pbp | 10 avril 2013


I have reserved a performance model with the performance package. Is the 20K difference only for the re-tuned suspension?

Where did you get the info?

MichelF | 10 avril 2013

I already paid for the 21" when I ordered the Signature Performance and now I would pay for them again when I order the Performance Plus option. Makes no sense to me!

Norbert.Vienna | 10 avril 2013

@MichelF there are reports form US reservation holders the ask Tesla for a price reduction and got $3300.- so good luck

MichelF | 10 avril 2013

@Norbert.Vienna I'm afraid these reports are not correct. Would be a more logical price though.

Norbert.Vienna | 10 avril 2013
ken | 10 avril 2013


Please have a look at the below thread to see whats included in the performance plus package:

Prices has been mailed by to me this morning. I requested prices for the package as I received the info on new options late last night and immediately replied Tesla to have a confimation on the prices before ordering.

After receiving the pricing this morning, I asked the delivery specialist in UK to add the Security package, Winter package and parking sensors to my Model S - light package already included in Signature package.

Now just waiting for the factory to begin build! and then ship to Europe..

MichelF | 11 avril 2013

@Norbert.Vienna the thread has the same conclusion sofar. Have to decide by tomorrow but price is still 6.600 euro.

Norbert.Vienna | 11 avril 2013

@MichelF sorry it seems to be so as you wrote

jeroens | 11 avril 2013

@MichelF: Be patient, should change shortly … (but with the deadline of monday they hurry)

NielsChr | 11 avril 2013

I love it, heated 2' row Seats and factory mounted sensors. Just what I want. Great news
I will have to look into the lighting pack, i thought it was part of the tech pack.

jeroens | 12 avril 2013

Spoke with a very nice person from the UK this afternoon who was following up on my email 'exchange' with Elon and the short story is, the USA configurator is wrong and will be updated.

You need to order 21' rims to have the Performance Plus option. They apologize for the mistake and explained how this came about and although I'm sure others won't be, I'm happy with the answer/call.

So you do not pay double and the only question you need to answer is are you willing to pay $6,500 (EUR 6,600) for the suspension and the wider rear rims and tires.

oyvindhindhaug | 12 avril 2013

I must say the Perf+ package looks like a severely overpriced option. Unless I have missed something...
Have been asking for a spec sheet and/or technical details, pictures, technical drawings or anything that can describe this package in order to see exactly what I'm paying for, but there do not seem to exsist anything.
All I got was this description:

The Performance Plus suspension tune was developed with the driver in mind. The re-tuned dampers add a very comfortable, yet firm ride that help to transform the Model S into a driver's car. The dampers work with an updated rear suspension, which boasts an array of new bushings that increase the lateral stiffness and help to spice up the back of the car without compromising comfort. The steering response comes as a direct effect of the dampers and bushings, reducing the delay between the driver input and the vehicle response. This brings you more in tune to your Tesla, and the road beneath it. To tie your Model S Performance Plus to the road, the 21" wheels are wrapped in larger Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires on the rear, which helps the driver unleash what the Model S Performance Plus is truly capable of; precision handling that allows the driver to maintain a desired trajectory without any correction.

Below is a list of upgraded components and how they help to create the Model S Performance Plus:

Stabilizer Bars - In a typical "performance car", large stabilizer bars can corrupt the steering and degrade the ride; but not in Model S Performance Plus. Thanks to our low center of gravity, we have increased the stabilizer bar size front and rear without the negative side effects, allowing greater body control and more predictable handling.

Damping - Tesla's philosophy on damping is to maintain good handling behavior with good control, while also adhering to a supple ride. The damping characteristics available on the Performance Plus help to bring feedback from the road to the driver to enhance your driving experience, but still manages to encompass road undulations with ease.

Bushings - Tesla focused their attention on increasing lateral stiffness at the rear suspension to improve steering and overall vehicle response. This has been achieved by new and improved compliance characteristics throughout the suspension, thus allowing the springs and dampers to work more efficiently.

Tyres - Performance Plus sports tyres on a wider rear wheel, which allows its higher performance threshold to take advantage of the improved lateral stiffness of the car.

jeroens | 13 avril 2013

Elon stated:
pretty expensive, but very worthwhile. Probably the best upgrade since Model S start of production.

so how can I say no to this option now… :)

sethvandermeer | 13 avril 2013


"so how can I say no to this option now… :)"

You can't, you owe him! :-)

I have contemplated going for the full works, but 100.000 euro's is a magical marker for me. I know I can easily finance the extra 15k or so, but I have to draw a line somewhere.I'll be happy to test drive yours :-)

Jewsh | 13 avril 2013

Fmylife. Just got my 'S but wish I could've selected this option for cold Canadian winters. I see it can be retrofitted though... I wonder for how much.

jack | 20 avril 2013

Hi all,

Just received my email to order my S (RSN P811) and I took a look through the price list.
I was one of the people begging for Parking Sensors, but there is a catch......
Although the price of € 450,- ex VAT is very reasonable, the fact that you can only order them together with the Tech Package is not.....
Now I am used to prereq features on BMW and Mercedes, but then they always make sense.
This one is a mystery to me, since I can not relate any of the features in the Tech Package to the Parking Sensors.

Well: calling Tesla next thing Monday.....

Ciao; Jack (the Netherlands)

valem88 | 24 mai 2013

I asked this in another thread that I started recently, but maybe it will be more relevant here..

Anyone has any info about the "upgraded battery coolant" in the cold winter package? What are exactly the advantages ? It is supposed to increase range?

Brian H | 25 mai 2013


krissu | 25 mai 2013

On the European pricelist there are some updates. Cold weather package, the battery heating and improved windshield defroster seem to be standard and package itself looks pricy for what you get. Data about radio and charging is also updated.