New Tesla Store / Charger Station - Lawrence Ave E?

New Tesla Store / Charger Station - Lawrence Ave E?

I just noticed that there is a new Tesla sign being put up near the old supercar dealership at Lawrence Ave East and Don Valley Parkway!!

I saw the sign being put up yesterday but did not have a chance to pull over to inquire.

Is this a new dealership or charging station? I will be checking in tomorrow for some updates!

Location: Between Railside Rd and Don Valley Parkway on Lawrence Ave East.


Brian H | 23 octobre 2013

Used to live right next door. Great location.

negarholger | 23 octobre 2013

Where is "Lawrence Ave East and Don Valley Parkway" ? ( Mars ? )

Roamer@AZ USA | 23 octobre 2013

@Kleist, I am pretty excited also, I just need to know where Lawrence Ave is to get more excited.

Darko | 23 octobre 2013


Darko | 23 octobre 2013


Brian H | 24 octobre 2013

Trawna. (Natives' pronunciation).

t7n7 | 24 octobre 2013

1325 Lawrence Ave E
Toronto, ON, M3A 1C6

Very large, great location and it's a 2 minute drive from my wife's dealership (Parkview BMW)

Life just got a tad more convenient.


I will attach some photos when I get a chance!

Brian H | 24 octobre 2013

Premises currently occupied by a Ducati dealership, according to the Google Map street view!

t7n7 | 29 octobre 2013
t7n7 | 29 octobre 2013 any edit options?

Brian H | 29 octobre 2013

BBCode doesn't work here. Use HTML:

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where the URL is the rt-click "Copy Image Location" on a hosting website. Flickr and some others have special code they want you to use instead.

Brian H | 29 octobre 2013

Urk. I reversed the caret display:
<src="URL" width="600">

Brian H | 29 octobre 2013

Still incorrect.
<img src="URL" width="600">

RAM_Eh | 12 novembre 2013

Met My delivery rep there today and had a quick tour. Impressive location. This location will have a show room for sales as well as delivery and service.

I suggested it would be a great location for a supercharger location and he agrees.

The location will be open very soon as they are now finished construction and just waiting a business licence which should happen any day now.

dkingsland | 13 novembre 2013

I'm taking delivery December 2 and I was told to come to this location to pick up my car.

Jewsh | 13 novembre 2013

Awesome. My wife and I will surely attend the showroom and check it out.

fil | 27 Janvier 2015

The location is an old Harley Davidson Store location. It has a full line of cars, accessories, and service.

mysimplename | 29 Janvier 2015

Where is "Lawrence Ave East and Don Valley Parkway" ? ( Mars ? )

It is in the "Centre of the universe". Everybody knows that to be Toronto right?
Come on, of course you do! LOL!

Brian H | 29 Janvier 2015

Yeah, lived a few blocks away for years.

Adding ", Tor." would be too much work. Laziness is infinite.