NEW VIN THREAD: Please post your newly assigned VINs here

NEW VIN THREAD: Please post your newly assigned VINs here


The new VIN tracking thread is here: NEW BUYERS: Please post your VIN here

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- Craig

cfOH | 20 octobre 2013

Any new VINs to report?

jeffsstuff | 20 octobre 2013

October 19, 2013
Delivery scheduled for Mid December.

Brian H | 20 octobre 2013

Your KEY text ends mid-sentence. "the last 1 month's worth of "

cfOH | 20 octobre 2013

Send me $10, BrianH, and I'll tell you how that sentence ends. ;-)

Brian H | 21 octobre 2013

I'm guessing "data". But just on general principles.

C Bretaud | 21 octobre 2013

European orders are very different from US...
My VIN (19943) I got mid august, is not in production yet. I will probably get my car after Jeffstuff (26148). I hope this year but now I have a doubt. Tesla seems to have trouble with delivery in Europe (EU).

Benz | 21 octobre 2013

@C Bretaud

There is no trouble with delivery in Europe (EU).

It's just a matter of setting the priorities right and playing the game in such a manner that they can present/report favourable figures during the several earnings calls.

And we have to take into account that they are currently in a "producion constrained" situation, as a result of that some suppliers are not able to ramp up their own production in order to deliver a higher number of parts that they are producing. And Tesla Motors cannot deliver a Model S when a certain part is missing on the car, you know.

When this "producion constrained" situation will have been solved (Q2 2014?), then they can steadily ramp up production to a much higher level. Meaning that they can really seek the depth of the demand of the Model S. That's going to be a very interesting search with very interesting results. My prediction? How about a total of 50,000 Model S vehicles sold in 2014?

Fredlambert | 21 octobre 2013


bonaire | 21 octobre 2013

Benz, in a recent video interview, EM said that their only supply constraint is from one vendor and (I assume it is Panasonic) that they were working on fixing that.

cfOH | 21 octobre 2013

Given that Tesla just signed a secondary battery supply contract with Samsung, I assume battery supply won't be an issue until multiple models are being produced simultaneously, so we should be good to go for another year or two. But that's not nearly enough lead time to get a few battery factories built and operational to support the kind of volumes that they're predicting for Gen-III. Makes me wonder a little if that new parcel of land Tesla just secured adjacent to the Fremont factory is going to be a battery production facility.

Brian H | 21 octobre 2013

OT, guys. This is the VIN posting thread!

Fredlambert | 21 octobre 2013

And there’s no VIN, might as well small talk and since we are Tesla enthusiasts our small talk consist of battery technologies.

CHL | 21 octobre 2013

October 07- 2013

cfOH | 21 octobre 2013

Chart updated, but we haven't had any new VINs posted in 3 days. Please, new Tesla customers, post your newly issued VINs and the date you received them. Thanks.

p.s., We might have exhausted this thread. I will start a new one later this week to get the post count back down to something new visitors might consider actually reading.

WayneH | 21 octobre 2013

@Craig "Chart updated, but we haven't had any new VINs posted in 3 days."
I noticed this one from yesterday
jeffsstuff | October 20, 2013
October 19, 2013
Delivery scheduled for Mid December.

Brian H | 21 octobre 2013

What would discourage people from reading a thread with a high post count? I imagine the problem is letting new owners even know the Forum exists.

Let all the people you give test drives know it's here. A Forum user who later buys is more likely to post here immediately.

jackhub | 21 octobre 2013

@ Brian,
I believe the issue is that I must go to the 14th page to read your comment! It isn't so much the high number of vins, it is the high number of pages. Yes, I know I can go to the last page and scroll up, missing all of the action in between, but to some, why bother? If there are only a few pages it may not be so intimidating to the 'newbies.'

bgrummy | 21 octobre 2013

24876 October 1, 2013. Confirmed September 22, 2013

amptsup | 21 octobre 2013

26414. Confirmed 10/3/13. VIN assigned 10/21/13. Requested December delivery.

spasam | 21 octobre 2013

26556. Confirmed 10/14/13. VIN assigned 10/21/13. December delivery.

Benz | 22 octobre 2013

Post more VIN's please.

ggbjr | 22 octobre 2013

26610 issued 10/22.

robby81 | 22 octobre 2013

Does anyone know roughly the proportion of 60s to 85s sold??

Half Dollar Bill | 22 octobre 2013

26335 issued 10/22.

Fredlambert | 22 octobre 2013


There is no known way to figure the proportion from the VIN, but I agree it would be an interesting information. You should start a thread, I couldn’t find anything on

Thanks for the surge of VIN posting everyone. Keep them coming.

dkw_junior | 22 octobre 2013


Fredlambert | 22 octobre 2013


OCTesla | 22 octobre 2013

26439 issued 10/22/13.

gwstephens | 22 octobre 2013

p07699 October 10 2013

Fredlambert | 22 octobre 2013


Your post doesn't match a VIN sequence.

staze | 22 octobre 2013

VIN 26234 assigned 10/22 (today). Looks like a group of VIN's were released today. Exactly 3 weeks after finalizing on 10/2. No update on production or delivery though. When I finalized it was "Late November", a week later it changed to December and remains the same to date.

prestoncolvin | 22 octobre 2013

26542 - 10/22

cfOH | 22 octobre 2013

Chart updated.

I'm not convinced that we have enough data points for the past week or so to draw a solid conclusion, but preliminary interpretation is that the fire potentially caused a significant reduction in the number of VINs issued since then. But, as I said, that should not be taken as a fact, but as a possibility, since the rates seem to suggest a slowdown in VIN issuance. Had the data suggested status quo, I wouldn't have positively concluded the opposite, but would've leaned in that direction until further data are reported.

With all that hedging, maybe I should be taking over the Fed. ;-)

odellj | 22 octobre 2013

26383 - 10/23

Jamon | 22 octobre 2013

@Fredlambert, @robby81:
If you had the full VIN numbers you could know the proportion of 60s to 85s. The indicator is the 8th digit of the VIN: G=S60, N=S85, P=P85. However, people only tend to report digits 12-17 of the VIN here.

More info on VIN decoding at TMC:

yodasminion | 22 octobre 2013

26257, just got it a few hours ago:-)

AlMc | 23 octobre 2013

Thanks, and congratulations 'yoda'.

Fredlambert | 23 octobre 2013


Out4aDuck | 23 octobre 2013

I think that with VIN assignment rates in excess of 700/wk, Tesla was simply scheduling cars from the EU backlog. I think the actual build rate is closer to 600/wk. Over time, the two rates have to be the same, so we are seeing an apparent slowdown now. Nothing to be alarmed about.

richardL | 23 octobre 2013

' Nothing to be alarmed about'

Unless, like me, you are waiting for that elusive VIN to finally show up! :)

Fredlambert | 23 octobre 2013

The fire having an impact isn't impossible.

jk2014 | 23 octobre 2013

' Nothing to be alarmed about' is accurate.

The next wave of buyers, the typical lux car buyer (non early adopter), wants to feel like they can "fuel up" anywhere, anytime, and fast. Just like their previous ICE car. The rapid supercharger network expansion will keep the sales growing proportionately. The new navigation update (noting everything you need to know about getting electrons at any point along your journey) will further help fuel sales.

Just have to continue getting the message out about the car. The car sells the car.

VIN count will continue to rise into the new year...

AlMc | 23 octobre 2013

More VINs please

AlMc | 24 octobre 2013

Please keep the chart relevant. Post your newly acquired VINs and the date you received it. Thanks

DallasTXModelS | 24 octobre 2013

24 OCT 2013


S 85

robatbeach | 24 octobre 2013

Last 5 of VIN: 26296
Date: 10/24/2013
so looking forward to it...have been following for a while...test drove earlier this year...finally made the plunge

thatbob | 24 octobre 2013



Hogfighter | 24 octobre 2013

I don't know why it took me so long to realize this, but everyone that posts here have just ordered their Model S! Congratulations to you all...I've blown through 16k miles in my P85, and still am amazed that this thing exists.

Again, congratulations!

DallasTXModelS | 24 octobre 2013


I actually confirmed quite awhile back but my reservation number has remained on my Dashboard until today when it was given a VIN number. Because I am scheduled to take delivery around Christmas I called my DS to make sure the VIN added today hadn't sped up tge build date or delivery date and she said that the VIN number is assigned a couple months early so that people working with third party financing and getting insurance quotes will have the VIN when the loan companies and insurance companies ask for it.

QtweetEV | 24 octobre 2013