The Night Time Beauty All Dressed Up

The Night Time Beauty All Dressed Up

Has anybody else turned on all the accent lighting, running lights, etc. in the car, walked away from it at night and looked back at how beautiful it is? If you haven't you are in for a real treat; she really dresses up nicely!

BYT | 22 Janvier 2013

I like to admire her lights as it reflects off the cars in front of me, once I have gotten over how pretty they are, I disappear into the cold dark night!

olanmills | 23 Janvier 2013

Yes, a few people I showed the car to at night were immediately impressed when the doors unlocked (and we were standing outside of the car), because of the way the interior lighting makes the car look so classy.

Brian H | 23 Janvier 2013

Betcha that was design-deliberate!

GeirT | 23 Janvier 2013

Picture for the mortals?