Non CA'ers Anyone get pulled over with just that little strip of paper?

Non CA'ers Anyone get pulled over with just that little strip of paper?

So I just taped that silly little CA temp registration tag on my back window, but
I feel there's no way that's going to prevent a cop from pulling me over. I know if I
do get pulled over, I'm good, but even getting pulled over is a hassle.

Anyone get pulled over, and you had to explain? What state are you in?

Tom (NC)

bfranks273 | 5 février 2013

Oh yeah, VA. We went to the police dept and asked. They said yeah its legal, but you will be pulled anyway. When pulled, hey what kind of car is this?? Its a Tesla, electric, explained briefly about the CA strip of paper, he did not even look at it and off we went.

jpeterman | 5 février 2013

MN. Just yesterday. Read the strip of paper and sent me on my way.

olanmills | 6 février 2013

Why would you get pulled over? Seems wierd. Temporary tags are very common when people buy new or even used cars from the dealer.

I see them all the time on all kinds of cars. I have had cops behind me several times, I have not been pulled over, nor have I been worried about it. I've never heard of cops pulling people over just because there was a temp tag and no plate (without any other sort of behavior that warrants suspicion). I'm in WA state.

I'm going to put my real plates on this weekend though. My temp tags expire on Sunday.

Theresa | 6 février 2013

olan, each state is different. In Iowa what you normally get is a cardboard that is the same size as a plate and actually can be put in the same place although most people just put it in the back window. It is very clearly marked with the expiration date (which is only 45 days not 90 as CA is) so you normally will not get stopped with that.

I was extremely surprised that I never got pulled over as the cops in one of the towns I frequent are known for being strict. And that piece of paper is very small. Plus the window is slanted so much that not much can be seen of it at all.

choots.humphries | 6 février 2013


In NC too (Cary) and fully expect to be pulled over (and then released) with that tiny strip in the window. NC police are used to the full size temp tags and would probably need to verify state (CA) and exp.

Ok with me for the extra hassle until I can put my permanent plates (YOOENSEE) on. I'm living the dream!

Chris DC | 6 février 2013

Speaking out of experience I can say that not all cops (ie Maryland) will accept the (legal) temporary CA registration and you might not be able to explain it. My advise is to get your permanent plate by all means.

skymaster | 6 février 2013

CA Temp Tags? Now I am really confused. I live in Colorado and would like to take a factory delivery.(And the tour) I then would have a great time Driving the car home with my family. I have read where other people looked into this and were told that they would have to pay CA sales tax to do this. If I am getting CA temp tags, I hope I can get the car right at the factory. I ASSumed I would get CO temp tags. Any thoughts?

Brian H | 6 février 2013

You're setting yourself up for serious expenses. CA allows no exceptions.

dqb | 8 février 2013

I keep expecting it, but no problems in MD. I just got my plates and will put on tomorrow but I drove for several weeks with the tiny paper without issue.

Brian H | 8 février 2013

Were you disappointed? ;)

dqb | 8 février 2013


Darmok | 8 février 2013

@Bsbomber we are taking delivery in Fremont and will drive back to Nevada. We pay Cali. tax but none here and will get temporary Cali registration, then register in Nevada at the DMV once we're home.

trydesky | 8 février 2013


I'm in Apex, hope to see you around town! 5 days on haven't been pulled over, but I haven't seen the police behind me either.