Only car is a Tesla

Only car is a Tesla

I took delivery of my Model S Aug 28 and just sold my G 35 last week. The MS is my one and only car. A lot of people here talk about their BMW, Maserati and other numerous cars compared to the MS. I can't afford a stable of cars. I was just wondering who else owns a Tesla as their only vehicle. FYI I live in LA and the car has served me well wherever I drive including out to Palm Springs.

DarrellH | 4 octobre 2013

We have had a Roadster (my car) and a Model S (wife's car) as our only cars for past year. We live in the SF Bay Area and have made 5 pleasurable trips with the S to SoCal. No need for a stable of ICE cars!

fuellss | 4 octobre 2013

Only car 98% of the time. Only use my Toyota FJ to pull our boat. If not for the boat - then would be our only car. Here in NorCal. Traveled multiple times to the bay area, LA and SD without any concerns. Best car every made - IMHO.

stephen.kamichik | 4 octobre 2013

Model S is my only car for nine months of the year. I use my 1999 BMW in the winter only.

JPPTM | 4 octobre 2013

My only car and my daily driver.

suchtforscher | 4 octobre 2013

We are going to sell our ICE as soon as the MS will be here. Our other vehicule is already an EV - it is a TWIKE (quite small, very cost-effective, two seats, only eight feet long, maximum speed about 85 km / 60 miles per hour), since 2001. Within six weeks our only remaining ICE will then be the lawn-mower ...

RanjitC | 4 octobre 2013

Trying desperately to get my wife to give up her gas guzzling SUV. Usually get the question "Then who will come pick you up when the battery runs out?"

jbunn | 4 octobre 2013

We got our Model S at the end of February. Moved to the Bay Area a month or two later. I sold my Explorer, and my wife sold her Volvo C70 convertible. It's our only car.

People that get all cranked up about range are spun up over nothing. I've driven the car as far north and as far south as LA, and I only have a 60. 200 miles is enough for 3 hours of driving, and I can charge in an hour for 3 more hours of driving. In reality, I'm never going to drive that far. I'll take a plane. Worst case, you can go to a discount car rental and get a nice car for 15 bucks a day.

In exchange, I average 1,000 per month, and my "fuel" costs an average of 28 bucks per month.

I can buy a lot of airplane tickets and car rentals for the money I save on two gas cars, insurance, fuel, and parking.

Brit.l.T | 4 octobre 2013

I just took delivery of two MS. One 60 and one P85. We are selling our Audi A4, but are keeping my mercedes slk350 Brabus and Audi Q7 for now. I like my little MB convertible but i rarely drive it (has less then 3k miles on it). The roadster doesn't do anything for me personally.

With our sever winters I just don't feel ready to make it primary. Its not there yet... especially with no AWD. We have Ice storms, 6" of random snow fall, and -15 bellow temps. TIme will tell though. I want to be gas less in the next 5-10 years.

DigitalSavant | 4 octobre 2013

My P85 has been my only car since Dec 21, 2012 and I couldn't be happier. I've even taken it on very enjoyable long-range road trips, and I look forward to many more. After 9 months and 13,000+ miles, I can't fathom why anyone would choose to waste their money on any gas-powered "luxury" car.

Prasad B | 4 octobre 2013

My S85 has been my only car since Feb 2013 - sold my Acura Integra right after getting my S85 - I had that for 21 years! My wife does have her ICE Nissan Altima. Have more than 9000 miles now on my Model S.

WattsThatGrin | 6 octobre 2013

Delivery of my P85+ will be Jan 2014 and I thought that I would sell my old toy, a mint 1992 BMW Z1. But my 10 year old son is all upset about it and wonders on what car he'll learn to drive à stick shift by the time he will be old enought to do so... my wife will drive here Model E by then hopefully! So the dust collector might stay :-))

ecarfan | 6 octobre 2013

Have an S85 on order and sold a Porsche to have the cash to buy it, will sell my wife's Prius when the Tesla is in our garage. Now thinking about selling my other Porsche and buying a Roadster. I do a lot of driving in my work, often over 100 miles a day, feel pretty confident than an S85 and a Roadster would meet my needs.

Actually they would more than meet my needs and the "fun factor" would be off the scale!