Ordered 21" wheels, received 19" wheels by accident

Ordered 21" wheels, received 19" wheels by accident

I got my car last Tuesday and it was delivered with the wrong wheels.

My car was delivered with the 19" wheels by accident. The 21" wheels will arrive soon. They apologized and said it happened as I changed my order in December upgraded to the 21's as I loved them so much.

Now to my own surprise I am loving the 19" wheels and never thought I would say that... hmmm my neighbor has the 21's so I see them every day but I am not sure I want them anymore.

The delivery specialist said they'll just use my 19's on a demo car once I get my 21's.

I am thinking of asking to keep the 19's.

Has anyone fell out of love with the 21's?

Hills | 18 février 2013

21" looks great, and for a person looking for pure performance, it is the way to go.
19" is cheaper, tires will last 2X longer or more, Wheels won't scratch as easily, probability of flat tire is less, range should be greater than 21" but no one has quantified.

TeslaLABlue | 18 février 2013

Yup now I am thinking about the better range. Everyone gets a scratch on wheels once in a while. Its just funny that I upgraded to 21's and now I feel completely satisfied with the 19's... perhaps its the Tesla grin that I've had since delivery last Tuesday.

cloroxbb | 18 février 2013

Personally, I am going to stick with the 19 inch wheels. I like the ride better in "normal" tires, Im not a fan of the ride feel in low profiles. You feel every bump a lot more.

bradslee | 18 février 2013

I love my 21 inch wheels for their dynamic look and powerful performance. Though the comments from this Forums on the pros and cons of the 21 inch wheels are correct, I still think that MS with 21 inch wheels exemplifies its true admiration.

eltonf | 18 février 2013

21 inch wheels are the way to go. I'm not very fond of the 19 inch wheels, but that's just me.

Pungoteague_Dave | 18 février 2013

The 19" and 21" wheels are the exact same outside circumference, but you get half the tire life with the 21's, they cost much more, have harsher ride, are more easilly damaged. The offset is that the 21's look great and handle better, not that most people would notice while saving range... Having had the low profile tires on prior MB's, Porsche's & BMW's, I would never go with the bigger wheels again. My 19's are fine. You may want to ask for a credit.

Superliner | 18 février 2013

Unless you plan on frequently driving on the bleeding edge of available lateral grip, Stick with the 19" The additional sidewall height = As posted above but most importantly "slightly" better range.

agiangone | 18 février 2013

I'd keep both and install winter tires on the 19s then switch at each season change.
Now if you live in Arizona or NY you may have to consider other factors...

GeekEV | 18 février 2013

@Hills - It's not obvious, but Tesla's own range calculator has an option to toggle between 19" and 21" wheels and it will show you the difference. Click the little circle at the back end of the car...

TeslaLABlue | 18 février 2013

I'm in Los Angeles so winter tires are not needed. I'll probably take possession of the 21's and see how it goes.

nickjhowe | 18 février 2013

Does anyone know if TM adjusts the rated range shown in the car depending on which wheels you have? The EPA 265 must be different with 21's, so therefore the rated range should be different.

Hills | 18 février 2013

I've only max charged twice, and got 268 rated miles each time. For standard charge I get either 241 or 242 miles. My wheels are 19", and Tesla would have to pay me to take the 21" wheels, but there is no right answer to the choice of wheels question.

nickjhowe | 18 février 2013

So looks like 'rated' is the same regardless what wheels the car has. I have 21's and I get 240/241 rated miles on a normal charge. Maybe something for the software enhancement list?

Hills | 18 février 2013

What rated miles do you get with max charge?
If there were a side by side cruise control 100 mile drive with identical conditions,we would know the difference.

nickjhowe | 18 février 2013

I've only done a max charge once, and it was something like 265 or 268.

nickjhowe | 18 février 2013

Hmm - maybe we need to go back and look at the TeslaRoadTrip info.

Hills | 18 février 2013

I have seen 242 multiple times on standard. If the difference is 0.5%, then other factors such as cost, aesthetics, and puncture trump range.

bradslee | 18 février 2013

I have the 21 inch wheels. I did one maximum charge once and received 271 rated range. Normally on my standard charging, I get the rated range between 234 and 242.

carlk | 24 février 2013

It's pure personal taste but imo one should get the 21" at least if you have the performance modle. Non-low profile tires just don't look right on a high performance car.

jbunn | 25 février 2013

I have the 19s, and find it has a pretty low profile anyway. I only wanted the 21s for the turbine.