Output Delays?

Output Delays?

I wonder how long this will affect production?

MandL | 26 septembre 2012

I can't help but hear a sneer every time they use the word hatchback. And the Tesla charging network "will allow Tesla drivers to charge their vehicles as they drive across California."

It is the Detroit News though. Anything not big three is foreign (which definitely includes California) and therefore worthy of scorn and cheaply made and/or overpriced.

jkirkebo | 26 septembre 2012

What's wrong with calling it what it is (a hatchback) ? Personally I would not buy a Model S if it were a sedan. Way too impractical.

Brian H | 26 septembre 2012

I see they're celebrating the UAW's recommended approval of a proposed contract with GM (which it now owns, courtesy of King O.)

Eventually (soon) the 'income must exceed outgo' rule will stomp GM again. Who will the UAW blame this time?

Steve841 | 26 septembre 2012

Don't worry ... there will be another bailout for the UAW and unions and pensions as the polls are swaying left...

Timo | 26 septembre 2012

Which direction is "left" in US? Same as G W Bush? Because it was Bush administration that did drive the US in that deep into .... that they eventually needed the bailouts to survive.

Sudre_ | 26 septembre 2012

I love how people with no clue do not know how those pensions were supposed to work. GM knew all long they had to pay those pensions. It's not like there was no contracted signed. I am sure the CEOs would have thrown a fit is they were denied their million dollar bonus that were in contracts with GM. But no lets just blame the company that agreed to pay the pensions because the workers. , . They are just low level morons. GM was making huge profits at one time on SUVs and they always chose to give millions in bonuses to management instead of invest a few cents for the pensions. I guess the workers actually building the vehicles had no part in the reason for profits.

In reality it was the mistakes of both. The UAW should have stuck with a traditional IRA where the company matches contributoon or some rather than trust a large company to honor a contract with a low morom worker.

prash.saka | 26 septembre 2012

@Sudre_ +1.

stevenmaifert | 26 septembre 2012

Looks like the paper doesn't know the difference between a Model S and a Roadster.

As for the hatchback thing, maybe it's guilt by association. Detroit has put out some great hatchbacks like the Pacer, the Gremlin, the Pinto and the Vega. Oh, and let's not forget the Prizim :)

mrspaghetti | 26 septembre 2012


I noticed the picture of the Roadster at the top of the article too. Tells you how much research they did - just grabbed the first image that came up from a google of "tesla".

Unfortunately I think that's the typical level of effort expended by journalists.

jbunn | 26 septembre 2012

+1 Sudre

StephenR and Brian H,

Pensions are not something you magicaly get when you retire. They are funds you contribute to during your time at the company, and the amount you take out is proportional to the amount you put in. But people don't get "free" pensions. They pay for them. And they do that by chosing to defer a portion of their immediate income to put into their retirement account.

Theresa | 26 septembre 2012

jbunn, Don't confuse pensions with defined contribution plans such as 401Ks. Pensions were a benefit given by companies similar to what your health insurance was before HMOs came around. They were a defined benefit plan. Contrasted with the current 401K system where employees do put a portion of their own funds into it. The risk of size of payout was transferred to the employee.

jbunn | 26 septembre 2012

I spent a number of years workign as a benefit technician for a huge state pension system. Our memebers are employees that pay 9.4% of their salary directy into their pension plan. Their employers also pay a fraction of the contributions as well. In this case 0.6%.

While all pension systems may not work the same, when an employee calculated the total compensation in salary, benefits, hour expecations, work location, type of work ect, it's factored into it. Many people accept lower take home pay for the promise of a pension. My point being a pension is not "freebee". It's a contractual obligation of employment, and it's shocking that a number of companies have been able to say "Oh, sorry about that. We never bothered to set aside that money we were supposed to. Guess we're broke. Too bad." Normaly, that behavior gets one sent to jail. Hmmm...

olanmills | 26 septembre 2012

@jkirkebo That's the first time I've heard someone call a sedan impractical (not that I'm talking about cars all the time).

Brian H | 26 septembre 2012

I made no mention of pensions, nor of moron workers. Unions are themselves big businesses with empire-building executives, selling the labour of their property, the union members. It's a battle of fatcats.

jkirkebo | 27 septembre 2012

How is a sedan not impractical ? The trunk opening is really small compared to a wagon or hatchback, so you simply can't load large items. Item size are restricted to the inside height of the trunk instead of the inside height of the cabin with seats folded, as in a hatchback or wagon.

Because of the general shape a sedan will also have much less total luggage capacity for the same lenght car.

I often have to transport larger items, so a sedan is completely out of the question. Usually I prefer wagons, but the Model S has enough space in a hatchback form.

I would never have been able to fit my Sony 65" LED TV in a sedan but I am quite sure it would fit in the Model S. I had no problems carrying it home in a VW Touran. The Honda EU65iS generator would also be a serious problem for any sedan.

lightly | 27 septembre 2012


I think the writing was on the wall.

Just in practical terms Elon congratulated the company for producing 100 chasis last week.....If that's big news then it's not likely that they would hit 5000 cars by the end of the year.

I understand starting a brand new car company isn't easy and I can be patient (It is hard though). I want my car to be perfect.

Also it caused the stock to drop so I bought more.....Yeah I drank the Kool Aid.

Brian H | 27 septembre 2012

Scots saying: Fools and bairns shud nae see unfinished werk.