P+ decision: gray/gray or gray/silver

P+ decision: gray/gray or gray/silver

Greetings. My "release to production" timer is counting down quickly and I've become paralyzed over the silliest thing: what color wheels to get.

If you have a gray MS with either gray or silver 21" wheels, I'd love to see photos because I can't decide between them.

I like the "stealth racer" look of the gray, but does it all blend in on a gray car to make a big visual blob?

I like the fact that silver wheels compliment the chrome trim, but they don't really jazz me that much based on the "build my Tesla" stock images.



uroshah | 21 juin 2013

here you go. This will show you what grey on grey looks like. It is what I ordered.

cfOH | 21 juin 2013

Ah, thanks! Video is QUITE helpful.

uroshah | 21 juin 2013

Yeah no prob. I went back and forth with paint color until I saw the video and after that I knew grey on grey was what I wanted.

san5man | 21 juin 2013

I have the grey/ grey combo it is a head turner and an extremely sporty look to the model S. I love it and people will comment or your car where ever you go! The grey wheels accentuate the car, make sure you get the spoiler!

cfOH | 21 juin 2013

@san5man: Yeah, my config has the CF spoiler and interior.

I'm really baffled by my obsessing over these aesthetic choices. Usually I don't care much about what my car looks like, just how well it goes, stops, and handles, but this MS purchase has turned me into a nervous mess. :-)

Bighorn | 21 juin 2013

I finalized my grey with grey 21s P85+ yesterday. I've had my fill of silver paint and alloys--time to move on.

fuellss | 21 juin 2013

Will be picking up our Grey with silver rims tomorrow. I like the contrast in color. I personally think the grey-grey gets lost. I have seen both in person. The grey rims almost look black at times.

cfOH | 22 juin 2013

Any other photos or videos, anyone?

pmlugo | 22 juin 2013

Picking up my Grey/silver w tan interior today. Will try to put some video online this weekend. Doing a factory tour at 11am.

jasonsc | 22 juin 2013

I got the grey/grey on my P85. I like the look, but also saw a silver rim getting delivered and it looked real nice too. I don't think you can go wrong. I originally liked the grey rims because I thought I wouldn't see the brake dust as much, but now I realize I really don't use my brakes near as much as an ICE car!


Tom | 22 juin 2013

We are picking up our Model S 85' gray with silver 21" on June 27. We prefer the contrast and really like how the wheels look with the gray and the chrome. We also got the black panted top. Can't wait until next Thursday!!!

Tom | 22 juin 2013

Also, if you should chip the rim, it will show up more so than the silver.

cfOH | 22 juin 2013

@Tom: Yes, the damage visibility factor is a concern. I am planning on installing some AlloyGators straight away, which I hope will minimize the risks of curb rash.

Yes, please post photos of your new gray to see them. Thanks!

uroshah | 22 juin 2013

then click on images tab

ppape | 22 juin 2013

Do you have a service center close to you? Good place to see variety.

The San Diego Service Center had anywhere from 5-10 cars waiting to be prepped for delivery in the parking lot area. Every week they had different cars & color combinations. It was good to see color options in real life.

cfOH | 22 juin 2013

@ppape: That's a good idea, but, sadly, the nearly 3 million people who live in the Cincinnati-Dayton area haven't been graced by any sort of Tesla facility yet. The nearest one is a service center ~120 miles away in Columbus.

carlk | 22 juin 2013

It's just me but I think the grey goes better with any of the available body colors except perhaps silver.

As for you I'd say get the grey if you have a hard time to decide between the two. At least it's more rare and it identifies your car as a P+.

Mark K | 22 juin 2013

Have grey with silver 21's. I think it provided more detail and visual relief compared with having it all nearly monochrome.

That would be my recommendation, but this is an emotional thing, so go with your heart.