Paint- Big Difference With Multi-Coat?

Paint- Big Difference With Multi-Coat?

There's only so much I can tell from the paint swatches in the stores or pic online. Anyone have real-world observations about the white or black multi-coat vs the normal white or black? Thanks in advance.

mw | 6 Janvier 2013

I have the white multi-coat on a Sig. I can't say that I have compared it to the regular white. The multi-coat has a shimmer, glitter in the finish.

DJay | 6 Janvier 2013

I looked at both Whites on cars parked next to each other in Palo Alto. From a distance it was very difficult to tell them apart. I had to stand close (5 to 10 feet) to see the glitter in the finish of the multi coat.

rd2 | 6 Janvier 2013

I have the Pearl white. Had to make the same decision. It is a huge difference at night, under lights, and as noted above, in the daytime at close range. Very rich sheen with flecks of mother of pearl in the multicoat that really grab you when you walk by. I'm a little biased though.

Big Tex | 6 Janvier 2013

Thanks for the input. Scratch the black question- not offered! But if anyone, like the above comments, have white, I'd love to hear from you!

steve | 6 Janvier 2013

Has anyone seen the new multi-coat red in person? I've heard it's great, but they say in reality it's not as bright as in the photos of it online.

Chase, Portland/Hood River, Oregon #3707 Red black leather P85

ylyubarsky | 7 Janvier 2013

Guys! Nobody has. Future red color is only on plastic. All red cars that you can see in stores are bright red and not the ones that are going to go into production. So please if anybody sees the real Red that 100% matches the plastic sample in the store, please take a picture and put it on a different thread where we all discuss New Red Color